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Don't laugh...

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by plinkster702, Dec 6, 2014.

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  1. plinkster702

    plinkster702 Trainee Engineer

    Hello all, recently (yesterday to be exact) my brother and I purchased Space Engineers from Steam. After a few rabbit trails, SE installed successfully and I was able to navigate to the Main Menu. But the problem arose when creating a new Quickstart world for incredible lag broke out after it was loaded. I would not be surprised if it was lower than 1 FPS and it was extremely hard to navigate with the mouse (it took +15 seconds to push a single button because the cursor was jumping all over the place). I'm not expecting anything amazing, all we want is just a workable Space Engineers game on which simple worlds can be played (not fancy, extravagant multiplayer worlds). Oh, and I also tried to create a new empty world with the lowest settings and the lag was a little better, but hardly noticeably different (still unplayable). Below are the computer specs for you to examine:

    Microsoft Windows XP SP2

    AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual
    Core Processor 4200+
    2.20 GHx, 1.93GB of RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce 6150LE, 256MB

    Don't laugh, this is no joke. I know we are right on the edge (and a bit over) of the minimum system requirements, but could you give me an honest answer if SE will function properly (*more properly) if 2 more sticks of 1GB RAM were added? The graphics card is inset in the motherboard so correct me if I'm mistaken but adding more RAM will add more video memory? Any help is greatly appreciated as we are dying to play Space Engineers and if you need more (specific) information, just comment below and I will try to get it to you.
    P.S. We run Minecraft on the same PC and it functions quite well even though is below the Minecraft system requirements. We may also be willing to install a GeForce 8800GT graphics card if the extra RAM doesn't improve "gameplay".
  2. Neotician

    Neotician Apprentice Engineer

    Your rig is going to need some work, i think your Graphics card is the main issue, Motherboard graphics really aren't good at running 3D games newer than they are, and may even struggle with contemporary 3D games.
    Your CPU should be able to handle it in small worlds, so that's,, okay, i think.
    If you were to slap in that 8800GT and 2 additional sticks of 1GB RAM, you should be able to run the game fairly, with your CPU probably being the bottleneck (The weakest link in the chain) in regards to getting more power for the game.
    I run space engineers fine on 4gigs of ram, even on multiplayer.
    I would say "get a new computer" but i assume you have your reasons for running with what you have, so, good luck and i hope the advice is useful :)
    Note on video memory: while some RAM is shared with (older) graphics cards, it is very inefficient, not only is the distance and junctions between the GPU and the RAM an issue, but "regular" ram runs much slower than dedicated Graphics card RAM.
    In any case, the actual speed of the GPU and the cards structure is also a major factor.
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  3. plinkster702

    plinkster702 Trainee Engineer

    Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post, your information was quite helpful. :thumb:

    The extra 2 gigs of RAM are on the way, but we are still deciding on what to do about a video card. Is there anyone who happens to know if the NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT<strong>X graphics card</strong> is compatible with the A8M2N-LA (NodusM3) motherboard (that is our current motherboard). I know the power supply is sufficient because its a newer 450 watt model. We want to get the best bang for our buck graphics card wise, so if anyone knows of a good, and economic, graphics card that will still work with our setup, please inform me. Thanks again very much! :)
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  4. Cobra

    Cobra Apprentice Engineer

    From the link to the motherboard specs you see that your motherboard has 1 PCI express x16 slot.
    And from the other link to the graphics card there is mentoined, that it is a PCI Express enabled card.

    So from my point of view this should work. It would not work when the garphics card would use the new PCI 2.0 or even 3.0 express interface.

    So when your graphics card arrive, install it in the PCI Express x16 slot and wire the additional power supply cables it will propably need and you are good to go (don't forget to plug the monitor into the graphics card, not the motherboard)
  5. buggsy

    buggsy Trainee Engineer

    ugh, bad move

    Graphics cards don't come down in price in proportion to performance, in fact I don't think they come down in price at all for some reason
    CPU price comes down in price linearly while performance comes down exponentially

    You would have been better off just buying a new
    motherboard ($90)
    intel cpu ($120) (intel uses less power so don't need a new power supply)
    ram ($80)

    (Your CPU determines your motherboard and which RAM is compatible, which is why you always have to buy all 3 at once)

    and used the onboard-CPU video which is more powerful than an old video card like that. Later you could have upgraded the video card $150 (intel uses less power so don't need new power supply) it's exactly what I did and this computer is good for another 5 years. You just bought old equipment at basically the same price of new equipment, and if you ever want to upgrade your motherboard/CPU/RAM than the new RAM/Videocard you just bought is useless.
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  6. Vdragon

    Vdragon Apprentice Engineer

    Just buy a new computer, your CPU and GPU aren't powerful enough, you do not have enough RAM, and your OS is too old.
  7. Coreinsanity

    Coreinsanity Apprentice Engineer

    As far as I know the PCI express versions are backwards compatible. I haven't dealt with anything as old as 1 in a while, but for the most part I've been seeing it is. The only discrepancy is a guy saying a card would only be backwards compatible with 1.1 and not 1.0. Still, I wouldn't recommend buying a 2 or 3 card for a 1.0 board. You're looking at everything else being so far behind the card it's probably not worth it.

    This advice is honestly completely and utterly pointless. Not so much the fact you are right, it's not powerful enough, but the fact that you're stating it in such a "Duh, just go and do this" way. They might not be able to just go out and buy one. Yeah, they do need to get a new one, if they can, but it's not always that cut and dry.

    To the op:

    As far as buying a new computer goes, if you can it would be better. What you're using really is getting quite dated. To add to that, this game isn't even close to optimized, still being in alpha and all. Even if you meet the min, it's really chance if it will be playable depending on how your hardware and OS configuration handles it.
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  8. plinkster702

    plinkster702 Trainee Engineer

    Thanks everyone for your help. :)
    So, long story short, we got 4x1GB sticks of RAM and a GeForce 8800GTX (768MHz), after problems with the GeForce driver and reverting back to an older driver, it finally worked properly without freezing up. Anyways, I tried Space Engineers again with just a Quickstart world and it rendered some stuff (more than last time) but then right away (within a split-second), the music started to stutter crazily (which happened before also), a white screen with splotches of pink and many other colors covered it (which never happened before), and the whole game froze, I had to shutdown the computer. I tried once more and that time it froze up right in the main menu so that I had to shutdown again. :( Does anyone know what's going on? Thanks.
    P.S. I may try to load an Empty world instead of the Quickstart world.
  9. Fus

    Fus Apprentice Engineer

    I'm guessing the 8800 was second hand ? Also guessing that the thermal paste on that card is as dry as Death Valley.
    Those pink blotches might be fixed by a bit of DIY with an iron.
  10. MagefromAntares

    MagefromAntares Trainee Engineer

    Like Fus said I would most likely think that the issue is caused by the overheating of the GPU, however if the problem persist after applying new thermal paste and installing the heat sink back on the card(Also note that if you haven't obtained the card second hand this will most likely void the warranty, so in that case you should return it to the place of purchase instead.) there are other possible causes that you might want to check:

    1. The VRAM on the card might be faulty, unfortunately there aren't a whole lot that can be done in this case.

    2.The GPU on the card might be faulty, again there aren't a whole lot that can be done in this case.
    3. The Nvidia 8800 GTX is supposed to have two 6-pin extra power connectors(You didn't specify the exact model so I'm going by the reference design.), check if the extra power connectors are firmly attached into the card. Also, if you are using a molex to 6-pin converter cable then check if it is attached to the PSU's cable firmly as well.
    4. Unlikely, because PCI-E cards generally either work fully or not work at all if the connection is bad, but you mentioned that you have used the IGP of the motherboard before, so it is possible that there are some dirt lodged in the PCI-E connector which makes the connection between the card and the motherboard faulty at times, try to clean it out with some compressed air.
    5. (Only applies if you obtained the card second hand.) There is a possibility that the card have been overclocked by the previous users, if they have overclocked the card by applying a modified ROM image into it the modified settings will persist even if installed into a different computer. Overclocked equipment working stable in a system might not work at all in another one, although this is a very unlikely case, so it is most likely not the source of the problem.
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