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who wants to play a downgrade or stop?

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by MichaelBoese, Aug 22, 2014.

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  1. MichaelBoese

    MichaelBoese Apprentice Engineer

    since the update I can not load only 1,044 world more, not stored in the workshop. testing her your updates before you actually invites her up or let her us players.I want to play definitely a downgrade or I hear completely.the few fixes that are included in Update 1044, are not worth losing it I think is a whole universe of worlds and ideas of other players!their other players: you are of the same opinion as me? also the error with the pistons that they were not set correctly after loading a score could have been avoided.in the store the developer upon completion of the update a game and then re-loading, so it seems short selballgemein save and load in the space engineers to be quite unstable.this game is an Alpha or Beta depending on how you want to call it. I understand that. but you must also understand that you have done a very poor job with the update 1044Players we test the updates for you, and we say to you herewith that this update is incorrect. please it pulls back as soon as possible or corrected it as soon as possible please.at least in my eyes, the update has 1,044 completely destroyed the game. it is no longer played in this way. I thank you for your attention. Sincerely, Michi.
  2. mayox

    mayox Trainee Engineer

    Junge junge, dein Englisch geht ja mal gar nicht... verstehe nicht was du sagen möchtest :(
  3. MichaelBoese

    MichaelBoese Apprentice Engineer

    ich kann nichts dafür dass dies hier ein englisches forum ist, und ich dann immer den google übersetzer benutzen muss. das Spiel ist seit dem Update unspielbar geworden. keine einzige welt auch nicht die aus dem workshop und auch nicht die von anderen spielern können geladen werden. das bedeutet das 80 prozent des workshops unbrauchbar geworden ist. dann habe ich geschrieben dass die paar Korrekturen in dem Update es meiner Meinung nach nicht wert sind, ein ganzes Universum von Welten und Ideen sämtlicher Spieler zu verlieren. ich habe die entwickler darum gebeten das fehlerhafte update zurückziehen also ein downgrade durchzuführen, oder diesen fehler schnellstmöglich zu korrigieren.
  4. Lazalatin

    Lazalatin Trainee Engineer

    Eine Option wäre es, diese Anfrage ins deutsche Unterforum zu stellen und jemanden das für dich übersetzen zu lassen. Im Normalfall ist das keine große Sache und wenn man lieb bitte sagt, wird einem sicherlich geholfen werden ;-)
    Ich versuche mal deinen Post zu korrigieren und schick dir ne PM dann wirst du sicherlich verstanden.
    Google Translat suckt ziemlich bei komplexeren Sätzen, daher kannst du deinen Post dann später besser editieren.


    One option is firstly ask someone in the german subforum to translate your post and then, secondly, post the correct english version in this forum. I will try to correct your post so you can edit it. I think it will be better understood if it is written correctly. google translate sucks by translating more complex sentences.
  5. delabu

    delabu Apprentice Engineer

    Update 1.044 works very well for some players. Especially people without mods. Check that it's not a mod causing it. Some people had luck checking the log files as the game will typically report there which mod is causing the problems.
  6. DocMop

    DocMop Junior Engineer

    Google Trans funktioniert nur bei simplen Sätzen a la Subjekt Prädikat Objekt. Für mehr taugt das Ding nicht.
  7. MichaelBoese

    MichaelBoese Apprentice Engineer

    The Game supports Mods or not? We (many Players) have build many Worlds with Mods. I cant lif without Glassdoors. When the Game support Mods, and the Game runs with Mods good, and after Update dont run the Game, then is this a Game- not a Moderror. I love my Mods. Now play out of Mods? Not good. 2 of my Worlds has integrated Mods. I have build a Airport with 4 Terminals. Vending Mashines, Glassdoors, Docking Rings, and Carwalks are integrated. When all this not more runs, then my Airport is broken.

    Now self translated with my bad English. Better then google, or bater?
  8. mo8ius

    mo8ius Apprentice Engineer

    Come on man, there's many fixes for the 'World cannot load' errors and suchlike here. I had the same problems yesterday, 15-20 mins reading forums posts and pateintly trying stuff out and I'm now playing again exactly normally, minus ONE mod (that the mod-author is fixing on Monday) of the 20+ I have loaded.

    No big deal.

    Don't moan, participate in finding ways to help fix this ALPHA stage game for yourself and the rest of the community - that's what we're here for.
  9. delabu

    delabu Apprentice Engineer

    It's better if you translate :)

    The game supports mods, but new patches may break old mods. Mod makers must then fix their mods to work with the new patch. Since the game is still Alpha, this is expected. They are adding more and more mod capability, but this may break old mods. I guess we can't complain too much about that - better break old mods than stop adding better mod support.

    First troubleshooting should alway be to read the log file (we are testers after all), if you can't see there the problem, fresh, unmodded game to see if the problem persists. If it does, then yes, it's probably a bug.
  10. MichaelBoese

    MichaelBoese Apprentice Engineer

    I have taken the trouble to look in the log, and do not understand it. I see the mods ok. but I do not see where there should be an error in it, especially since everything is in English. Here is the log. Perhaps you can tell me what mods I need to remove?

    EDIT: I cant sent my Log. Too long. And Attachments?
    EDIT: So I may never use more mods now, because they could always bring the game to crash?
  11. LanToaster

    LanToaster Trainee Engineer

    Firstly, if you have Trouble with English, move your Requests/Questions/Problems to the German Subforum. I hate for myself hate it when there are Mixed languages in a Forum/Thread.
    It makes people feel left out.

    To your Problem, as told, there are helpfull guides that explain how to fix/salvage your savegames.

    If you dont want to have the Problem or the Risk of corrupted savegames, then you have several Options:

    1. Dont play in Alpha.
      Everything is Subject to Change and every Patch can possible kill all your creations and wipe your game.
    2. Dont Play with Mods, the more Advanced a Mod is, the higher is the probability of breaking after Patch. You can always maintain a Vanilla World, and wait with your Modded worlds until the Mods in Question are Updated.
    3. Learn to Fix your Problems. Most SaveGame problems I have encountered where small things. Wich were easy to fix. You can tweak every Aspect of your SaveGame. If a Specific Blocks causes Errors, you can just Remove it from your SaveGame files. Everything (except the VoxelData of Asteroids) is PlainText in XML format. If you are Dedicated and look into it, it is very easy to understand.
    Finally, Mod "Support" doesnt mean the game can not Crash due to bad/wrong performance of Mods. The Mods need to abide the rules/API of the game.
    Keen cannot code around all Mods in existance and ensure that they work. If they "tried" that, you would probably get one Update each year. And no Optimization anymore.
  12. Scorpion00021

    Scorpion00021 Senior Engineer

    1. Its Alpha. You are expected to find and report problems to better the game (which you have done). Hopefully they will get fixed soon, but they dont always make top of the list.

    2. Part of Mods working correctly sometimes falls under the responsibility of the mod's creator to keep his work up to date with the latest patch. I wrote a couple minecraft mods and I know I've had to update them to work with newer versions of the game. In the game's current early state, everything should be expected to change.
  13. Don Jacobs

    Don Jacobs Junior Engineer

    The mods causing problem are probably modifying files that have been updated in the main game directory, and have the wrong version (app) number, so are deemed corrupted.

    As soon as the mods you use are updated, things should settle down.

    I use the Babylon program for translating, it does a bit better than Google Translate. BUT, German has always been a mean bugger to translate to start with.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.