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Drones, Antennae and Bandwidth

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by DragonEater, Sep 15, 2014.

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  1. DragonEater

    DragonEater Trainee Engineer

    With the recent introduction of remote control units and drones there is a slight imbalance with regard to bandwidth.


    We should examine the need for a bandwidth statistic to help balence large fleets of drones

    The wall of text:

    For simplicity I took the remote control unit out of the equation, it is the symptom not the real problem.

    Bandwidth statistics do not exist right now but it will lead to many interesting game mechanics if we consider adding it. For ship to ship links like the antenna currently provides there should be a hard limit on how many can be connected per antenna at any given time.

    Large antenna: 1 large links or 3 small links

    Small antenna: 1 small link

    Here's the kicker, the antenna still takes up a slot when not in use. As long as the block in "ON" it takes up a spot and its first come first served for a connection. Yes, This means you will need to manually go to the drone and turn it back on, or have it docked with a port, to re-enable the block.

    For single player, this really is not a big issue but for multi-player operations from mining to combat, it will very quickly matter. Meter storm / enemy takes out an antenna? Boom!! Drone in lost in space until you rebuild that antenna.

    As for using antennas as repeaters, you will need to build and power 2x smalls to make it functional.

    If you loose an antenna, the farthest away unit(s) will get dropped first.
  2. Wombats

    Wombats Junior Engineer

    I'm going to say no for 2 reasons:

    1. Simplicity. This would create a strict limitation on sandbox play and would be rather complicated.

    2. Arbitrary and unrealistic. Controlling a simple drone should require only a few Mb/s. A massive antennae like we have should be capable of outputting many, many GB/s. This is now. Not even talking about advances by 2077. By 2077 bandwidth limits should be laughable.

    Summary: If you want arbitrarily "balanced" gameplay this isn't the game for you.
  3. Ericius11

    Ericius11 Apprentice Engineer

    I'm not entirely sure I understand the logic here. Currently (and in every foreseeable future that I can... foresee...) you can only control one drone at a time. Therefore the idea of a "large drone fleet" isn't particularly scary. Besides, since bandwidth would only limit us based on how many drones we can access at any given time, simply owning 15+ drones should not limit our ability to control them one at a time. The REAL limiting factor (and what balances drones) is then number you can control (ie. one).
  4. DragonEater

    DragonEater Trainee Engineer

    That was my thought too ! Then I realized that some point in the future there will be automation at some level and the drone armadas will kill us all.

    This is not a suggestion for right now, it is a thought towards building a base system to work with rather than it being a potential problem to fix in the future.

    I agree that the bandwidth in 2077 should be much higher and can easily handle more Mb/s than are needed but there should still be a limit, either in power per link or total links per antenna.

    People tend to find the loop holes and questionable game mechanics and use them to their advantage, hence sandbox gaming and I love it! My issue is that when problems do come up it is very,very hard to change them AFTER the fact. Look at thruster damage, it was added as a realism factor and now its an option in a menu because everyone complained about it.

    I belive drone ships, automation and some level of programming will make it's way into the game. I look forward to it in all it's glory. I do not like the idea of one guy with 50 drones automatically killing / mining everything in sight while the only antenna is buried under 5 layers of armor at his base.(Transmitter power and interference / jamming aside of course.)
  5. piddlefoot

    piddlefoot Senior Engineer

    On a side note, I always put my antenna deep inside the ship where possible.....
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.