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SESE Mods: Meteoroid Plugin, SE-Dropship, ConsoleInput

Discussion in 'Released and WIP Mods' started by Draygo, Jul 26, 2015.

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  1. Draygo

    Draygo Senior Engineer

    Meteoroid Plugin

    Complete meteor storm replacement mod for SESE Servers!

    *Can enable/disable meteor showers while running
    *Options in SEServerExtender including maximum meteor size and multipliers for velocity and max velocity.
    *Configuration is saved in PhysicsMeteroid-Settings.xml
    *Configuration is saved per map, inside the map's save folder. Editing the PhysicsMeteroid-Settings.xml in the mods folder will change the default configuration.
    *Custom event - spawns its own meteor waves - configureable in the plugin options, maximum and minimum number of meteors, interval of the event can all be configured
    *Chat commands that let server administrators change plugin options from within the game.
    *Plugin's meteoroid storms only target online players and their creations!
    *Meteoroid swarms will come from any direction!
    *Meteoroid swarms will adjust for the velocity of their target!
    *Improved targeting! Meteoroid swarms will target only online players creations, but creations from a past life might also end up being a target
    *Individual waves more likely to target long standing players when set to fire at individual targets
    *Sector wide wave! Now everyone can take part in the fun all at once. Every online player is subject to a meteoroid wave!
    *Asteroid Wave, meteoroid waves that target medium and larger asteroids!
    *AsteroidSpawn Wave, the wave of meteoroids that spawns tiny asteroids. Warning - this setting is highly experimental!
    *Event system!
    **Servers owners can create any number of events each with their own interval and unique configuration!
    **Each event can have its own unique settings such as meteoroid size and speed.
    **Events will trigger through restarts of the server, an event that only triggers once per day will still only trigger once per day no matter how often the server is restarted.
    **You can choose between FloatingObjects or Keen Meteor objects
    **Server wide messaging available to let players know of their impending doom.

    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/RYcDV

    If Keen Meteors are not used Turrets will not fire on 'meteors'.
    These meteors do count against the floating object limit of the server, people mining may end up deleting the meteor swarm if low object limits are set.
    Having automatic cleanup enabled may delete the meteors before they can impact targets.

    Download: https://github.com/DraygoKorvan/SEPhysicsAsteroidsPlugin/releases
    Extract to %appdata%\Roaming\SpaceEngineersDedicated\Mods. It should create a folder, if it did not make sure it resides in a folder in that directory
    Edit the PhysicsMeteroid-Settings.xml to change default properties
    Requires SEServerExtender to run. https://forums.keenswh.com/threads/se-server-extender-current-releases-and-plugins.7333303/

    Chat Commands

    /pm-enable - turns physicsmeteor automatic meteor event on
    /pm-disable - turns automatic meteor event off
    /pm-event [command] [event] [args]
    -- event is the name of the event to modify
    -- commands are
    ---- set, sets properties for the event, oreamt [value], largeoreamt [value], interval [value], randinterval [value], type [Sector,Individual,Location,Asteroid,AsteroidSpawn], location [x y z]
    ---- get, gets properties from the event, same args as above
    ---- create, adds a new event
    ---- delete, removes an event
    /pm-spawnwave - instantly spawns a meteorwave
    /pm-sectorwave - instantly spawns a sector wave.
    /pm-spawnpos x y z, spawns a meteoroid swarm at the position x y and z
    /pm-smite [small|large] playername - smites a playername with a meteoroid, large/small argument is optional, partial playernames are accepted - High likelihood of target death.
    /pm-save saves Physics Meteoroid configuration
    /pm-load loads Physics Meteoroid configuration
    /pm-loaddefaults load's default configuration from the Mods folder



    Enables dropship respawn ship. Ship is autopiloted to a random asteroid in your sector.

    *Enables dropship compatible respawn ships to be autopiloted to asteroids
    *conflicts with SE-essentials new player move, please disable it when using this mod
    *Total distance and speed is completely configureable
    *Two different messages can be configured
    *Configureable through SEExtender GUI
    *Saves configuration to map folder, default configuration is in the mod's folder.
    *Whitelist available
    *Blacklist available, note that the whitelist will override the blacklist.
    *can forbid asteroids without all the required materials to make a functional ship.
    *can choose if magnesium is required.
    *Dropships will target 0,0,0 if no asteroids are considered to be valid targets

    /ds-save - saves dropship configuration, configuration is not saved automatically
    /ds-load - loads configuration
    /ds-loaddefaults - loads default configuration from mods folder
    /ds-refresh - reinventory asteroids (expensive).

    Known issues:
    Auto removal of aborted dropships is not done in this version
    Landing gears have a hard time clamping on to voxels currently, hit detection is poor - this is a Keen issue.

    Download the latest release here: https://github.com/DraygoKorvan/SE-Dropship/releases
    Extract to %appdata%\Roaming\SpaceEngineersDedicated\Mods. It should create a folder, if it did not make sure it resides in a folder in that directory - note if you are using an instanced version it may need to be placed in programdata instead of appdata.
    Requires SEServerExtender to run. https://forums.keenswh.com/threads/se-server-extender-current-releases-and-plugins.7333303/
    Add mod 303700348 to your server configuration: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=303700348
    Or make your own with this kit: https://github.com/DraygoKorvan/SE-Dropship/blob/master/Kit/dropship-kit.zip?raw=true
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2015
  2. Draygo

    Draygo Senior Engineer

    Dropping this here

    Console mod that lets you type in chat commands directly in the console, useful if you are running nogui switch on SESE. Can even use it to launch the GUI with /GUI without having to log in.


    Known issues:
    Will pause console output while you are typing, after you clear the typed command it will dump the log that it was holding back. The letters you typed might be mixed in, cant help it really as I don't have the ability to turn off the console echo. (working as intended)
    First command is ignored as SESE eats it for no reason (bug)
  3. Draygo

    Draygo Senior Engineer

    Pushing out the first re-release of SE-dropship.

    This was a video someone did about a year ago:
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  4. Draygo

    Draygo Senior Engineer

    Pushed out an updated physics meteoroid. Have fun with that one. Includes 2 new wave types. One that targets asteroids instead of players, and another that targets asteroids but also can spawn tiny asteroids. The second one is highly experimental and hasn't been fully tested so use at your own risk. Note to use the second mode you need to have asteroid streaming enabled in Essentials.
  5. Draygo

    Draygo Senior Engineer

    Working on a crazy new addition to SE-dropship

    Personal asteroid fields, SE-dropship can spawn a 'personal asteroid field' for each unique player. Every time they reconnect with a spawn ship they will be dropped to the same asteroid!

    I need people to help test, you can do so by connecting to my server here (copy into your address bar): steam://connect/
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2015
  6. Draygo

    Draygo Senior Engineer

    Pushed out a new version of SE-dropship that fixed a crash bug when a dropship was teleported over 50km.
    Some new experimental functionality is disabled in this release, please help test above, there are some crash bugs I need to identify.
  7. DoctorSweety

    DoctorSweety Trainee Engineer

    Hi Draygo. if you leave Essentials plugin to stream unmodified asteroids, the pod fly to a random roids (with vital ressource: false, and 60000 m of range). With vital ressource: true always goes to 0 0 0: asteroid not found. After 15-30 min game crash, but, in don't know if there's any relations with your mod, i must to read the logs.
  8. Draygo

    Draygo Senior Engineer

    If vital resource is true it only adds asteroids with all the raw ores you need to make a functional ship. If there are none it sends you to 0,0,0. This is intended behavior. Set vital to false if your roids are close enough to each other.

    Also the mod searches all the voxelmaps in the map when the map is loaded. Changing teleport distance only changes how long it takes for a drop ship to reach a roid.

    To figure out what roids it can find set vital mats to false anyasteroid to true and consult the asteroid list in the debug section in the mod config.

    Remember to save the config with /ds-save when you get the settings to your liking.

    As for crash issues review the logs for details. Paste the exception here.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2015
  9. DoctorSweety

    DoctorSweety Trainee Engineer

    In description of "requireAllVitalMats" settings, it's wrote that we need Stone, iron, cobalt, silver, gold, uranium, platinium and silicon. Never, in 3000 game hours, i saw an asteroid with all those materials together. It possible to leave to the admin the choice off the materials in the settings file ?

  10. Draygo

    Draygo Senior Engineer

    In a future version yes. I currently track each type and you can see what an asteroid has in the debug menu. This mod originated when the asteroid generator was much more likely to generate an asteroid with everything.

    Run /ds-refresh to update the asteroid list after changing settings.
  11. Vellai

    Vellai Trainee Engineer

    I wonder if it will search for and land on planets when released?
  12. Draygo

    Draygo Senior Engineer

    Probably not, they might find it and send you there but it will certainly spell your doom if that's the case :).
  13. Draygo

    Draygo Senior Engineer

    I am in process of moving the Meteoroid mod into a workshop mod, it will no longer be dependent on SESE when it is done.
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