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[01.043.015] Refinery/assemler/connector inventories loosing items

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Ouchtime, Aug 16, 2014.

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  1. Ouchtime Apprentice Engineer

    When I try to reorder stacks of ore in refineries, assemblers, or connectors the stack that I am moving vanish.
    To make sure it wasn't zipping away somewhere else in the conveyor network I verified it on my mining ship that only have 1 container, some drills and 2 connectors.
    First I mined about 20k stone to have something to work with. Then I moved max amount into a connector, removed 1 so there was free space. Moved 1 stone back so there was 3.1k in one stack first and then 1 in a second stack. If I then move the 3.1k stack behind the singe stone the big stack vanish.
    By repeating this I got 1 stone left in the inventory of the ship.
  2. Skrembles Trainee Engineer

    I had this problem too. Whenever I dragged-and-dropped an ore stack onto another, the first would disappear. I did find a solution however (I think, try at own risk)

    1.043.008 introduced queue problems, which could also be saved in the SANDBOX_0_0_0 file of a save folder, from what I read here.

    So I went into said file, and noticed that there were <Items> lists in my refineries, most with one item, and an <ItemId>. There is also, after the <Items> list, a <nextItemId>, and these wouldn't line up. I'd have a single item, with <ItemId>0</ItemId> and a <nextItemId>2</nextItemId>. I even had a <NextItemId>3042 somewhere. So I made a copy of the save, and deleted all the <nextItemId>s from my refineries, and I no longer have any issues with drag-and-drop in my refineries.

    I'm going to try this out for a couple of hours, and see how it goes.

    EDIT: So, it helps, but it doesn't fix it =(. I looks like the <NextItemIds> just get screwed up again, and items get lost to the warp.
  3. AViegarien Trainee Engineer

    I have lost a few things when attempting to reorder, but not only that when I was building a large reactor with a welding ship the reactor components would just vanish from the ships inventory and not go onto the scaffolding. It worked fine if I put them in my pack and welded manually but moving 2000 reactor components 70 at a time was not fun.
  4. demolish50 Senior Engineer

    Yes I have lost things as well. It depends I think on how you move them. Right clicking seems ok.
  5. GasBandit Trainee Engineer

    Same here, playing single player, was transferring cargo from a drill ship to a station via connector, and 450,000kg of iron ore just vanished.
  6. dosmac Trainee Engineer

    Good catch, this needs to be fixed in the server code itself. I too am getting the issue of stacks of items disappearing when players try to drag them into another inventory, likely left click drag, but I'm not sure what method they're using.

    I've heard my players complain numerous times now about losing large stacks of gravel, stones, ingots, etc. I had them double/triple check EVERY inventory in existence near them/connected, and nothing.
  7. PT Trainee Engineer

    I only made about 2500 steel plates out of over a million iron ore, when connecting the miner to the refinery station. I am going to retry this again. This is on a dedicated server

    Edit: Second run the containers had over 6 million iron ores, only about 500k went into the refineries, the rest is gone.
  8. Bolisaris Trainee Engineer

    I get this too, when reordering in the refinery I lose ore if for instance I want iron ore to be next in line I move it to the front, but it just vanishes, I have checked all other storage inventories but they no longer exist anywhere, this is a pain when you are short of an item and have mined for like 30 minutes to lose the lot because you want that item done instead of like stone. Hotfix please.
  9. RavynKnight Apprentice Engineer

    I noticed its mostly when inventory limits are getting close to max.. sure your just moving a stack of items inside of the same inventory but it seems that its thinking the stack your moving still exists in the container your moving it in when you go to place it..

    for example:

    say your refinery is maxed in inventory space (or close to it) and you want to move a large stack of ore to the front of the que.. it thinks the stack is still in the inventory when you try and move it.. and when you try and place it in front over the existing ore that is getting refined the game thinks the stack is still there.. so it panics and just deletes it..

    its just and observation.. it may not be the case but thats how my logic is seeing it..
  10. officermuffin Trainee Engineer

    I've the same problem here. Bolisaris' explanation is sufficient to explain what is going on. I think there may have been a little hotfix that occurred recently that broke the refinery again. The good thing is that there will be a hotfix to fix the hotfix soon.
  11. xenomat Trainee Engineer

    I can also confirm (01.043.016). Just lost several stacks while moving around in refinery/inventory... deleted iron, platinum, silver and gold. :(
  12. TherianUlf Apprentice Engineer

    yep i just stupidly did the exact same thing and knew about the bug.
  13. BugReport Trainee Engineer

    Same bug. Here's my pastebin - don't know if it will help: http://pastebin.com/WcWyUxA7
    I went to left click drag a stack but decided to leave it where it was. Dragged it back on to itself and let go of LMB. Poof, several thousand ingots gone.
  14. stellarfirefly Trainee Engineer

    Also experiencing this bug, happening on a 01.043.016 64-bit dedicated server running 01.043.016 64-bit client.
  15. SpardaKnight Trainee Engineer

    my problem is similar to this in that assemblers and refinerys will put finished products into connectors and keep filling them even when they are connected to empty large cargo containers, i would love to see a feature to set an assembler to dump its items into a certain container or only to unload it into cargo containers unless full, also would be great if refinerys didnt fill all my assmblers with gravel... thats annoying as all heck.
  16. squisher Trainee Engineer

  17. Matteius Trainee Engineer

    I would like to add my own +1 to the issue.
    I'm sure that the refinery limit helps explain what's causing the issue as my refineries are quite full, however it is INCREDIBLY frustrating when you go to move the valuable metal ore you need to process in to the front of the queue, only to have it disappear. Specifically my circumstances involve a processing ship with dual refineries, dual assemblers, triple large cargo -- when manipulating ore inventories withoin the cargo (which has plenty of space) all is well, however once I try to manually move anything around in the refinery queue the ore disappears.
  18. big_bird_space_hero Trainee Engineer

    Strange, manipulating items within a cargo causes the error for me also - but only if I try to move an item to an empty space, not when I'm stacking items up
  19. hellokeith Apprentice Engineer

    Dragging to an invalid location also seems to make it disappear (and not snap back to original location).
  20. Robinson C. Senior Engineer

    Refinery loosing items - same bug; playing single player.
  21. Knsgf Junior Engineer

    This is entirely different issue, completely unrelated to this bug. See http://forums.keenswh.com/post/conveyor-door-priorities-6872178 for explanation why this happens.
  22. Vaclue Trainee Engineer

    Would love for a feature to set refinerys and assemblers to put things into certain containers when they are done processing job items.

    I'm waiting for these recent bugs to get resolved before even daring to jump into my primary survival world, too scared that something very bad will happen to my stuff =/
  23. Perriax Trainee Engineer

    Had the same thing happen to me in singleplayer. I used double left click inside two small ship drills to manually move some iron ore to another cargo container. And it's gone...
  24. Matze1984 Trainee Engineer

    There is also an occasion where you will lose items from all block with an inventory if the inventory is filled up to 100% of there maximum volume.

    For example you fill a cargocontainer with 8.000 lieters max capacity compleatly with any kind of item till it is filled to 8.000 lieters with items. If you than save the game and load it again all items will be deleted as well. If the inventory is not filled to 100% the items will not be deleted.

    I also found this behavior happening on the refinery but in this case the ore will get deleted instantly if you try to drag and drop more ore in lieter to is than the maximum or remaining space left in it can hold.
  25. MVGmacks Trainee Engineer

    I have found that right clicking to move ore around seems to work, but don't move it in the same inventory, for example moving Iron ore in a refinery queue to the 1st block will cause it to disappear, I always move it to another refinery and swap things round that way. Also double clicking in your own inventory can cause the item to disappear. I have also turned off the conveyor system in the refineries and do it all myself to avoid loss. I mostly play in single player so dont have much experience of this happening in MP or if this will work in MP
  26. Olrog Trainee Engineer

    +1, earlier lost a full large container worth of steel plates (on a 1x1x1 survival server), couldnt figure out where it went... just now lost a 50k stack of uranium ore and decided it was time to register on this forum...

    the logic where it sees the dragged stack as a new stack, even if you want to place it in the old container (which was or will fill up with this "new" stack before it removes the "old" stack) .. doesn't seem to handle the error correctly (anymore) and makes it vanish... makes sence to me.

    Now let's see what else I am missing...
  27. HeckobA Trainee Engineer

    +1 this - combined a stack of 600 Iron Ore with a stack of 1k, both in my personal inventory (x3 size) and was left with only a stack of 600, the other 1k having disappeared completely.
  28. RandomAccessModule Trainee Engineer

    Saw it happens too. 01.043.016 64-bit / build 2014-08-16 07:01
  29. spamenigma Trainee Engineer

    Keeps happening to me too, using dedicated server latest version. It happens in Cargo bays (if someone can amend the topic title). And it doesn't need them to be near full to happen as someone mentioned.

    This is quite a serious bug in the nature it causes time wasting for losing a lot of items. hope it gets squashed soon :)
  30. ZGralewski Trainee Engineer

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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.