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Installing your dedicated server with steamcmd

Discussion in 'Groups & Dedicated Servers' started by dunka, Jun 6, 2014.

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  1. dunka

    dunka Trainee Engineer

    I didn't see anyone mention this, but it would be the preferred method IMO to install and update a separate server.

    SteamCmd is a valve developed software app for just this purpose. You can find full details at https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD

    Install steamcmd using the directions at https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD
    Where you install it is not terribly important, outside of the fact that it will be your default location for game installs.

    Install Space Engineers.
    - Launch a command prompt and navigate to where you installed steamcmd
    cd \steamcmd

    - Run steam command

    - (optional) If you want to install the application in a different location use the force_install_dir command
    force_install_dir c:\se

    - Authenticate to steam to authorize your download
    login <steam username> <password>

    - Update / Install the app
    app_update 244850

    You'll see the program downloaded and installed. You can toss this in a script for a quick update.

    You can also do this in a single line via the CLI or script, ie:
    steamcmd +login <username> <password> +force_install_dir d:\SE\ +app_update 244850 +quit

    A few things:
    - You may need to log out of steam on another PC, I have had some issues when logged in on both.
    - It will cache your password, so you do not need to specify it every time or save it in the script.
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  2. Ch3ck3r

    Ch3ck3r Trainee Engineer

    Thanks, seems to be a neat little trick.
    I will try this as soon as i am back home.
  3. Ch3ck3r

    Ch3ck3r Trainee Engineer

    Thanks! It works great. Now i have an automatic server update running on my dedicated server.
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  4. ozarkamax

    ozarkamax Junior Engineer

    mmm automated dedicated server updates. must powershell.
  5. dunka

    dunka Trainee Engineer

    Heck yea, always need a quick update, especially when you have all the awesome weekly releases.
  6. Fieselstein

    Fieselstein Trainee Engineer

    thank you for this post ;)
    I wrote a very small batch file (it is the "single line"), so I can update with 2 klicks or even setup an automatic update with the taskplaner (not yet done since I'm connected to my servers all the time to start some of my scripts at need (start, stop.. savegame backup (automated)). Now the last thing i need... force the server to save at need, without logging in with the SE client..
  7. Fingersniffer

    Fingersniffer Apprentice Engineer

    I usually dont like bringing back outdated threads but I have a question/problem related to this.

    I am trying to use SteamCMD with my dedicated server and its not working, I get a message in the content_log.txt of SteamCMD that states:

    [2014-12-11 10:43:58] Failed installing app 298740 (No subscription)
    Here is the contents that run from a batch file within the SteamCMD directory.

    steamcmd +login <steamusername> <SteamPW> +force_install_dir F:\SEData +app_update 298740 validate +quit
    I have been using this exact line to update another game server via SteamCMD for a long while now, I'm unsure why I get this message for the SE Dedicated Server files. (FYI the appID is different from the original post because that was before actual dedicated server files had been released, but it is verified correct)


    Any input on whats wrong would be appreciated.
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  8. joran

    joran Trainee Engineer

    for the app id 298740 you need to use anonymous login :)

    like this: steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +force_install_dir C:\games\SpaceEngineers +app_update 298740 +quit
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