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Update 01.180.0 Major - Server Browser, Updated Character Animations

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Apr 13, 2017.

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  1. One-Eyed Ocelot

    One-Eyed Ocelot Trainee Engineer

    Rotal, I'm not having that drill problem.
  2. Devon_v

    Devon_v Senior Engineer

    I presume those only work in an atmosphere. Makes Earthlike an easier start while not effecting space and Marslike. I like. More options for power is more interesting.
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  3. GrindyGears

    GrindyGears Senior Engineer

    While obviously these things are not working for you two in particular, They do currently seem to be working just fine for me.

    Roxx, perhaps resetting the key bindings will fix the problem?

    Rotal, umm, well I got nothing... works as intended for me
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  4. Omen964

    Omen964 Trainee Engineer

    Weary nice.

    New Bug: All tiers of Welders and Grinders is the same speed.
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  5. Laserak

    Laserak Trainee Engineer

    I'm returning 0 servers ..
  6. Urablahblah

    Urablahblah Apprentice Engineer

    Likely they haven't updated yet.
  7. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin

    Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    The new animations look fantastic! Although the aim-down-sights one still needs a little work ...

    That one is going to be hard to do properly, because the engineer should be putting his head to the side to line his eye up with the sight. But with the helmet on, that may end up looking equally derpy. Regardless, overall the new animations are really well-done.
  8. Deathfather

    Deathfather Trainee Engineer

    Wind generators! Thank you keen. Doing a great job. Love the game and everything you do.
  9. Asylumdown

    Asylumdown Trainee Engineer

    Parachutes and wind turbines... methinks planetaey atmospheres are about to become a whole lot more atmospheric.
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  10. PLPM

    PLPM Junior Engineer

    Alright, windpower is great and that server browser is amazing; I can´t wait to try them out... but there many assets in the game that have a lot of hidden gameplay potential, but are too alike as they are to be any good (Gattling turrets and missile turrets) or there isn´t a strong enough incentive-practicality to use them (Antennas, Laser-Antennas) or are more an annoyance/unbalanced thing than anything (Meteors, Cargo ships)

    I feel we need to focus on tightening gameplay and making every block important and needed for the player.
    The direction ME went with its map and the claim block mechanic is great, it makes the game feel dynamic in nature, that makes you want to keep playing, and even more so, grow... SE´s world feels static and isolated in comparison, and that´s not good for a game that is thousands of times bigger than ME

    I know how incredible and unique SE can be in sheer gameplay value, but that´s thanks to both its world and mechanics. Right now;
    The first is extremely stagnated.
    And the second is self-destructive.

    SE is in a really bad spot, IT NEEDS keep the player engaged, I know you´re working each day to improve the game, it can be a nightmare, it can get awful... it´s not pretty, but the game´s foundations are not tightened up enough for it to keep growing like it is, overhauling wheels will do a lot for the gameplay and I´m incredibly grateful for it, but I feel this kind of overhauls should be the priority compared to adding more things like parachutes and windpower (Which are great, but shouldn´t supersede features that have a bigger impact in gameplay, like pirates)
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  11. Asdf-U-Ninja

    Asdf-U-Ninja Trainee Engineer

    Looks like I somehow missed that one, thanks for pointing it out. That is one strange looking wind turbine :D
  12. Farindark

    Farindark Apprentice Engineer


    Wind turbines see third pic down https://www.ecofriend.com/7-innovative-wind-turbine-designs.html Got to say you've got a great imagination! :D
  13. Blacky [GER]

    Blacky [GER] Trainee Engineer

    hey keen, where is the since 2 years promissed survival overhaul? you promissed us food water better oxygen usage and many more wich makes survival more survival .. i did not forgot your promises in an update video but you seem to ;)
  14. Roxette

    Roxette Senior Engineer

    Yeah.... thanks for the idea, so I just deleted the settings file and went through the options menu to create a new one, which fixed that, but also revealed that the video mode selection options are broken, with multiple lines with the same description resulting in different modes ...

    Yeah, no... confirmed this bug but it's not new, just one of the regular boomerang bugs that has been added and fixed many times...

  15. Overengineering

    Overengineering Trainee Engineer

    Nice Update! Thank you for that.

    Regarding the Windmills: Please make them spin slower - it hurts my eyes :)
  16. Ghostickles

    Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    Thanks KEEN
  17. WizardLizard

    WizardLizard Trainee Engineer

    Looking awesome so far!

    Are you guys aware of a semi-gamebreaking bug, relating to connectors and thrusters? When you dock with a connector, there's a chance that your engines will completely disable until you reload a save of the world. I've had to use multiple reactors on my small ships in order to recharge my batteries without connecting to my base.

    Pretty annoying, but I hope it's not hard to patch.
  18. beelzerob

    beelzerob Apprentice Engineer

    I'm pretty happy for anything that adds some motion and life to the world. Ships and bases just feel too static and boring to me.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2017
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  19. Stardriver907

    Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    I have a parachute mod that I've never had an opportunity to use and now may not have to, I have a windmill mod that I haven't had a chance to use and now may not need.

    Head up, Keen, I downloaded the geothermal mod.

    This is, of course, your opinion, as there is no way to accurately gauge what sort of "spot" SE is in. You can say sales are down and I'd say "compared to what?" You could say less people are playing and I could say people are waiting for the game to finish. Since the game is in fact not finished, "player engagement" is solely up to the player that decided to play an unfinished game. As such I have found myself "engaged" in SE well in excess of 4000 hours. I suppose "engagement" is where you find it. Some players want their adventure handed to them (nothing wrong with that as it describes 90% of video games) and some players make their own adventures (a feature dare I say unique to SE? as I haven't seen every video game). I will say, though, that the effort to make finding servers easier tells me that an attempt is being made to bring more players and "engagements" together.

    It's looking more and more to me that SE may wind up being best played on a server. If you know me you know I tend to build big, and whenever I start something it's not long before my game struggles and sometimes stops completely. I can't host a game on my computer cause it barely runs with just me. I cant really tell if my machine is inadequate or there is a more fundamental problem with the game. Even so, every server I'm aware of has block limits and/or other limits that make the server experience even less that my home experience. I might be able to play together with 20 other people on a server, but I can't have Chilkoot Trail in the game. I built Chilkoot Trail to have and house a crew of 120 people. I can have it on my home computer but I can't have it on a server. That just doesn't seem right.

    I haven't loaded the game yet today so I can't comment on the bugfixes except to say that I'm sure the game is a bit better this week as it always is. These small increments don't seem significant but if you realize that it's been happening this way for over three years now and you compare today's game to the game you would have gotten in 2013 it's clear (at least to me) that quality comes before quantity at keen and it must be hard for them to not use some cheesey trick to give us the illusion that we're getting what we want, but instead taking the time to have things look and work as realistic as possible without insulting our intelligence. Those who prefer that this game gets wrapped up by next week at any cost (and believe it's possible because "it couldn't possibly be that hard" or "other games haven't taken this long" are simply unaware of the effort, especially given the fact that the goal post keeps moving. I don't think by next week I'll be able to have a fleet of fully-crewed Chilkoot Trails on my machine going at it with 20 of my friends, each with their own fully-crewed Chilkoots. I do think keen would like it if I could, though, and they're working on it.
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  20. DopePope

    DopePope Trainee Engineer

    now that's an update .. id love to see wheels in the next update keep up the good work .. thanks for actually listening to the community
  21. Nailbomb83

    Nailbomb83 Trainee Engineer

    Cool list of fixes, but tweaks to the lens flares had made me optimistic that they get a bt tuned down not get total blinding... The light from the welding is realy blinding. You have overshot with the realsim ;-)
  22. Forcedminer

    Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    that one has been plaguing me and making it almost suicide to attempt hand mining right at the start of a game.
    i really hope so....

    on the bright side by new 3rd person animations it could mean the engineers arms aren't made of super stretchy rubber. :p
    but seriously i do hope that issue was taken care of because its just straight frustrating when you're mining and those little rocks fling you powerful into your mine wall wounding or killing you....
    --- Automerge ---
    ....also seeing the awesome teaser Windmill, windmill for the land.Turn forever hand in hand

    whats to stop an engineer building dozens of those on a moving grid and generating more power than the thrusters use?
    because thats what i always do with my rovers.
    wind powered rover...generates more power just from movement....and if it doesn't.......use more windmill
  23. PLPM

    PLPM Junior Engineer

    Gameplay has barely changed through the years and that in itself is not bad, SE was a really nice indie game in 2014-2015, lots of fun and fooling around, it was really good. Then it started to grow, planets, pirates, oxygen, wheels; there were a lot of new additions which pointed to a great future.

    Fast forward a few years and building mechanics have barely improved from then, survival gameplay is stagnated, MP is still a pain and frustration a lot of times... and it doesn´t add up for the amount of content the developers have thrown into the game.

    LEGO in space can be a lot of fun, I like it, but adding factions, procedural generation, meteors... pretty much 80% of what has been added since 2014 is pointless then, if we just want LEGO in space, if we just want SE 2014; alright, but then we would be wasting years of features NOT intended for increasing the things you can build, we didn´t get decoration blocks, we didn´t get a lot of armor shapes, WE ARE LACKING a lot of blocks if what we want is that... much to the chagrin of @Commander Rotal which still wants a toilet...

    Thing is Space Engineers IS in a bad spot; it doesn´t have enough blocks to be a good LEGO in space, its survival features are almost non-existant, and its MP, well it´s MP is hurting too because it´s just a mirror of SP´s identity crisis but online with friends (Which obviously helps, but it doesn´t erase the issues).

    SE won´t get magically "completed" if it doesn´t even acknowledge itself what it is. Too much stuff has been thrown into the frying pan, if things are not dialed back soon;... if Keen keeps adding stuff without accounting for what´s already getting burned. You´ll end with an abomination... an abomination that in the end, simply won´t be represenative of the amount of work they´ve put into it
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2017
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  24. Fengist

    Fengist Trainee Engineer

    This patch made my game unplayable.

    First, it crashes to desktop when I click on join game / games when there are no games found. Consistently.

    Secondly. I have entered a disco.

    My ships, asteroids, everything except the sun and background now color cycle between black and white and back again. The whole process takes about 5 seconds.

    And I think I discovered the issue. LCD panels. Whenever a player I get near one, the color cycling starts.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2017
  25. captainbladej52

    captainbladej52 Apprentice Engineer

    wind turbines could solve a good bunch of planet side issues for me in the space barbie departments for some of my planetary posts. seems like a great collection of fixes and also explains why my rocket launchers on my fighters didn't want to reload from the cargo bays. A couple of things that do concern me a bit.

    1: Has anyone else been noticing their LCD signs flickering from their displayed message, to the offline image if you're using a repair projector?

    2: Can we possibly get the measurement for total amount of power available on the grid, or do we still have that and I'm just not looking in the right place? I can add the total up manually based on the generators but more of a convenience

    3: also been crashing on some of my more populated words recently when they didn't use to crash.

    4: also could we possibly see more random encounters with pirates on planet and in space in the near future? gets rather quiet once you nuke the pirates bases on planet, and the random encounters in space don't spawn all too often. would love to see a slider for turning up the spawn rate. I realize this one would probably be the most cumbersome but would imo give a bit more life to worlds like mine where I'm typically the only one around.
  26. Barrio575

    Barrio575 Apprentice Engineer

    This is a bug, I've encountered it over a month ago.
  27. G4mer4ddict

    G4mer4ddict Trainee Engineer

    Confirmed all tier mining equipment ...... Mining no longer kills you yaaaaay ....... well unless you have asteroids enabled like me and like me you have one land on your head while exciting the mine shaft then yea it kills you!
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  28. Thrak

    Thrak Junior Engineer

    Yes, I've seen this.
  29. Devon_v

    Devon_v Senior Engineer

    So guys, I dig the new blinding wielding flare, no sarcasm. But the one on the grinder? That literally whites out your screen so you can't see anything at all? Not sure why that's even there.
  30. jemccro

    jemccro Apprentice Engineer

    Keen has been talking/teasing for weeks about the upcoming survival revamp, not to mention they say they are continually working on the MP. The game is not finished yet. Also, I was watching a YT video or stream where someone made some sort of mobile base with a kitchenette, dining room and toilet room. That sort of stuff is not my thing, but I am not sure why we would need a dedicated block for those items. Wouldn't everyone's kitchenette, toilet look the same then? Sure some additional unique blocks might be nice, but it seems like we get some variety by re-purposing the blocks we have, combining grid sizes and using construction stages. I am also not really interested in combining a Sims game with SE.
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