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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by BANDIT, Jan 16, 2017.

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    BANDIT Apprentice Engineer

    hydrogen and oxygen tanks are still whole time at 50% and wont fill up anymore!!

    pls fix that finally...i love to play survival
  2. beringtom

    beringtom Trainee Engineer

    Could you please provide more info, and i urge you to read the stickys before making bug reports.
    thank you.

    BANDIT Apprentice Engineer

    What you need more INFO???

    place a hydrogen or a oxygen tank and play survival! the tanks WONT fill up! survival is broken!
  4. FlakMagnet

    FlakMagnet Senior Engineer

    When people say more information, it usually means it's not as obvious as you think, and also probably that they do not have the issue you do.

    I play survival, and I have no problem filling the tanks on my hydrogen powered ship, so the issue you have is not universal. So....that means you have a specific bug, not that 'survival is broken' because that would mean everyone had the same bug, and we don't. It's easy to fix a bug that affects everyone, but life is seldom that simple! Something in your setup, world, build, whatever is causing the issue but we don't know what those conditions are.

    1) What version are you playing ( stable/dev are different builds )
    2) Are the tanks large or small grid or both
    3) What setup are you using to fill them. Have you got an o2 generator attached directly to a tank, or is there pipework or blocks in between
    4) What settings are the tanks set to. Stockpile on/off etc.

    A lot of times, when I have had odd issues, there was a simple workaround or something that I did not know causing issues, and someone out there may well have an easy solution for me. If it is actually a bug, then the devs need to know the specifics. The MOST important thing for any bug is being able to duplicate it. This is often how you get to understand the cause, and the more that is known about the situation under which you had the problem, the easier it is to replicate those conditions and try and MAKE the bug happen.
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  5. Urablahblah

    Urablahblah Apprentice Engineer

    I noticed recently that tanks placed in creative would only fill to 50%. Perhaps the OP is talking about trying to place a tank in creative then switching to survival for free fuel?
  6. Voltem

    Voltem Trainee Engineer

    I have a smimilliar issue. on multible ships, when spawning in ships (have not tested it when building the setups myself in survival), the oxygen tanks don't fill up. creative mode, dev branch. Ogygen tanks and hydrogen tanks set to stockpile, oxygen generators turned on. piping in between, no known cargo sorters (if i have not forgotten about them). The same issue appears with different ships, in different forms. i have a ship where the hangar doesnt depressurize because of this, and a ship whose hydrogen tanks won't fill up, and are stuck at 50%.

    Thank you for reading.

    EDIT: if it is truly that tanks only fill up to 50%, and that is intentional, that explains it. ruins any plans of making my ships ready-to use by filling them to 100% with fuel, but oh well
  7. Damadark

    Damadark Trainee Engineer

    I wish Keen would fix the hydrogen tanks so they fill to maximum as they USED TO DO! It has been months since this bug started and has not even gotten fixed compared to cosmetic fixes they keep listing. If a games mechanics are broken it doesn't matter how many changes you make to the looks. It will make new players not wish to play a broken game which kills many games.
  8. Hotshot Jimmy

    Hotshot Jimmy Senior Engineer

    They do fill to maximum. Can you create a bug report with the exact problem you are having?
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.