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[0.4.18] Look at house with stone stockpile Crash bug

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Mogeley, Apr 21, 2017.

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  1. Mogeley Trainee Engineer

    How this occurred.

    I'm using fast travel to travel between a iron mine and my house.

    The Crashes started on 4/19/2017, but have persistently grown worse today 4/20/2017. Today, I finished my house and have 4 stone stockpiles in a row, a log stockpile and a wood beam stockpile. The crash occurs when looking at the house from the side of the stockpiles.

    The crash occurs when after I fast travel to my house, then turn around to face my house.
    The crash will NOT occur as long as the house and the stone stockpiles do not appear on the screen.
    The crash is not consistent in that it may crash in one times out of 3.
    I tried to get a screen shot and cannot. It crashes every time I look at the house from the side of the stone stockpiles.

    This issue has caused a HARD crash twice where the only way to recover was to power off my computer. The keyboard and all input devices stopped responding.

    NOTE - it would be very helpful to everyone if you would create a crash log or rolling logs so that crashes are not overwritten.


    --- Automerge ---
    Note - there are NO Windows event logs at the time of the Hard Crashes. These Hard crashes are a 100% complete system freeze that locks up the windows Kernal.
  2. Sir_Moodz Apprentice Engineer

    Common fix for these weird crashes is to clear shader cache, in appdata/Medieval engineers

    Have you tried making a new world and place a stockpile block? Or just place a stockpile block in your old world
  3. Deepflame ME Director Staff

    Hi, I checked your crash logs, discussed them with the render team, and they confirm that it is a known issue even in Space Engineers. Something is going wrong in your GPU drivers (probably because of a specific order of instructions from our end, in combination with your world, your software (drivers/windows/etc) and hardware) and this is causing problems. They currently have no idea what is the cause, and we're looking for people who are willing to co-operate with us on solving this problem.

    So if you are willing, we can prepare a special debug output version of the game, it will probably run a little slower, but when it crashes it should give us more information regarding to what the renderer is doing. We're going to try and prepare this branch for the weekend; but there is a chance we might not be able to finish that today (it's already almost 17:00 here) so it might happen on Monday. Obviously, this branch will not work with the MP servers; but it might help us solve this problem. :)
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  4. Mogeley Trainee Engineer

    Yeah, I'm willing to help with this. Let me know what you recommend.
    --- Automerge ---
    It pretty much is a new world. Was created on Wednesday. I can try a brand new one though.

    The problem happens more frequently the more stockpiles are added and filled up. With only 1 it never crashed. Now there's currently 5 and it crashes almost every time.
    --- Automerge ---
    I did a little testing...

    I was not able to reproduce the error with a new World and stone stockpiles only.

    I was able to get some screenshots for context before another Hard Crash. The last screenshot was not completed as it occured during the crash.

    House Far - opposite of Stockpiles
    Front of House - Stockpiles in back on left
    Behind House - Stockpiles on right
    Behind House towards Stockpile Side
    Stockpile side of House - During Crash, Screen shot not fully taken
    All of them

    Datestamp on last 4 images is 4/21/2017 10:02 PM so it looks like it flushed them to disk at the same time.

    Note - the world: Dad-Survival is the world that crashes

  5. Deepflame ME Director Staff

    I sent you a private message. :)
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.