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Hey Guys! We want to let you know that from this week on and after, most updates will be released on Thursdays (if there are not any unexpected events) as we used to do till January. For this week’s update, we are preparing a surprise for you. We hope you will like it [smile]


Fidel Battista

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Welcome to my spaceship
Its beautiful forever 
She's right here where you left her
And the heart's a lonely hunter


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*Happy Dance!* ♥

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Oh my god... my dreams are coming true. [biggrin]
The three most common expressions in aviation are, "Why is it doing that?", "Where are we?" and "Oh Crap"-Unknown

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Linux Server support?

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Well Crap, I need to go change my pants now.
CommunityHostile Paradigm

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That new Start World screen looks great.  Lot of nice options to tailor the start experience.  I love the way Keen hustles to update the program.  Unlike other devs...

BTW: does that "Survival" button mean we'll finally start building the pieces versus the creative mode?  If so, I'm all in.

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Looks nice.

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This is going to be a wonderful update, my friends and I cant wait.
Health & healing? yes please.
Asteroids looks like fun.
Yay for Survival, and the best part (IMHO) selectable grades of realism; that way you can choose how much 'grind' you want to invest. That is a GREAT way of doing it. 

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1st reaction: Aw, man. no update today?

2nd reaction: Survival!?! omg omg omg omg omg!

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I like the functionality in the preview image, great work so far! [smile][thumb]

Also, excellent to hear that the weekly updates are coming back! [smile]

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Originally Posted by Fenlig
Linux Server support?

nope still with steam ^^

Originally Posted by the librarian
hush boy, behave yourself [tongue] todes is the masterchief of the forum lol


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I just hope we get blueprints soon as well!


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Who knows, maybe if we are lucky we will get blueprints in the same update [wink] !
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