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Battery block and new power cell component have been added into the game. Communication relay makes now possible for signal to travel through multiple friendly Antennas; enemy signals that reach one antenna are relayed to all friendly players within your antenna network.You can merge ships while pasting in creative mode and we also added client-side saving and permanent death as a world options. 

Note: We are still working on new player communication system, it should be added in the future updates

- battery block for small and large grids
- solar panels are now little cheaper and much more efficient
- communications relay (signal can travel through multiple antennas; you can receive a signal from any distance, broadcasting can be limited by player or by power of the antenna)
- small ship antenna has now max. range of 5000 m
- copy-paste into existing ships 
- new world setting: enable/disable client-side saving
- new world setting: permanent death can be turned off (client still owns his stuff after respawning in the rescue ship)
- pressing 'K' can be now used for looting character
- added antenna to prefab ships

- improved network performance when removing larger amount of blocks at once
- fixed crash when creating faction
- fixed crash when leaving faction
- fixed mission join request icon
- fixed turret attacking its own ship
- fixed issues with respawn
- fixed turrets fire at ships in junk yard
- fixed inventory listing as same for all containers
- fixed 1x1 wheel falls off after loading a save
- fixed antenna/beacons too power hungry
- fixed passenger seat alignment
- fixed death loops when spawning in tight places
- fixed no 3rd person view for rescue ship
- fixed player tag not showing properly when joining dedicated server
- fixed ownership not remembered by dedicated server after logout
- fixed memory leaks when app was minimized
- fixed spectator mode when loading workshop world
- fixed spotlight symmetry

EDIT 07/18/2014:

Update 01.039.011
- fixed terminal crash
- fixed crash when joining game
- fixed crash in assembler
- fixed crash when building
- fixed crash in character when shooting and when unloading scene
- fixed issue when character in spawn ship could not control ship


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Mmmm yummy look at this update.... 


This is going to make a lot of people happy....(yes the rabbit and the update [wink]).

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Thank you, Keen overlords.

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kerbal space program/space engineer videos

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optimization pls

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Odious T

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<3 this update. The energy consumption meter for the new antennae system was essential and i can't wait to get in and mess around with the new batteries [biggrin]

Thanks, Keen.


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Thanks for all your hard work Keen!

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So pistons are going to be next week?

Oh well, nice update indeed [smile]



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what about cargo ships' invulnerability?
Is it fixed?


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(And netcode) 

Batteries look pretty cool 

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Nice Update, now I need to modify a lot of my small Ships. ^^
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I think I ship my suit.  Damn it...

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I thought there would be pistons, but this is still a great update as always!
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