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Another Warp Thread

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by HollowVoices, Dec 27, 2014.

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  1. HollowVoices

    HollowVoices Trainee Engineer

    So a big deal since Exploration Mode has been released is travel time and distance. It's a pain going from one place to another with the greater distances and low speed.

    The game needs a balanced way of doing so within the capabilities of Havok.

    What I think may work falls in line with the Microwarp Drive from EVE Online.

    It's basically a warp drive that will only send the ship forward 100km and it takes a bit of time to spool up before activating as well as a cooldown timer afterwards.

    Now I think if we make a block that allows for a jump like this it can solve the problems. Give it a function to input distance manually. (basically guestimating the distance you want to travel within a certain limit) While the warp block is spooling up, getting ready to activate, the ship can still be damaged and is affected by all entities normally. But the second that warp block activates turn the ship's collision box and such off, maybe scale the entire thing visually/graphically, and shoot it out of frame in the direction it was facing all in the blink of an eye. This lets players be able to travel great distances in a short amount of time, bypasses the issue of faster-than-havok-can-handle, and makes players develop a skill for guessing distances between objects. The spool up time also gives enemy players a chance to disable the ship or destroy the warp block before it actually gets away.

    Furthermore there are a few other issues that would need to be addressed. What speed should the ship be moving before the Warp Block can activate? I'm thinking 3/4s speed at a minimum. When a ship comes out of the warp it should move at the same speed it was when entering.

    Another issue would be what if you activate it while facing an asteroid? Two ways we can go about this, one, destroy the ship. OOPS. Or two, for simplicity's sake, just have the ship ignore all collisions during warp. If a ship were to come out of warp right inside of something then I feel if the client detects that this may happen while spooling up then it should likely alter the distance input into the warp block just for that warp so that it doesn't land inside something.

    Spool ups, distances, and cooldowns should scale differently based on mass of a ship. We can easily do different scales between small ships and large ships. Basing it on mass would be nice but that's something that can come at a later time.

    Warp Block-
    10-30 second spool-up time
    10km Min Jump/40km Max Jump*Manual Input*(What do you guys think?)
    1 Minute Cool Down
  2. AceNepets

    AceNepets Apprentice Engineer


    This almost seems like an economics problem. If the Havok problem could be mitigated and the max speed could be increased, at what max speed would realism and dedication to 2077 feasibility outweigh the necessity of adding the warp mechanic? The gravity generators tread on the same fine line between necessary game mechanic and outrageous slightly-plausible technology. I'm on the side of gravity generators being extremely new tech (invented in 2074), but I digress.

    My wager: 2000 m/s is the equilibrium point between adding a warp mechanic and just cruising around as we do at present. If the devs can't get ships to cruise faster than this, then your warp idea should be implemented.

    What would be nice is if any speed was possible. The lazy coder that I am, I imagine I would do it this way: If you want Havok to operate on interactions between your ship and other objects, you fly below 104 m/s, otherwise, you and your ship are not even considered for grid deformation and damage via Havok. Instead, if your ship bounding box intersects another object or ship bounding box, the two objects are simply removed from existence: Total annihilation when hitting something going several km/sec. I guess this totally fails when you consider ships trying to dock together while both are moving through the world at km/sec, so the whole physics engine needs to be revamped to make every ship its own frame of reference, and..... blah, this is a hard problem.
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  3. Servovicis

    Servovicis Trainee Engineer

    You wouldn't need to make every ship have its own frame of reference though entirely, just get nearby ships relative velocity to it if its within the range for grid based collision detection. Assuming they aren't checking every voxel for collision every frame, and rather checking first if two grids are near by, then so on so forth, when checking if a grid is close enough for collision detection, pull the velocity based on world coordinates for both, and then you can get the relative velocity for each ship in range. Use that value for the collision speed for each voxel collision and you're set.
  4. Wombats

    Wombats Junior Engineer

    When you find yourself making a thread titled "Another ... Thread" just think to yourself: what is the problem I see with what I am creating? Why am I not just posting on the previous "..." thread?
  5. HollowVoices

    HollowVoices Trainee Engineer

    I don't see how I'm creating any sort of problem with this thread. I'm not posting in any previous threads regarding this subject because one, the last time a warp drive type of thread was updated is now on page 5, and two, this is the first thread of its kind made since Exploration Mode was implemented. I presented problems regarding limited speed in a seemingly infinite world as well as large distances between objects in said-world. I then provided a solution seeking feedback.

    So tell me, where did I go wrong?

    As far as I can see, the thread name could have been different then you and I wouldn't be having this conversation. I'm fairly sure that thread names cannot be renamed however.
  6. FallingWhale

    FallingWhale Apprentice Engineer

  7. KissSh0t

    KissSh0t Master Engineer

    A boost function might be cool... I don't like the word "warp".

    But boost... I like that.. something along the lines of going faster than max speed.

    Up to a speed of something like 1000m/s

    The downsides of such a thing would be greater use of uranium.. or.. a good use of batteries, the batteries would discharge very fast.

    Another thing could be that engines could overheat if used too much, when the engines overheat, they might explode.
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  8. Wombats

    Wombats Junior Engineer

    By suggesting the exact same thing that has been suggested multiple times before. Exactly. Your post was nearly word for word several others I can remember.

    Also; the problem you say needs to be fixed is already fixed. Thrusters enable your ship to move and reach distant objects. You should try them out.
  9. Laguz

    Laguz Apprentice Engineer

    To be fair, most warp drives suggestions I've seen were about jumping between different worlds/servers when it was largely assumed the world size couldn't get much bigger. His version is more adapted to the latest update and stayed about jumping within the world. If past threads complained about world size limits, here they'll complain about distance, and this thread will be more appropriate to that.

    Personally I still don't like the idea itself, but it might make more sense to not only let this thread be, but to link people here rather then to previous threads in future topic repeats.
  10. sioxernic

    sioxernic Senior Engineer

    I think making it more a point to point travel thing would make it better, and still have a long spool up time, and require some dedicated structures, maybe even some special engineering and large rings (Constructed obviously) larger than the ships being transported.
  11. goduranus

    goduranus Junior Engineer

    Miner Wars 2081 happens in 2081, and I believe large ships in that game had warp drives
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