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     Keen Software House
Official web site:
40 5 Medieval Engineers has been a...
13/01 by Drui
Forum Rules
Please read our forum rules before making any post.
10 10 Forum Rules & Guidelines (Rus...
19/12/14 by TodesRitter
VRAGE is an in-house game engine developed by Keen Software House. VRAGE stands for "volumetric rage" and/or "voxel rage".
217 22 Multiplayer and server execut...
2 hours ago by Tyggna
Off-topic 6507 349 Keens OTHER secret game leake...
an hour ago by Wizlawz
     Space Engineers
Official web site:
124 121 Update 01.071 – New armor b...
26/02 by George.Mamakos
General Discussion 64953 3868 01.072 ABT spec thread
3 minutes ago by KissSh0t
Multiplayer Discussion
Groups & Dedicated Servers Discussion
14011 1572 Galactic Arc - Procedural Rol...
an hour ago by Semaphorism
Survival Mode Discussion 7170 486 Ore abdundance
an hour ago by Me 10 Jin
Change Log 16635 79 Update 01.071 – New armor b...
just now by LostElement
Bug Reports 35446 6594 1.71.8 SP - Can't connect whe...
46 minutes ago by fusurugi
Guides/Tools, Released/WIP Mods, Questions/Suggestions, Modding API
31500 1782 Modding API - changes in modd...
18 minutes ago by joeblack616
In-Game Programming Discussion
Guides/Tools, Questions/Suggestions, Released Codes
4869 521 Beginning Space Engineers Pro...
14 minutes ago by indigodarkwolf
Suggestions 71259 7904 Disable Conversion of a Base ...
3 minutes ago by Maegil
Gameplay Help
If you need immediate help, please contact our Support Team at
3715 760 Sensor guided torpedo help?
42 minutes ago by dvsmessiah
Technical Help
If you need immediate help, please contact our Support Team at
4988 1149 Game takes a really long time...
13 minutes ago by myrddraall
Community Creations
Share your creations with the community
24999 2173 Nuclear Missile (Prototype)
3 minutes ago by ScriptyNoob
Questions by the Developers
We would like to know your opinions. Help us with your feedback.
698 8 What has caught your attentio...
02/03 by blizzerd
Wiki discussion and suggestions
Official wiki:
354 51 Suggestions (Organization and...
03/03 by Draygo
Localization 212 25 Some questions about the chin...
03/03 by Maximilian
3D Printing Discussion and News
Everything that has to do with 3D printing your creations in Space Engineers
22 8 New sizes and pricing for 3d ...
08/02 by Dengue
Creation Contests
We are organizing a creation contest in collaboration with NVIDIA and giving you the chance to win high-end NVIDIA GeForce graphic cards
527 8 The Winners of the Creation C...
Yesterday at 07:55 by piddlefoot
German Community Discussion
Deutsches Unterforum. Nur für deutschsprachige Mitglieder
5118 268 Schiffe
13 minutes ago by Mandelbaum
Russian Community Discussion
Русский Дискуссионный под-форум. Только для Русско-говорящих
648 50 Официальная тем...
14 hours ago by phoenixcorp13
Czech/Slovak Community Discussion
České a Slovenské diskuzní fórum. Pouze pro česky a slovensky mluvící členy.
571 22 Nápady a návrhy na zlepšen...
an hour ago by FouET
Closed Testing Group
- - Password required
     Medieval Engineers
Medieval Engineers News
9 9 Update 02.006 - First form of...
03/03 by George.Mamakos
General Discussion
Medieval Engineers Forum
4242 392 A suggested alternative appro...
a minute ago by MechanizedIT
Change Log 371 5 Update 02.006 - First form of...
Yesterday at 21:36 by commander-in-space ED
Bug Reports 1550 391 flickering light in Night Mod...
3 hours ago by xzosimusx
Suggestions 2584 389 Doors and windows
just now by Ghostickles
Groups Discussion 685 16 The physics inquisition: a su...
Yesterday at 21:41 by commander-in-space ED
Modding Discussion 176 30 [Mod Suggestion] Poor man's s...
Yesterday at 20:09 by Lord Vulpes
Guides & Gameplay Help
If you need immediate help, please contact our Support Team at
252 56 How to buid something "in air...
8 hours ago by Samael
Technical Help
If you need immediate help, please contact our Support Team at
580 120 Game will not start (DirectX ...
7 hours ago by DarkGhost
Community Creations
Castles, Warmachines
Share your creations with the community
575 100 Animal Trebuchets
34 minutes ago by commander-in-space ED
Localization 16 1 Localization for Medieval Eng...
01/03 by altamiro
     Miner Wars 2081 & Miner Wars Arena
Previous version of Miner Wars forum:
3 3 New update for Miner Wars 208...
18/09/14 by George.Mamakos
General Discussion
Miner Wars 2081, Miner Wars Arena
51 11 Cool guys club.
28/02 by Herr Doktor
Technical Help
Miner Wars 2081, Miner Wars Arena
If you need immediate help, please contact our Support Team at
85 34 miner wars 2081 dosent start
21/02 by whitecore
Gameplay Help
Miner Wars 2081, Miner Wars Arena
If you need immediate help, please contact our Support Team at
73 27 Stocking fuel
10/01 by AzerothZ

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