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Update 01.178.3 Minor - Dead Drop Arena, New Update Release System

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Mar 16, 2017.

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  1. Drui

    Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    Hello, Engineers! Today we are making changes to the release system to be simpler and involve the community more. The main change is that we are removing Develop branch from the game. There will be only one branch and updates will be tagged as Minor or Major. We will still patch the game every week with Minor updates, but Major updates will not be scheduled with strict dates in advance but rather will be released only when everything is completely tested, fixed and approved by a closed testing group to ensure the build is OK. Also we will leave the previous update as a separate rollback branch on steam - so you can always switch one update back.

    This week’s update contains more improvements to multiplayer, performance and the overall game as well as a new multiplayer dogfighting scenario. We’ve also implemented turret and thruster parallelization which will significantly improve performance on grids using lots of them. And there’s a new multiplayer scenario being released this week called Dead Drop Arena.
    Dead Drop Arena is a team deathmatch based scenario designed to make it easier for players to jump into a game with ships already prepared so they can start shooting and having fun straight away. Players spawn into the station, pick teams and then enter the cockpit of their ship, when all players are ready the ships are dropped from the station and there is a ten second delay before engines & weapons activate… so be ready to pull out of that death dive and for the fighting to begin!

    - New Multiplayer Scenario: Dead Drop Arena
    - Marek's Blog Post: Changes to Space Engineers Release System - https://blog.marekrosa.org/2017/03/changes-to-space-engineers-release_14.html

    - fixed crash while showing gravity range
    - fixed crash while placing block into the voxel on dedicated server
    - fixed symbol @ not working in e-mail subscription on some keyboards
    - fixed moving platform does not move, when it is connected with voxel
    - fixed plane and line blocks do not have the correct ownership
    - fixed wheel steering while controlling vehicle from turret
    - reduced too bright whites on some voxel materials
    - corner LCDs renamed to top and bottom
    - suspension wheels renamed to left and right
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  2. Slywolf117

    Slywolf117 Trainee Engineer

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  3. Asdf-U-Ninja

    Asdf-U-Ninja Trainee Engineer

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  4. I23I7

    I23I7 ME Tester

    This gunna be gud.
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  5. zerek528

    zerek528 Trainee Engineer

    YAY Arena battles?
  6. Potter

    Potter Apprentice Engineer

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  7. DigitalStone

    DigitalStone Apprentice Engineer

    Exciting stuff :woot:
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  8. Gwindalmir

    Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    Finally updating to a sane release system!
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  9. Bruce LeedleLeedleLeedleLee

    Bruce LeedleLeedleLeedleLee Junior Engineer

    okay that hud is pretty nice
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  10. Jikanta

    Jikanta Apprentice Engineer

    Xoc looks like he needs more sleep.

    +edit : Thank you for letting us roll back to previous versions. Lots of love ♥
    +again: "revert to previous major updates from this point onwards." Gotcha
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2017
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  11. gchristopher

    gchristopher Apprentice Engineer

    So this release is actually a STABLE/MAJOR release since it was applied to everyone who previously was on 1/172 Stable?

    Or rather, I guess that makes all of the pre-1.178 releases MINOR retroactively? I suppose that makes more sense.
  12. karthanistyr

    karthanistyr Trainee Engineer

    Does it mean that current DEV (i.e. 01.178) is immediately pushed to the new single main branch? (i.e. are we getting all changes since 172 today-ish?)
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  13. CAPTFullbird

    CAPTFullbird Trainee Engineer

    OMG i have things to do today ..... Thanks Keen ive been waiting for u
  14. Lurch84

    Lurch84 Trainee Engineer

    Yay return of the teasers! Also guessing Xocliw was flying that at the end there :)

    (Hmm HUD, still feel the background to the icons needs to be less transparent. The UI, very grey :/ and looks like we're still going to have a hideous long long list of stuff to search through. Suggestion- shrink the search bar a tiny bit and have a tab for groups so at least those are separate from the full list.

    Edit- Since I see a power icon for the ship, we don't really need all that red text popping up when it's powered down. If the need to know if gyro's and stuff are missing, maybe an icon like everything else would make sense?
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2017
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  15. posthy

    posthy Apprentice Engineer

    Fixes are welcome, the new release system is a good idea to give yourself more time to polish major things. Looking at the teaser the HUD looks great, but the UI is just flat and square and boring. I prefer the current.
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  16. Forcedminer

    Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    removal of dev build?
    I guess thats a good thing...no need to juggle two builds of SE with bug reports coming from both ends.

    now thats really sweet.
    imagine in a few months time being able to go back to an older version when some bugs still existed?
  17. FlakMagnet

    FlakMagnet Senior Engineer

    Oh...no....what a shame .... my PC crashed just as the bulk of the video ended and just before Xoc's 'thought for the day'.

    Now I will never know what he was going to say........

    As far as the update goes, the news is basically good. Marek wasn't saying much about future plans, but the hint that there is focus on teh organisational structures sounded promising. I also think the new structure for the release of updates is better. I did not like the branch system, and think this ( along with a rollback option ) is far superior in every way.
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  18. Sevnn

    Sevnn Trainee Engineer

    Can we get clarification on the potential rollback options in the new release system? There is a discrepancy between the change log post and what Xocliw said in the video. I understand that the system will have fluctuation and I'm sure some of the details were still being ironed out between the recording of the video and the writing of the post.

    I'm excited about the new release system. Hopefully it will go a long way to bringing a divided community (DEV vs STABLE) back together under the same roof. The rollback feature will be a very important feature to give players some method of side stepping feature changes that cause them problems.
  19. Merandix

    Merandix Junior Engineer

    Good information, and I think a good decision on the update schedule.

    HUD looks better, we're still missing some essential information (fixed location for altitude and heading), but it's getting better. It's a bit grey though.

    Menu UI needs a functionality update. I wouldn't mind a month delay if we could get sorting options into the control panel and inventory menu's. Don't get me wrong, I love the work that has happened, but we also need a functionality update in those UI elements.

    I'd love to be able to keep ships docked with a connector separate in menu's. If I press Y, I would love that my whole base doesn't shut down, just the ship that I'm in that is currently docked to said base. I'd also love it if we'd just have a way to drag stuff from one ship to another, merging all inventories on a single ship together. Being able to designate some grids as being connected and a single ship or base, despite being several grids. Stuff like that would make this game so much more intuitive and user friendly.

    Edit: This post was waaay too harsh sounding. Not intended that way. Updated to represent the underlying optimistic mood a bit better. :D

    Edit 2: Also, the more I look at the Hud, the more I think it needs to look like it's being projected on your helmet or something... though that would be problematic with open helmets. A little more immersion would bring this HUD a long way.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2017
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  20. JD.Horx

    JD.Horx Senior Engineer

    Ok nice, you put some actual PvP game elements into our beloved physics simulation :)

    A step in the right direction, I can't wait to see more in the future!
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2017
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  21. Hanfree

    Hanfree Apprentice Engineer

    Very good news
    All of it.
    But when you say new hud i suppossed you go to implement a more inmersive hud like in the Hellion game etc...
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  22. Asylumdown

    Asylumdown Trainee Engineer

    If you've been playing on the Dev build, what should you do? Opt out of all betas on Steam? Will worlds you saved in the Dev branch still load?
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  23. Urablahblah

    Urablahblah Apprentice Engineer

    So no help for twisty pistons or *real* battery fixes?

    I'm looking forward to all the future stuff, but how about some fixes for problems that are hindering play now?
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  24. BiZZ Keryear

    BiZZ Keryear Apprentice Engineer

    I agree, what is in those cases? At least I am still in develop branch. And the new structure doesn't seemed to be pushed by now.
    (can opt out, into "1.172 -", "develop", "dx9-32bit","paper","rock", or "scissors")
    --- Automerge ---
    There is no fix of these (,yet or in very near future) because unfortunately they are really hard, nearly impossible to fix (because of the limitation of computers). .. at least for pistons. Since pistons are tied to the physics problems.
    Maybe because of the physics bugs (and the really hard work they are doing on it) they haven't gotten around to improve the batteries / power distribution.
  25. Mikiy

    Mikiy Trainee Engineer

    Considering its still early in the year it would be a good time to announce some sort of road map what the next major features are that come to the game this year... like i'd love to hear finaly when we can expect occlusion culling.. and when i hear survival improvements i really hope they finally add a proper survival gameplay like empyrion has to the game with harvestables, growables, animals/aliens, cooking and so on ( make it optional for the naysayers of course ;p ).. anything to put some life and use onto those near lifeless/useless planets here.
  26. Asylumdown

    Asylumdown Trainee Engineer

    I'm probably one of those naysayers when it comes to all the tedium of actually being a living meatbag, but some reason to need the planets would be awesome. Like resources that you need to build certain components only being available on planets, and some only being available in asteroids, and a more flushed out ecology that actually interacts with you in some meaningful way
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  27. Bad Humour

    Bad Humour Apprentice Engineer

    removal of the branch system and by the way it sounds seems like a good idea and a step forward to what we used to which was in the last month a complete buggy mess.

    That being said the vision for survival and the game don't seem promising, I hope you guys are holding things back, I really hope so. Also survival research seems like a ok feature but for survival to be even remotely fun single player you need a couple of things, WAY better AI + spawning of said AI + varied AI, more blocks + resources + components (just look at the workshop and remake or integrate mods), more environmental hazards that are not just random global events but travel from one section of the map to the other or local planet weather, MORE PHYSICS orbital mechanics(for ships, hopefully for celestial bodies but I highly doubt that's possible) + atmospheric effects and atmospheric physics (there are mods for this already) + heat mechanics for not only planets but for grids and components + higher ship speed as well and lastly a reason to use O2 on ships.

    Also the New HUD is a major improvement. New UI however, ITS EXACTLY THE SAME. Its just reskinned and that was the part that was awful the HUD looked clunky but it worked at least and didn't bother me much but the ship and menu parts are awful the grouping is horrible as you have to make new group if you want to rename it and delete the old one. Also in very large or complex ships there are 100's or 1000's of terminal blocks which makes making a group in the current system EXTREMELY tedious and time consuming. As you have to sift through 1 big list. Another thing that should be changed is sorting of the terminal blocks as currently THERE IS NO SORTING. There is no option to automatically group certain blocks together based on type, there is no folder system (independent from grouping) that you can use to sort things either automatically or manually and lastly: The ordering the current version doesn't even bloody work.

    I could go on ranting but please, please atleast consider this advice or do something different that achieves the same thing. As of now the vision looks way too shallow.
  28. Me 10 Jin

    Me 10 Jin Apprentice Engineer

    That ending quote...

    I pity the fuel!
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  29. KingdomBragg

    KingdomBragg Junior Engineer

    Looking good, thanks guys :)
  30. PhoenixTheSage

    PhoenixTheSage Junior Engineer

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