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Update 1.182.0 - Major Optimizations, Reduced Loading Times & More!

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by flexx, Jul 20, 2017.

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  1. SpecFrigateBLK3

    SpecFrigateBLK3 Senior Engineer

    Hoping this stops all those complaints of "My bug isn't fixed, Keen is being lazy!" I mean, come on guys.
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  2. beelzerob

    beelzerob Apprentice Engineer

    Impressive update. I haven't played for a year or so, and still won't (WAY too many other great games to play), but I'm really glad to see this progress.
  3. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin

    Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    Minor note: the cryopod interior is f***in' awesome.
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  4. Primoak6

    Primoak6 Trainee Engineer

    "now you should fix how often Wolves and Sabiroids" spawned like Wolves should spawned more frequently at night and less in day light, and Sabiroids more frequently in darker areas such as if your building a cave system our under ground base with little lighting around it.
  5. Kyle Rukiewicz

    Kyle Rukiewicz Trainee Engineer

    Keen I love you!!!! This is Fantastic! Thank you very much!
  6. shanjoo

    shanjoo Trainee Engineer

    Found a bug. None of the icons for blocks, in my hotbar and in the G menu, are visible. You can still identify them by passing the mouse over them, but the visual picture of the icon is gone.

    I believe bug is due to conflict with a mod. So it's gonna take a bit to find out which one.
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  7. Whiplash141

    Whiplash141 Junior Engineer

    PSA: "Replace with clipboard" for blueprints does not work. A friend of mine, Marcelo, lost hours of work because of this, so be advised.

    Otherwise the performance increase is nice and the wheel fix is fuckin great.
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  8. Rikerwota

    Rikerwota Trainee Engineer

    Could be just my setup but I've found that my sim speed has dropped from 80s to 50s now. Maybe a hot-fix will be pending for various issues.
  9. Sarekh

    Sarekh Senior Engineer

    whoaa, thanks, that warning just now saved my evening.

    In general, this looks like a pretty awesome update. I might have to learn how to build decent wheel-ships that move entirely on the ground.
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  10. Armada115

    Armada115 Trainee Engineer

    was the 16 Massive Ships built in Survival or just in Creative? Awesome Update if it works on Survival.
  11. heartlessdeath

    heartlessdeath Trainee Engineer

  12. krypt-lynx

    krypt-lynx Apprentice Engineer

    Piston fixes:

    --- Automerge ---
    It does not like this exact piston in some reason.
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  13. krypt-lynx

    krypt-lynx Apprentice Engineer

    So, this ship is broken, because pistons randomly explodes now.
    --- Automerge ---
    Ctrl+3, 1, enjoy.
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  14. Prof.Liebstrumpf

    Prof.Liebstrumpf Trainee Engineer

    Invulnerable broken in Dedicated Server. (It was working before patch)
    BTW you can kill yourself with remote ships, if you hit you hard enough.
  15. krypt-lynx

    krypt-lynx Apprentice Engineer

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  16. captainbladej52

    captainbladej52 Apprentice Engineer

    ight so there's alot of good but also some bad with this update that I see. The good is that so far the game seems alot more stable at least from what I can tell. I'm seeing alot better loading times and also am able to copy and paste my blueprints alot easier and faster than before. However there is still one structure that is virtually unplayable and that is the starbase that myself and a friend created. the thing is massive enough already in its own right so I didn't expect it to be easy on the game. I can at least get her to paste into the world in a reasonable enough time frame but actually getting to put her to use in my worlds that aren't empty dedicated test worlds, just nope. The base itself is 67,370 blocks and isn't exactly a lightweight in terms of the structure and such. She runs alot better on empty testing worlds with no planets and such, but actual worlds with planets are unplayable. She can get around a 0.7 sim speed on an empty test world if she's sitting perfectly still even fully powered up. However if I try to move her at all, even at 0.01 m/s, my sim speed drops to 0.03 and won't go any higher until she comes back to a full stop. To give an idea of the size of this thing I will include some screenshots below. I'm currently refitting this thing the best that I can, but without the ability to get her up to speed there's not much I can do to test her fuel efficiency as much as I want to. I've had this thing since before the block updates way back, and before we got the new block models I could actually get this thing up to maximum speed. While I don't expect to ever have more than one of these active in a world at once (won't complain if optimizations let me use more than one).

    To give some background on these screenshots below, the first screenshot is the average sim speed with the base sitting still.

    This second screenshot shows the sim speed with the base at less than 0.1 m/s and the sim speed at only a 0.03 sim speed which is agonizingly slow and impossible to play in

    This 3rd screenshot shows the highest sim speed that I've observed with this base and it only hit that number for a couple of seconds before dipping back down.

    This final screenshot is a size comparison between the base and the engineer. I added a red hash to the picture where the engineer is standing for comparison so folks can see how massive this thing is. any time I wish to take screenshots like this I usually have to move about 2km back from the thing to get the whole base.

    Like I said I don't expect structures like this to be easy on the game, but it would be nice to actually be able to play with the thing and it not bring my game to a screeching halt if it moves so much as an inch. Some of my other ships get slight amounts of lag but nothing major. This thing however is my largest operating structure at the moment and let's just say it kicks my sim speed in the nads with a steel toed boot. She does paste in faster and load faster so that much is cool, but I get nothing beyond that.

    Very big props for the work you guys have done so far as it is greatly appreciated, however respectfully I see more needing to be done.
  17. newscientist

    newscientist Trainee Engineer

    The first major bug that I found when starting up a survival world was blast door blocks no longer smoothly sliding past other blocks. The damage done reminds me of thruster damage.
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  18. link8dragon

    link8dragon Trainee Engineer

    Quit game few weeks ago, waiting for this Major Update (oh, no new block LOL), want to give a look to this Wonderfull Optimization Update and...
    Load my working world since... long time ago and MY space elevator fall of is connector to ground (gravity ><) because, advanced rotor block, use in large block WITH small head, have their small head vanished, or destroy I don't know 'cause it missed ONE block after rotor small head (conveyor tube if you want to know) and the large rotor is still here, without having take damage... and hasn't head anymore... retry 3 times, with long loading (don't really know if it's shorter loading, huge world size I assume) and it's always happened... ><'
    OK, np, keep my calm, take a breath after loosing a so advanced world with my best build, obviously, all is not lost before next update 'cause i don't save, so... "I will try a new world" innocently thinking I was, "I want to see and feel this new optimzations, maybe is just my world too old, fix my blueprint and retry here, maybe..." :woot: i'm so stupid sometimes... but I try, create new world "easy start earth" (play without mod, just script) custom a little my earth station by adding a landing... pad? don't remember the exact word, try to spawn one of my ship in this Landing Pad because, I know, even if it was supposed to be fixed, sometimes, ship go through ground (??? take no risk), and what I discover in? large rotor with small head of the elevator vanished too...???!!!??? and it's not all, I go to my cockpit, starting to be angry, and, some of LCD screen turn... weird? purple? looks like "Himself" issue but not just with back LOD texture, even in front of the screen it's looks like that weird purple block
    Kill myself with backspace, quit game, go to DayZ (respawn with new character, LOL, WHY?!?) find a gun and kill myself once... and again, and again, and again... 'till I go here complaining :woot: I'm just human after all

    Resume Issue:
    1. On Large advanced rotor with already Small head attached, head vanished OR explode/destroy himself (explode I think, 'cause the small block connected to the head vanished/explode too)
    2. Some Lcd screen trun purple/weird, 'cause of one script i think, in my 1st world with space elevator, they work fine with "Phils_Ship_Diagnostics" script, the only script use on my space elevator, so... I don't know, just give details for "Himself" report issue, if you can say what script(s) is (are) in use with your Lcd panel, it could help a lot... maybe :p

    PS:If you can do something for rotor (don't care Lcd, I don't know how to script, so, not to me to fix all shit happened or even help when I don't know what i'm talking about) but ROTOR is really annoying, and it's one of the first vanilla block ever release in this game, and it's always have shit happened on it, it's like thinking of a LEGO convention without having access to LEGO technic, so, no fancy, insame, genius build, just some shit minecraft style build, it's not serious?!? Or am I asking to much? 'cause we are supposed to be in beta state, right? :?
  19. Darian Stephens

    Darian Stephens Trainee Engineer

    I am very happy that the issue with particles prematurely disappearing has been fixed.
    Finally, I can bask in that shower of sparks I've always wanted!
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  20. JuStX2

    JuStX2 Apprentice Engineer

    All of these fixes are welcome indeed. Good Job Keen - between this kind of progress and ME becoming it's own "Game" instead of a clone of SE - my faith in your work may yet be revived.

    *Edit*: Although now my game crashes anytime I try to start a newgame :/ - I guess I spoke too soon.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2017
  21. TheDuke540

    TheDuke540 Apprentice Engineer

    Very nice update
  22. krypt-lynx

    krypt-lynx Apprentice Engineer

    Yep, very nice update which breaking the game. Awaiting for hotfixes now. Also, at least we have 1.181 brunch
  23. Stardriver907

    Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    And this would be where I would post my triumphant screenshot of Chilkoot Trail. Except, I can't load that world. Or the world I was working on yesterday. I can't even load a fresh vanilla world. All I get is LOADING... PLEASE WAIT.

    While I was waiting I was watching @Outfrost 's Twitch stream. He was saying there was a problem with the initial load of a world. When this happened to him he would alt f4 out and there would be the crash report window. Well, that doesn't work for me. I have to use the Task Manager to stop SE but I don't get the crash report window since, technically, it didn't crash.

    Two or three updates ago while a world was loading the spinning wheels would stop, then the screen would go blank and SE would be reported as "Non-responsive," then the game would pop back in with the wheels doing their final spin animation and then I would be in the game. Now, after about three or so minutes of loading all CPU activity drops to 9%, memory usage hangs around 15% and disk activity virtually ceases except for Windows stuff. Perhaps somewhere in there SE doesn't get the memo that it should be running the game?

    This is obviously not happening to everyone but for the first time ever I can't play. I'm... not sure if I can go cold turkey like this...
  24. aetherbeetz

    aetherbeetz Trainee Engineer

    Holy optimizations Batman! Decided to test them out with a larger design of mine and there is quite the noticeable improvement all across the board. Then everything exploded...


    • Pistons (both SG and LG) still freak out and twist when 2 are connected to 1 subgrid via merge blocks. [blame clang]
    • Pistons in old blueprints behave as if the head is rotated and twist violently when moved, coming to rest, still connected (sometimes), rotated 90 degrees. [blame clang]
    • Merging/demerging subgrids from their respective grid (ala larger airtight "vault" doors) will still delete block groups and cause rotor/piston heads to detach (sometimes one or the other, sometimes both). [blame clang]

    Here's where the clang train stops:
    • Cannot place fixed gatling gun in survival. Completely reproducible, no mods (also cannot place fixed gun mods), rotors or pistons required. Just start new Easy Start in survival, grab a steel plate, and fail.
    • Timer blocks built from projections do not retain their actions. Old issue, still prevents a lot of torpedo designs.
    • Conveyor Sorters still seem to switch to the red "off" emissivity both upon loading up worlds (both new and old) and also randomly after enough time (not sure how long).
    I've also noticed some floating legs (legs in almost crouch-like position while upper body remains at standing height), purple LOD's on the LCD's, and just strange LOD behavior in general, although I think those might've already been commented on. These are the kind of bugs that could be expected from a major rendering optimization, so I'm not too bothered. And clang is, well, clang. Super excited that wheels seem to be de-broken (settings all seem to have effect and wheels aren't vanishing or flying off after a 10 minute{!} drive) but the fixed gun placement put a hold on my survival. I'd dink around in creative and try and build some forklifts or larger airtight doors but... pistons.

    *Potentially easy to implement tool*
    Template toolbar states. I've been thinking about this for a while now. Your build-mode (character) toolbar is pretty much your palette and, as such, tends to be laid out in about the same personal order every time. "Setting up your toolbar" is very much a task that, while organic and natural, can become quite tiresome after so many new loads. How about template toolbar states? Why not have the option, possibly via hotkey, to save and load toolbar states? You'd really only need a couple "slots" ("Load State A","Load State B","Save State A","Save State B","Clear"). The loaded state would replace the entire current toolbar with the save state, or even better just the pages that are used in the save state. If a state is loaded with a mod block and the mod isn't enabled in that world, just make it that grey box. Every audio, video, and even game-world editor I've ever used has had some way of starting from or importing a template, if only for a few "slots", and it always allowed an easier translation of creativity via quicker workflow. With 4,000 hours and at least a couple hundred save files of experience, I've gotten pretty quick at setting it up. But this just seems like an easy helper to work in and the new HUD seems to have a little room at the edges of the toolbar.

    All in all a great update in my opinion. The optimizations got the Tapping moving and the things that broke seem fixable. Here's to hoping.
    Thank you for your hard work.

    edit: @stardriver damn I hope they can isolate that one. I'll try loading up the workshop file and see if can get a snap.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2017
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  25. Roxette

    Roxette Senior Engineer

    Call me an old fashioned hacker and geek, but I just have the <CharacterToolbar> section of the sandbox.sbc file saved and copypasta it into any new saves... it's just a bitch to do it the slow way on servers.
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  26. Spets

    Spets Master Engineer

    little bug report: no sound for ship engines and wheeled vehicles
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  27. AlexDenton

    AlexDenton Trainee Engineer

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  28. Arcturus

    Arcturus Senior Engineer

    - Still hard to see O2 indicator on HUD
    - Game runs smoother on planets, but there is a lag/stutter associated with the main menu, especially after a save/exit.
  29. Commander Rotal

    Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    Not a new vanilla one either? :/ Maybe the update didn't quite work. You could try going back to 1.181, see if it works, and then go back to regular Branch...
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  30. DeathOnAStick

    DeathOnAStick Trainee Engineer

    I think it's time for a new video card... on med settings gpu load 99%!

    great job on your work keen

    oh, on main menu you changed ksh icon to red and it's not in the change log.... cmon now!
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