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Change log - 01.003.007, 2013-10-25
This update was mostly about new features
- added support for Steam Workshop (sharing worlds)
- added faster building and deleting CTRL+SHIFT (in plane)
- added number of cubes build when building with CTRL
- color of armor block is remembered
- block screen has been reordered
- linear and angular velocity of objects is now saved
- increased allowed penetration when building stations
- mouse buttons 4 and 5 are now bindable
- updated localized texts (more languages will be added in next release)
- added recommend button
- fixed out of memory crash when game was minimized
- fixed some of ALT+TAB crashes
- fixed crash in render


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So glad we can build planes! [thumb]  Any word on when doors will be able to be closed?

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Sexy! Thanks for the memory leak fix [wink]
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Dern, still no tools? Awh. [frown] I know you guys are trying to get them fixed and perfect, but I'm so anxious for the slow building aspect of the game. That's why sims draw me in so easily. The meticulous aspects of this game intrigue me sooo much.

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Thanks for addressing alt tab crashes, sometimes you just gotta switch Pandora stations while building megaliths [smile]

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Awesome! Hoping my game crashes a little less now! [smile]
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Nice update, very happy for workshop. [biggrin]

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I'm sitting on the edge of my seat ever patch waiting to be able to repair any damage! Even if that's all it can be used for to start with, it would be so good to be able to repair any superficial damage and when we find a wreck we want to do up...

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Great update, I have instantly contributed to the Steam Workshop!
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Can we share individual ships sometime, or just whole worlds? [smile]

i love the new bock order.


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Starbug! I love it [smile]

We're currently considering sharing individual ships. We'd like to make it part of "blueprints" feature.

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Thanks for the save system update. Was having to swap folders back and forth as I accidentally called 2 games "newworld". But the new system allows re-naming (was not working, as it named the game, but the folder or game logic was duplicating the world even after I manually changed the name). But the new version allows the "save as" option, that allowed me to save as a new name/folder.

Just to check, it might be best to make sure the player does not call 2 saves the same thing. That is if the game does not already check for this.

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Any idea or time line of when there will be mining and welding?

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Nice Patch.

Alt+Tab Crash? Only in Fullscreen? I play in Windowed Fullscreen (with a Tool) and never had such a Problem. Thats why i suggest that the Game itself have a Windowed Fullscreen Mode, so much better with Alt+Tab.

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Thanks for the alt tab crash, and also numbers on of cubes build!


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