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Registered: 28/08/13
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Update 01.004.013


- fixed teleporting astronaut after load

- fixed loading Workshop worlds with special characters in Title


Registered: 28/10/13
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But the second astronaut was so fun! Made it feel like someone else was playing in the world [tongue] 

Thanks guys. Appreciate all the work you're putting in, can't wait for some of the more exciting updates! 

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Registered: 27/10/13
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I will miss him.

Registered: 24/10/13
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Thanks guys!

Registered: 28/10/13
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is multiplayer on its way yet?

Registered: 29/10/13
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Any word on the bug that causes the game to not work at all? Quite a few people are having this issue :

There is a link to a bug report in that post as well.

Registered: 13/09/13
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"Fixed shadownaught" might now become a rolling joke. [wink]
Videos of builds will be up on Twitch:
And Youtube:

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Registered: 09/09/13
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Originally Posted by NyteWyvern
I will miss him.

Dito, Keen could bring him back in the future as Easter Egg. [wink]

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Registered: 31/10/13
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Gawd, I couldn't even see him [frown]

Registered: 04/11/13
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Appreciated, KEENly awaiting for more features enabling updates [wink]

Registered: 02/11/13
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I love the constant ~ even if small patches being brought out! 

I am also very pleased about the amazing community being developed!

I have high hopes for the development of this game and the amazing response from the community

at the time of writing, Space Engineers Facebook page is 45 likes from 10000 !!! 


Registered: 27/10/13
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what? There was another astronaut that teleports into the game? I've never seen that. I know there was one that looked like it was sitting in the cockpit of the small ships. It had no head :|

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In the times of a Single Player only Space Engineers, our ghostly astronaut friend will be missed but remembered.

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Registered: 26/10/13
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Meesa want big update

Registered: 25/10/13
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another great patch, keep up the good work
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