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[Petition] Ability to reverse the OxygenGeneratorDefinition Gas-To-Item

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Visentinel, Feb 2, 2016.

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  1. viertar

    viertar Trainee Engineer

    good thing your not a fuc... ret... mor... who su... di...
  2. Udrakan

    Udrakan Apprentice Engineer

    Just separate the tank from the grid, move it to desired location, merge it with merge block, that's how I do it.
  3. Visentinel

    Visentinel Junior Engineer

    Its nice to see people talking about this :)
    Yeah i ca do et too
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  4. sironin

    sironin Trainee Engineer

    Looking at the code, https://github.com/KeenSoftwareHous...andbox.Game/Game/Entities/Blocks/MyGasTank.cs
    You'd have to write a script inside an assembler to check the fill level (if this is even exposed to the api) when attempting to deconstruct fully/partially filled bottles/tanks into a reactor-usable item. In addition to whatever fuel item being created, you'd also need to modify the fill level of the gas tank/bottle. Actually I'm not even sure you can do this in an assembler, it might need to be done in the tank itself and "assembled" by spawning it into inventory when the fill level is reduced.

    Another approach might be to write all new code to allow a reactor to fuelconvert gas into energy the same way thrusters do (which is definitely not in the API). But then it still wouldn't be a generic use case and only work with reactors in addition to what it works with now. And I dunno, maybe a modder wants to use gas directly in an assembler, drill, weapon or refinery for something. Maybe I want to make a gas consuming handheld flamethrower or add a new gas for use in lasers or argon welders, or need a gas to make a component, etc. The gas system needs some lovin' on the source side.

    To specifically reiterate why bottles are insufficient is that they don't work with much in the code outside characters and gas tanks, unlike regular items which work with basically everything. One might think they're items looking at them, but they're not. They're GasContainers. There's no reason for them to even do it this way because they don't even stack and are visually annoying for not doing so. There'd be no usable difference between 1 bottle that is 100% full and 1 bottle that is 50% full and an item stack of 1.5 bottles worth of hydrogen. And then you could use your 1.5 bottles of hydrogen anywhere. If people get bent out of shape about the volume of 2 partially filled bottles versus the volume of a 1.5 bottle stack, that's really easy to address in the item code by using an integer ceiling function on bottle stack volume (but not mass).

    So +1 on this suggestion. Good modpack too Vis, great work getting it all working together.
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  5. Visentinel

    Visentinel Junior Engineer

    Thanks for the positive vibes :)
  6. I23I7

    I23I7 ME Tester

    Hey Visentinel,

    So i read through the whole thing. I have raised this as one of the features that should be added but alas i am pretty sure it will not make the cut.... for now. Nevertheless i am keeping your idea in the back of my head for any future meetings or questions regarding adding of new things. Sorry i cannot do more i wish i could. I hope this denial will not make you bitter or angry but at this point i did my best in order to push it.

    I will see if their is anything else i can do but my hands are tied.

    Sorry man :(
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  7. Visentinel

    Visentinel Junior Engineer

    Its ok man, dont worry you can only do your best like you said.

    Actually just another person asking for this on my steam mod page lol.

    Visentinel [author]Just now
    I have been battling keen for this one for years dude.

    get in line.

    4 hours ago
    is it possible to reverse the liqiud to gas process?
    for instance i intend to have the hydrogen collector/busard scoop mod on to help collect hydrogen and i was wondering if i could turn that into liqiud hydrogen for fuel
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.