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Added the option of grouping items in the Control Panel - it helps you to control and manage multiple items and objects with only one click. Also added the “reverse” button for rotors and landing gears in the Control Panel.

We also want to inform you that in the present we are focusing mostly on bug-fixing and stabilizing.

- grouping items in Control Panel (this is a first work-in-progress version, keybinding will come later)
- pause indicator is now visible in the Control Panel screen
- added landing gear in Control Panel
- added 'reverse' button to rotors in Control Panel (changes rotor direction)

- fixed drill damage to character done twice (multiplayer)
- fixed sounds when placing ship grinder
- fixed weapons and tools in multiplayer
- fixed mirroring issues with new blocks
- improved explosions performance on ships and station
- fixed turret particle effect visible when turret was not shooting
- fixed Mod tools (mwmbuilder.exe)

How to use grouping:
1) Select the items you want to group (use SHIFT and CTRL as in windows explorer)
2) Add the name on the right part of the screen
3) Press “Save”

Groups are visible on the top of the list with asterisks *Group*

How to add/remove items:
1) Click on the group
2) Use CTRL to add/remove items
3) Click “Save” (group will be overwritten)
Note: when you change the name first and then click “Save”, you'll create a new group

Landing gear in terminal:
Landing gear is now featured in Control Panel
You can group them and switch them separately
Landing gear can now be disabled (it will stay locked/unlocked but unable to change state). This is useful when you don't want to switch all the landing gears by using 'P' key

Update 01.029.009
- Added information about landing gear state to Control Panel


- Fixed crash in cockpit
- Disabled toolbar item can no longer be selected
- Grinder can now grind the station
- Fixed problem with changing game options
- Cube builder is now not visible when you are using tools

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grouping <3
that will be a lovely update for sure [biggrin]

Gravity Generator Range - Modes
Rotors - Types and Modes

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timezone: UTC+1 (+DST)

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Nice, i was just reloading the site to see the new update.. i was already hoping for a grouping system in the control panel.

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Ok now the landing gear is new....
Click me:

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thank youuuuuuuu!!!!
finally done manually turning on/off 400 grinders!

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Registered: 29/04/14
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aw man, can't wait to get home and try this out...grouping and landing gear changes...exciting [smile]

Registered: 24/04/14
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I appreciate the helpful update guys!! Much needed!!

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Leonard Nimoy - 1931-2015

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ooh landing gear disabling, this will fix so many ideas I had to work around !

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Registered: 06/11/13
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Great update! Thanks!

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Most excellent!
Be right back, I'm going to download the internet...

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Grouping? Really? HOORAY!!! FINALLY!!!

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