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     Keen Software House
Official web site:
38 3 Discounts & Special Offers
24/10/13 by Unregistered
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Please read our forum rules before making any post.
1 1 Forum Rules & Guidelines
19/08/13 by keenswh
VRAGE is an in-house game engine developed by Keen Software House. VRAGE stands for "volumetric rage" and/or "voxel rage".
114 9 [VRAGE 2] What more do you pl...
24/06 by Zero
Off-topic 3,087 197 Man in custody beaten with ba...
37 minutes ago by TEOTWAWKI
     Space Engineers
Official web site:
73 70 Update 01.041 - Block control...
5 hours ago by George.Mamakos
General Discussion 37,945 2,315 Greetings!
9 minutes ago by Vrmithrax
Multiplayer Discussion 5,699 454 Theriannet offical launch!
59 minutes ago by TherianUlf
Dedicated Servers Discussion 2,297 338 Steam ID numbers
22 minutes ago by Rathlon
Survival Mode Discussion 4,400 294 New version of the "crashed r...
37 minutes ago by KristopherF
Change Log 8,213 49 Update 01.041 - Block control...
10 minutes ago by Ravior
Bug Reports 16,199 3,171 [01.041.012] [Dedicated Serve...
3 minutes ago by Telamont
Questions by the Developers
We would like to know your opinions. Help us with your feedback.
613 8 What has caught your attentio...
5 hours ago by drackbolt
Suggestions 47,342 5,350 Planets,Wildlife and more
6 minutes ago by radam
Gameplay Help
If you need immediate help, please contact our Support Team at
2,222 462 Ghost ships on dedicated serv...
an hour ago by Chess
Technical Help
If you need immediate help, please contact our Support Team at
3,089 657 can't update.
2 minutes ago by mastpayne
Wiki discussion and suggestions
Official wiki:
247 32 A simple suggestion for the w...
17/07 by Draygo
Modding 15,333 583 Help: Inventory space.
4 minutes ago by infAl
Localization 162 17 [Spain's Spanish] Tú or Uste...
2 hours ago by Virakotxa
Community Creations
Share your creations with the community
13,857 1,484 Scout Carrier WIP Need Help w...
4 minutes ago by Namdoolb
German Community Discussion
Deutsches Unterforum. Nur für deutschsprachige Mitglieder
3,148 154 Cargo Ships nicht abbaubar
49 minutes ago by Joschi
Russian Community Discussion
Русский Дискуссионный под-форум. Только для Русско-говорящих
495 36 Публичный серве...
3 hours ago by LordXaosa
Closed Testing Group - - Password required
     Miner Wars 2081
Previous version of Miner Wars forum:
4 4 Important notice to owners of...
24/03 by George.Mamakos
General Discussion 21 7 'Miner Wars MMO' for 'Space E...
2 hours ago by MaxPlanck
Gameplay Help
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58 21 a few newbie questions
4 hours ago by DarkiKun
Technical Help
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28 9 Space Engineers not opening
12/07 by roblaw
     Miner Wars Arena
General Discussion
Official web site:
11 2 Cool guys club.
28/07 by Pastafarian96
Technical Help
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23 12 Unable to Access Inventory
28/07 by Kadejr
Gameplay Help
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4 2 Creating a New Ship
19/04 by SUPERNERD101

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