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Drill Heads are causing odd warning

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by InvertedCow, Jan 17, 2017.

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  1. InvertedCow

    InvertedCow Trainee Engineer

    Hey. I am playing the easy start earth map, all was going fine until yesterday when i was attempting to build a small drilling "ship" (more of a vehicle than a ship) I started to build the drilling head. i placed down a small landing gear, layed out a grid of blocks placed one small drill head in the centerline, and every time I attempt to add another drill head it gave me the same message. "Cannot place. Ship would exceed regulations"

    I cannot place a large ship drill on the station or in the world anywhere.

    Is this a bug?

    Is there a work around?

    Where are the "regulations" in my singe player world that are not allowing me to have more than 1 drill on a small ship?

    Does anything work right on planets or is it just me...

    (sorry that last bit is frustration with all the issues I have on planet building)

  2. Urablahblah

    Urablahblah Apprentice Engineer

    In the world settings there are relatively new "block limit" settings that may need to be tweaked. I have never used them but it might be something to look at before you assume it is a bug.
  3. Roxette

    Roxette Senior Engineer

    There is currently a serious bug in the block limit feature, causing grids to multiply each time the character respawns. It can be reset by restarting the game, but in single player it's easier just to disable the block limits in the world settings for the savegame. It can't be disabled globally, it is a per-save setting. HTH

    This bug has been present since Update 01.166 (December 15) and has been reported multiple times, there are several bug report threads already regarding the issue.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2017
  4. InvertedCow

    InvertedCow Trainee Engineer

    thanks I did a search originally and could not find a reason for this.

    But yes turning off block limits. (something I normally do anyhow) did fix the issue.

Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.