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Update 01.058 – Projector block, Bugfixing #5

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by George.Mamakos, Nov 27, 2014.

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  1. Thedevistator

    Thedevistator Senior Engineer

    I'd use it as self repairing armor would anyone else :D
  2. Jason45PC

    Jason45PC Trainee Engineer

    An awesome update, worth the slight delay
  3. Semaphorism

    Semaphorism Apprentice Engineer

    A bit sad that it doesn't support pistons, but who cares! We can finally have a project to work on in survival.
  4. Bolisaris

    Bolisaris Trainee Engineer

    Now that people have the survival blueprints maybe something can finally be done about the large driller game freeze we so badly need. Although I agree this is a brilliant update we need this problem solved and fast, as I personally am losing interest in the game as I cannot continue with my save game because of it.
  5. gimmilfactory

    gimmilfactory Junior Engineer

    Wowwie!!! This is how I imagined it would work!

    Keep up the good work KSWH!!!!!

    Thanks for the rotor attachment control panel fix! (Not mentioned in changelog but is still there!)
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  6. andbruu

    andbruu Trainee Engineer

    Does not work through rotors, but does it work through pistons?
    Also, can we use merge blocks to separate finished blueprints from the projector "platform"?

    Need to try in-game, but don't have time now.
  7. Kuu Lightwing

    Kuu Lightwing Senior Engineer

    If only they could load the weapons... rocket drone assembly line! Why carry drones on your ship if you can make it assemble them on demand? But needing to load rockets and uranium manually can complicate things...
  8. Drui

    Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    could you please send the save to support@keenswh.com - or post in a bugreport in the bugsection of this forum? Thanks a lot for your help!
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  9. Codebender

    Codebender Apprentice Engineer

    I actually expected Keen would do something Like this...The reaction was the same though...

  10. Buzzed Bear

    Buzzed Bear Apprentice Engineer

    wow... this changes everything.... again.

    Thank you.
  11. VenomBG

    VenomBG Trainee Engineer

    This just made the game SOOO MUCH BETTER! Especially the fact that one can use it for ship repairs. Brilliant!
    Great job guys!!!
  12. Wanderduene

    Wanderduene Apprentice Engineer

    Best Update Ever! This was so missing in survival mode :D
  13. Leadfootslim

    Leadfootslim Senior Engineer

    Whenever KSH adds a new block, the effect is nothing short of tectonic. Well done!
  14. Gooplux6

    Gooplux6 Apprentice Engineer

    you had one job... one job. and now you are earning a promotion :)
  15. Terminal_6

    Terminal_6 Trainee Engineer

    I didn't understand what exactly the "pivot point" was. What does that do?
  16. megapro

    megapro Trainee Engineer

    Nice I was really looking for some way to use blueprints in survival and thanks for doing a night shift to get the update finished allready. KSH seems to be consuming a lot of coffee:)

    PS: The missing support for rotors/pistons is just temporary and will follow in a future update, right?
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  17. Mr Engineer

    Mr Engineer Apprentice Engineer

    The projector block interests me. Don't normally play a lot of survival but I'll probably give this one a go. Thanks for all the hard work, Keen!
  18. SenorZorros

    SenorZorros Master Engineer

    finally my missiles can be mass-produced
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  19. Anoth

    Anoth Junior Engineer

    I came...
  20. BoxxyBrown

    BoxxyBrown Apprentice Engineer

    Probably the biggest feature that's ever been added into space engineers for me!

    Playing on a big multiplayer server has a WHOLE new dimension, now. Thanks so much Keen!
  21. Randomness

    Randomness Apprentice Engineer

    Just a quick notice for anyone reading : Doors are broken again. You will see closed doors even after opening the doors, you can still walk through them so there's just slight annoyance in determining wether its actually closed or not. Already reported this in the bug reports forum, just informing anyone randomly reading page 4. THAT MEANS YOU
  22. Mad Mike

    Mad Mike Apprentice Engineer

    GOOD IDEA...


    Great update..so now we can project our torp into the tube and have it auto welded into existence.
  23. Lord_Anubis

    Lord_Anubis Trainee Engineer

    Very Good Update, but...my Game Crashes, when I want to Choose a Small ship blueprint, from the list. Got a Screen Freeze. :(
  24. Putrescence

    Putrescence Trainee Engineer

    Mine Fabricators here i come
  25. ShadowHunter12

    ShadowHunter12 Trainee Engineer

    Looks like we may finally have block based projectiles be reloadable now. Hooray for reloadable torpedo bays, automatic fighter construction, and endless decoy generators! Might help though to make welders and grinders reach just a little bit further to make it easier to build ships from the inside out.

    Great work KSH! Your updates NEVER fail to please.
  26. serialjwalker

    serialjwalker Trainee Engineer

    when are you getting to the amazingly buggy piston issues..i hold my breath as i read through the bugfix's every update with high hope's
  27. Nicholas Mikheev

    Nicholas Mikheev Trainee Engineer

    Great! Now I want to block was that compared this structure in which it is located, with a particular drawing, and if it does not match, then superimposed on the drawing itself.

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  28. Bobylein

    Bobylein Apprentice Engineer

    Awesome! That's something we were waiting a long time, now suvival multiplayer is viable without the shipyard plugin.
    thought one thing I am missing, if you copy ships and paste them later you keep groups and settings of that ship, if you are using the projector every block will have the default setting and the groups are missing too, I hope you can find a way around this issue :)
  29. fabricator77

    fabricator77 Apprentice Engineer

    Any ideas how larger ships would weld ?
    I mean if I welded the bottom, then put a row of welders on the inside of the ship facing the bottom, could I weld backwards towards to top ?

    I've kind of got my own ship factory, as I made some of my favourite ships into cargo ships, so I can just go steal another one when needed.
    Actually I know all about pivot points, as I had to fix two of my cargo (NPC) ships that were flying upside down (and one was offset too) by using the same trick.

    Also thanks to Tomas for making that longer than usual update release video.
    Now to see what other minor bugs they fixed that aren't mentioned.
  30. Diehard

    Diehard Trainee Engineer

    *Jaw Drops* Well done keen, well done.
    Now all the stuff I've played around with and prototyped in creative I can bring to my survival worlds!!!

    Capitol ship torpedo launchers with self assembling ammo? Check
    Hidden AI bases that build its own defence mines? Check
    Drone carriers with self assembling drones? Check
    All sorts of holographic goodies to play around with in different ways? Check

    This update has given me waaaaaaay to much to mess around with. Guess christmas came early this year =P

    "I didn't understand what exactly the "pivot point" was. What does that do?"

    Its where the blueprint starts getting constructed at. You cant start welding some far corner of the projection, you have to start where the pivot point is, and you can only weld blocks attached to a currently welded one. This makes sure you don't end up with a ship in multiple pieces as you build.
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