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[01.032.14] [DediSrv] 1. Server Freeze , 2. MedBays doesn't work

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Dehzz, May 29, 2014.

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  1. emachala Trainee Engineer

    LOL, now you want to report me for voicing my mind. well I run a Company (CTO) and thats how i talk, i don't delegate authority in soft pleasant voice. Freedom of speech allows me to do so. Don't take the wrong road, it worked people liked it,"if it ain't broke don't fix it".

    If you are looking for a way to remedy your problems, changing medicals range will not solve this. People will still launch ships off into void. medical range so small even 25k will cause new players to loose countless ships to the void.

    Actions to fix this

    1 Create a SHIP TELEPORTER (A Block that look like a passage way, stand in it and it goes to is sister module... color coded blue goes to blue etc etc... player must drop for teleport to work like medical... Allow players that want to go further have bases or ships hidden in void medical/teleport ship get them from medical range.

    2. Add a control setting that all ships that pass a certain point will be sent to a predetermined location, Graveyard etc... (when moved they will be stopped and reactors powered down)

    3 . Simply take All Ships outside lets say 100k radius from center make them use 100X Uranium or just turn off reactor... if there is no one to turn it back on IE logged in ship cant be used as Medical.

    4. There are alot of other options that can be explored versus cutting this distance from infinite to 10k
  2. Mesarim Trainee Engineer

  3. emachala Trainee Engineer

    This is a Bug report forum not the cuddle kitten blog, Im and voicing what my playerbase is asking for, 24/7 people have been emailing and asking about these things... But people can rename beacons to the most utter disgusting profanity with no FILTER INGAME for bad words.

    And cause I use bold letter and scream its unacceptable to say that it was intended to be like this, but for a week WE ask you to reproduce bug. Then We said it was fixed on forums change log.... Now we are saying there was not BUG....

    Ive came here to reproduce bugs and help correct them and make suggestions... I was not told that some bugs will become game mechanics.

    I gave my players and my remedies and i have posted my undoubted anguish with current medical situation.

    Good Day
  4. Phand Master Engineer


    thank you for understanding. I appreciate any feedback community can give me so I can channel it to programmers.
  5. Doogie Howitzer Trainee Engineer

    You keep mentioning this. Nobody cares. Stroke your epeen elsewhere.
  6. MrKoronas Apprentice Engineer

    We appreciate all the time you spend doing this to get the correct outcome, thanks again Phand.
  7. Cyber Cheese Apprentice Engineer

    Just in case their posts got lost in the shuffle, I completely agree with the reasoning of MrKoronas and others. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to be outside 10km from the center of the world, including:

    1) Game performance is improved when asteroids are moved out of one another's render distance (albeit with unsupported save file edits).
    2) There is a huge problem of people using the start ship to ram deliberately, so successful public PvP in survival requires hiding outside render distance 99% of the time.
    3) Start ship spawn distance is determined by asteroid layout, so spread out asteroids will lead to spread out respawning.
    4) Due to the fast speed of ships and ineffectiveness of automated defenses, PvP against a surprise attack is hopeless unless you have at least 30 seconds (=3000 m) to get to a combat ship.
    5) Building a long term project on a dedicated server is impossible to be kept secret unless you're outside render distance.

    If you must put a limit on medical bay functional distance, have it also depend on whether the bay is rotating, because if someone is really unhappy they can just grind it down--unless it's killing them by spinning.

    No offense, especially as I know you weren't involved personally Phand, but changes to game mechanics like these should really be announced better; I hope you understand why people are so frustrated. It is very difficult to play or test the game when we do not know what the game is. That said, I appreciate that Keen is on an impressively fast schedule with a growing base of new employees, so these kinds of issues are understandable and I am still really impressed by the game's development overall.
  8. emachala Trainee Engineer

    Flew out over 3+ hours to 1000k out @ 100ms to my NAv beacon on Google fiber server connection, with max of 24 players people at center complained of slow mo movement... i however was lag free walking and running nice ... Where exactly is the issue with being out this far...

    As cyber cheese said further out seems to equal better game play.
  9. Phand Master Engineer

    Yes, I absolutely agree with you on that. I did not know about this change either. But I was my mistake as well, I should have asked earlier. We are not doing it on purpose, thrust me. :(
  10. emachala Trainee Engineer

    Also with latest netcode changes I can now walk around my ship in MP at full speed, Gratz to that guys..... Also outside 100k i could walk around my ship. Not sure if this help anything but i like being able to stand up while moving and respawn at medical if within range if ship is moving is cool too.

    Had a hard time convincing people on the server to try it, since we couldn't for so long :p
  11. Kienata Staff

    It is EXTREMELY disappointing to discover that this issue, which myself and some 30+ players have spent the week trying to test ,fix, or create workarounds for was intentional. Extremely.

    I am glad to see that it was fixed and do HOPE that this will be the end of medical bay respawn manipulation.

    I, and some members of Horizon, see NOTHING wrong with a default 10k respawn zone that CAN BE CHANGED WITH SERVER/MAP options. In fact if the intention was to ensure that new players have the smoothest possible experience then I fully endorse it. I understand that kind of decision.

    While I understand that what we have experienced here was a communication breakdown and NOT blatent dishonesty it HAS left a bitter taste in my mouth. The reasoning behind many of the emotions expressed here, since, we all place some form or level of TRUST in a product like this.

  12. Jotow Trainee Engineer

  13. Dresdin Trainee Engineer

    Gotta say I feel bad for those who've been busting their asses for two weeks, trying to figure this "feature" out, under assumption it was a bug... This is why people need completed change logs. There's no reason to turn this into a flame war, but I 100% understand why people are pissed after being left in the dark.
    I love the idea of weekly updates, but if devs are working so hard that this kind of sloppiness becomes normal, maybe a two week release time would be better before you kill your current playerbase off.

    Anyways, +1 for this being a setting, and also to remove this "feature" altogether in the meantime.
  14. Dehzz Trainee Engineer


    Thank you Phand for clear and honest answer in this matter. Also, thanks for changing the limit to 50,000.
    Can you please, also so clearly and honestly answer to the question : why before no limit was good and now is bad ?
    We have been playing our vast map ( radius ~70 km ) since end of the april and everything was fine. What are this misterious 'physics freaking out - things' ? We observed only standard freaking out of small ships docked to bigger ones ( crashing / breaking landing gear etc. ) , but it was the same as near the center of the map. Laggy ships? jumping in space ,making 2 steps ahead and one backward ? same as the center of the map. I really have no idea why it was so important to cut the spawning distance.
    Can it be 100km in the future? I mean the radius from center, not the diameter. More distance could be nonsense with traveling time over 20 minutes real time..I mean, until they will change speed limit or give some warp speeds.
    Can it be at least editable?

    Sorry for furious guys, and accept my appreciation for what you've been doing here for us.
    Keep it up and have a great weekend. Cheers
  15. emachala Trainee Engineer

    Thanks for 50k, its 5 times harder to find people even with toolset if you use all 6 axis in game for nav points...

    Would like to see it increase to 100k in future or a setting like player limit to set medical range I think if we can break our server with a 1000 player limit give us ability to do same with medical, hey maybe some want it smaller, most want larger...

  16. Dehzz Trainee Engineer

    I've just realised that the mother ship with fleet and newly built space station is....49,17 km from the center :)
    I respawned right where I should, so everything works fine to me.

    Now, let's have some phun !
  17. Doogie Howitzer Trainee Engineer


    6 axis? wtf
  18. Leatherneck Apprentice Engineer

    I hope that's sarcasm, because you only need 3 nav points to find someone making it super easy. :rolleyes:
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