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Introduce Yourself!

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by DrVagax, Sep 11, 2015.

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  1. UnitedTerranFederation

    UnitedTerranFederation Apprentice Engineer

    Hey everyone, I'm Cameron Woodring from Washington, United States (where else would there be a washington?). For the most part, I enjoy sandbox, engineering, roleplaying, and shooter type games. I've logged far too many hours into Skyrim, Fallout, Kerbal Space Program, Garrysmod, Team Fortress 2, Arma 3, and Space Engineers. In my youth, my beloved playstation two kept me company, as we logged hours through Spiderman 2, Battlefront 2, and Harry Potter 2 (lots of twos in my youth). If you see me on the forums, I'll either be debating on the forums, or attempting to play the pacifist. If you see me participating in the roleplay forums, that would be my friend, as this is the official account for the UFPS (join up please, so I can stop advertising desperately). See you in game guys, and have fun engineering!
  2. CarolusRex

    CarolusRex Trainee Engineer

    Hey guys, on most things I go by Carolus Rex but you can just call me Sam. I'm a 20 year old guy from Liverpool in the UK. I'd love to get more involved with this community after playing the game from release alone with a a few friends.
  3. Cdr. Tempered Steel

    Cdr. Tempered Steel Trainee Engineer

    Ok, clearly you can tell by my avi, that I'm a brony. Aside from that, my real name is Nicholas Clark Manuel. I am a Space "Marine" Engineer, and I'm about to kill for the Planetary Update. I can't wait to recreate Stroggos in SE, and raise some heck like I did in Quake II.
  4. Hunzibunzi

    Hunzibunzi Trainee Engineer

    Hello everyone, I'm Max, coming from Europe. Bought SE last year as I love sandbox games and this is by far the best game in that genre I've ever played. I haven't spent much time in survival yet but I've put in like 150 hours or so in creative for building and testing purposes. Lots of fun!!!
  5. Bideshi

    Bideshi Trainee Engineer

    Hello Everyone
    I am Bideshi, new member of this forum. I am learning software development. I hope all the forum members will help me.
  6. dandano

    dandano Trainee Engineer

    Hi. I'm dandano from California now residing in Virginia. Miner Wars 2081 player and almost every other 6DOF game known. Other fav games include Trackmania, Borderlands and Dawn of War. I do IT for a small residential college in Central Virginia and am *way* older than anyone who has posted in this thread.
  7. Needye

    Needye Trainee Engineer

    I am Ricardo from Spain. I dont remember exactly my age but I was born in 1994 so if you wanna know do the math. Trying to finish a double carrer of computer engineering and math. Personal preferences: Sci-fy, computers, physics and procrastinating. I dislike living entities, maths, teachers and doing something usefull.
  8. Majic

    Majic Trainee Engineer

    Hello! I just got Space Engineers on a Steam weekend deal and it's downloading as I type. I don't have a lot to say yet, but have learned over the years how valuable forums can be, especially for games like these, and wanted to get set up without delay.

    Also, I will confess mainly wanting at this point to make my first post and (hopefully) prove I'm not a bot, so when my virtual world falls apart and I come frantically seeking help in the forums, I won't have to wait for mod approval for my next post. ;)
  9. Ironwatsas

    Ironwatsas Trainee Engineer

    Good day, Ladies and Gentlemen. After having taken Garry's Mod by storm, we here at Fortress Watsas industries (and all associated organizations) are here now to begin Deep Space Engineering, construction of a vast array of interstellar spaceships, and generally broadening new horizons if that makes any sense. In practice I'm here to say hi, and get deeper into the SE community in general.

    I've created a great many creations (including several fleets of spaceships) but thus far have sadly have had nobody to use them on. Hopefully that changes now that I am here.
  10. mark117h

    mark117h Trainee Engineer

    Hi My name is Mark,
    I go by the handle of mark117h on steam and SchizoTheWizard on the x-360,
    I'm in to gaming, photoshop, blender, and some VB & Arduino.
    I'm 38 yrs old and love all things paranormal or alien and ufo's,
    Just recently purchased space engineers and currently watching and learning about how to play, mainly what buttons do what.
  11. TERMIN8R

    TERMIN8R Trainee Engineer

    Eyy mates, i am TERMIN8R,
    I'm here to just have fun,
    I am 4 years old
    I have used GML and gamemaker
  12. LjSpike

    LjSpike Trainee Engineer

    Im Luke from the UK. Im 16. Hoping to start sixth form soon.
    Always loved open world games, SE is sort of the perfect game for me.
    I *also* happen to be quite a fan of metal gear solid, and I managed to finish Armored Core 4, unlike my 2 older brothers :p
  13. JLAM

    JLAM Trainee Engineer

    Greetings, I'm JLAM on Steam and many other games. I've been playing Space Engineers since launch, but I've never explored the forum.
  14. Shuro

    Shuro Apprentice Engineer

    GUTEN TAG, I'm Shuro, 29 years old and I come in peace. I'm a german space engineer since the first hour with no sense of style and design.
  15. Rupert Pupkin

    Rupert Pupkin Trainee Engineer

    Hey Guys ! I'm Rupert from NYC and i'm excited to be here !
  16. Yubermis

    Yubermis Trainee Engineer

    Hey guys! I'm Yılmaz from İstanbul, Turkey, 27 years old and a noob space engineer, CMDR Yubermis in Elite and player of other games.
  17. AngelinaGets

    AngelinaGets Trainee Engineer

    I am Angelina, from Ukraine. I am working in SEO
    --- Automerge ---
    Who is working SEO?
  18. Crusader

    Crusader Apprentice Engineer

    Hello world!
  19. littlegreenrock

    littlegreenrock Trainee Engineer

    Hi. I want to code my own ideas for a solar tracker, because i don't like the ones i see on the workshop and frankly i need a motivation to learn C#. So, here is my first post, let me get approved, and then i can ask questions of some of your better coders. in the mean time i am investigating programing 101 on these forums, and picking apart other peoples codes. Ta da!
    approval please k thx bai
  20. rpsgc

    rpsgc Trainee Engineer

    Hi everyone!

    My name is rpsgc and I'm a newbie :)
  21. frankboycher

    frankboycher Trainee Engineer

    I like.... NO...... LOVE this game and would also like to be an engineer myself someday
  22. dedendz

    dedendz Trainee Engineer

    Greetings to all!

    Lets get this first posting and introduction started shall we?

    My name is Shane, I am Canadian, 34, semi-retired, like video games and long walks on the....wait, not Tinder? Oh my...

    Don't really know what else to say here as an intro, other than I absolutely adore SE. For the most part I've stayed on the Salt forums, A.K.A. Steam, and figured its probably a good idea to come to the nest.

    Looking forward to seeing how things run around here! Ciao for now =)
  23. Michael Henry

    Michael Henry Trainee Engineer

    Hi everyone! I am new here. Happy to join the forum. :tu:
  24. Amoc4708

    Amoc4708 Trainee Engineer

    Hello fellow Space Engineers, I am a retired US Army helicopter pilot. At the age of 60 I still enjoy challenging computer games or simulations that is more than run and gun. I like what SE has to offer and like the idea of seeing what it can become.
  25. xxSWxxNinja

    xxSWxxNinja Trainee Engineer

    Howdy all, long time lurker of the forums and I finally decided to verify my account and say hi. Anyone in Space Engineers MP will likely see me peddling ice for some GEC. Ship designs :p
  26. dottonecioni

    dottonecioni Trainee Engineer


    It's a me,your favourite Italian memer,Dottonecioni! Otherwise known as "peeps" on the discord.
    I made this account to post a ban appeal,but since i have to get the first post verified,i might as well politely introduce myself first,right?

    I live in Italy and i am... relatively young. You might see my birth date on my profile,if you're really that curious.
    I am studying to be a programmer,and i enjoy discussing things related to coding.
    I play SE and you might often see me joining a server,lamenting its various issues,playing for a bit and then leaving,or you might see me driving around one of the ships i made if i somehow manage to build them in survival or you're on a creative server.

    Well,that's pretty much it.

  27. Steffen Lauge Sørensen

    Steffen Lauge Sørensen Trainee Engineer

    Hi there!
    My name is Steffen. I'm 56 and an Electronics Engineer and have played various strategic games.
  28. Canem Sordidum

    Canem Sordidum Trainee Engineer


    My name is Canem Sordidum, which is Latin. Latin may be dead, but it influences our art, literature, sciences and language. In essence, Latin stimulates us intellectually. Therefore, when one chooses to use Latin, it is done with forethought and care. So, it should come as no surprise when I reveal the translation of my name. It means, dirty dog. Clearly, I am a scholar amongst men.

    That said, I do have a Latin phrase I like to use.

    "Non ducor. Duco."

    This means, I am not led. I lead. However, this does not mean I want to be followed. Instead, I'm saying I don't follow others, I lead myself. Funny how easily we can mislead by a few well chosen words. Saying, "I am not led. I lead." suggests that I wish to be followed, but the reality is the opposite.

    Guess this is meant to show I choose my words wisely and think before I speak. My emotions do not control my actions, my mind does. It's far better qualified. Forum pollution is something I avoid. It's not my preference to say what's been said already, I aim to inject a new perspective. That said, this is precisely why I tend to lurk the majority of the time. You may never see me again, but it doesn't mean I don't see you.

    This sums up my feelings. There is a forum that I visit frequently. A person on this forum has amassed over 35k posts to his name. He never really offers anything poignant or witty. What's frightening is, he managed to achieve this in under 2 years! The regulars worship him, like he has actually achieved something great. Whereas, in almost 4 years, my post count is just over 200. My 200 has contributed 10 times more than his 35k nonsense, I reckon. No doubt, I feel this way because I've been a mod and hated all the nonsense I had to read through. Only a small fraction of posts actually said something informative or interesting.
  29. Tomash79

    Tomash79 Trainee Engineer

    Hello guys, I am Thomas, I'm 38 and I live in Poland. I write here because I am forced to post anything before I write reply/comment in topic that I'm interested in (this is a strange rule for newbies, if You ask me).
    What suprises me is fact, that I have similar feelings about computer games as Max ( aka Pennywise), who posted some time before me. A few years ago I noticed that new computer games cannot satisfy my entertainment needs as well as older ones, released much earlier. I don't know if the reason is that I grow up, or gaming industry has changed - this is the topic for another discussion - Important thing is that Space Engineers is the game for which I keep all my fingers crossed. I hope that this will be a kind of game that I love the most - game where players have fun and learn in the same time. The amount of knowledge smuggled into players mind during playthrough can be impressive - from programming mentioned by Max, through astronomy and physics to matematics and chemistry. I belive that with active support from community dev team will polish this title into beautiful diamond.
    CU in Space... or forum ;-)
  30. Tor Harald Tessem

    Tor Harald Tessem Trainee Engineer

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