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Dedicated Server Useful Posts

Discussion in 'Groups & Dedicated Servers' started by Mishka, May 31, 2014.

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  1. Mishka

    Mishka Junior Engineer

    Useful threads for dedicated server setup/configuration or generically useful to server admins

    This topic will be updated as and when other useful topics appear

    https://www.spaceengineersgame.com/dedicated-servers.html Official dedicated server guide

    https://forums.keenswh.com/post/6922069 SE Dedicated server on Ubuntu

    https://forums.keenswh.com/post/6924415 SE Dedicated server on Linux via virtualbox

    https://forums.keenswh.com/post/6923894 How to find Steam Group ID

    https://forums.keenswh.com/post/6924299 Handy little script created by LordXaosa to show server status on a website
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  2. Draygo

    Draygo Senior Engineer

  3. Ch3ck3r

    Ch3ck3r Trainee Engineer

    Command line tool to install and update your server
  4. Lord_Anubis

    Lord_Anubis Trainee Engineer

    I don't know, if it belongs in here. If not, please move it.

    I have noticed that i can't change the blck by the numbers in the item bar. if I press the button "2", because there is a Block I need, it would not be selected. the only selectable square is the button "1", so that I have to put every single block I want to use in square "1".

    Could you Fix this?


    TOCA2FREAK Trainee Engineer

    How do you update a dedicated server without steam?

    Many thanks. :)
  6. ppumkin

    ppumkin Trainee Engineer

    Are there any updates on this? The current server has allot more options that I am not entiryly sure of.

    One problem I am experiencing is that my faction members do not auto rejoin the faction on respawn. I am..was the founder and when I re-spawned access denied to everything and I cannot join my own faction.
    Is this something todo with the reset ownership settings?
  7. SilentSymphony

    SilentSymphony Apprentice Engineer

    you have permanent death on i would assume.
  8. ppumkin

    ppumkin Trainee Engineer

    I always untick that and click save and start. but on the next start its still ticked?
  9. DarkGhost

    DarkGhost Junior Engineer

    Links fixed. Who likes unclickable links ? :3
  10. shoryuujo

    shoryuujo Trainee Engineer


    I have looked over the dedicated server page, but when it comes to commercial hosts, the methods listed above (The GUI server config), isn't always or even ever a possibility. What I'm curious about is if there is documentation for the dedicated-server.cfg or sandbox.sbc file for cases when these files must be hand edited in a text editor. If there is documentation for these files, could someone please point me in the correct direction? These files are constructed sensibly I find, so I could probably expect tags I don't know to correspond similarly to and have the same function as those listed in the dedicated servers GUI options under the wiki's "global settings" page, but to be honest, this would be pure guesswork and speculation on my part, so while it might work, I really was hoping to find some good documentation before "winging it".
  11. XkyDiver

    XkyDiver Apprentice Engineer

    When the Dedicated Server is running, it's a stream of text in a DOS Box on the Desktop. I know that I can press Ctrl+C to Save and Close the Server. Are there any other keyboard commands I can input? Is there a keyboard command to Save without closing? Is there a keyboard command to change the time of day on the server?
  12. hieve

    hieve Trainee Engineer

    hey there,

    free for all, small healthchecker which will restart the server process in 1 Minute in case of a normal crash:

    powershell script


    $app = "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\SpaceEngineers\DedicatedServer64\SpaceEngineersDedicated.exe"
    $arguments = "-console"
    $procse = "SpaceEngineersDedicated"
    $p = get-process $procse
    $msg = "Space Engineers Process not found, Starting Server Process"
    $ok = "Process found, doing nothing"
    $time = Get-Date -Format g
    if($p -eq $null)
          Start-Process $app $arguments
    	  $time >> ".\HealthLog.txt"
    	  $msg >> ".\HealthLog.txt"
    	  $time >> ".\HealthLog.txt"
              $ok >> ".\HealthLog.txt"
    #Write to file does not work when called by task planner

    you can just bind this to your server by opening the task planner and create a task which is executed every day and after that every minute
    you will need as program/script:
    and as argument
    D:\se_tools\se_healthcheck.ps1 >> D:\se_tools\Checklog.Txt

    the >> is herefor to get a logfile out of the healtchecker and see when the server has restarted (this can be disabled by just deleting in the argument line >> and everything after this)
  13. tech26873

    tech26873 Trainee Engineer

    it's really good support from here and we are real benefits with the answers you have given
  14. Babbus

    Babbus Trainee Engineer

    So I cannot see the Space Engineers Dedicated Server in my library>tools section. All i have is the Mod SDK. Anyone else having this issue?
  15. steej

    steej Trainee Engineer

    Have I missed something, I host a dedicated server on Gameservers and after today's update it is running in experimental mode, is this how it is supposed to be now, why can I not run in non experimental mode?
  16. Lambert514

    Lambert514 Trainee Engineer

    I'm having trouble launching a dedicated server from my computer with the dedicated server interface. At first the file was missing. I found it and every time I try and start it, it goes to start pending then stopped. It doesn't seem to want to run.. Have I missed something? I'm not sure how to get a dedicated server to run on any machine here at my residence.
  17. Roxette

    Roxette Senior Engineer

    Look at the server log, it will tell you, like this...

    2018-07-28 01:31:15.178 - Thread: 6 -> Experimental mode: Yes
    2018-07-28 01:31:15.178 - Thread: 6 -> Experimental mode reason: CargoShipsEnabled, EnableDrones, InsufficientHardware
  18. usurpine

    usurpine Trainee Engineer

    I am running the dedicated server as a service. Sometimes its running, i am still logged in and playing but others cannot find the game in the server list. Then i have to manually restart the server. But i am not always online and of course this happens right after i go sleeping then the server for others is not available, but its still running.
    I have changed settings in Maintenance do make AutoRestart every 2 hours, but this didnt work, its only shutting down but not doing a restart. I dont know how to fix that. Any suggestions ?
  19. Lazalatin

    Lazalatin Trainee Engineer

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