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01.067 ABT spec thread

Discussion in 'General' started by aboredteen1, Jan 27, 2015.

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  1. TheNirl Trainee Engineer

    I'm starting to wish for npc battleships floating around for us to have some all-guns-blazing fun in single player.
    Also, some more armor blocks would be nice.
    Copying sensor ranges from one sensor to another would help a ton in lots of situations.
    Displaying block stats in the inventory menu would help a lot too, like when you're deciding on several small thrusters vs one large one, or trying to estimate how much power you need to perform certain actions.
    Hopefully at least some optimizations.
    Compound blocks for interiors would rock!
    More intuitive approach to setting up pistons and rotors would be very cool and a big time saver.
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  2. Shade Trainee Engineer

    I would like to see water added, yes some people think to add life support, no. I would like to see water added, for hydrogen. or add Hydrogen to the game as a thruster fuel. there is ice in space, and Hydrogen in space, if you got water, then you could add a block that separated the H2O, so you could make fuel for the ships, or a scoop for the front of ships to gather the fuel. just my thoughts.
  3. entspeak Senior Engineer

    I still hope they'll resolve the connector issue and get it back to working as originally advertised - it made for some really cool engineering solutions.
  4. Mr.Truffles Trainee Engineer

    I would actually like to see water for life support if it is done the right (non-annoying) way. Maybe just so it gets filled up together with your suit-energy at med bays and cockpits, so no extra "work" for the player.
    Once you run out of water at your base/ship, the next time you fill your suit it only goes to up 50% or so (just because you dont die immediately without water). Next time to 25%. After that you are done. Something like that....

    Just to give you another resource which you actually need and can't get by just flying a ship through an asteroid... (dont you dare say ice-asteroids now ;) )

    And while we are at it: some more singleplayer goals and challenges would be nice. Things to do or keep you busy like small missions, NPCs and AI.
    Maybe stuff like solar storms, heat or other hazards that make me think twice about flying out 30km in just my space suit. Its space after all, so not the most friendly environment for humans...
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  5. Killacyte Senior Engineer

    Above all, I want a long-range laser sensor.
  6. qbot3000 Trainee Engineer

    It seems like the last two updates were not that time-intensive on Keen's part. I wonder if they're working on some bigger things. I mean as nice as a text block is, I don't see much use for it outside of telling a story or directing a player somewhere. And the "GPS system" - that seems like it took them maybe half a day to do. It basically works the same as any other block that can be displayed on the HUD. My point is, the last two updates have been kind of lackluster I thought. And that's what I said right before Keen introduced exploration mode. So dare I say it - I'm hoping we get something exciting this Thursday!
  7. Wintersend Senior Engineer

    You could use the text block to serve as a notice board for other faction members who aren't online. So you could list various things that need to be done or important info like, the mining ship lost a few drills and needs to be repaired. Also, they have done some big stuff just before that and are getting ready for the launch of ME, so I can forgive them for having a few smaller updates.
  8. MainTango Apprentice Engineer

    Hotbars of ships saving between logins on dedi servers and ability to rearrange/sort inventories in the menu maybe? Finally? Hopefully?
  9. Laguz Apprentice Engineer

    Every time I do this I get analytic about it, and every single time I am dead wrong.
    • I try to see the trajectory of general development and previous patches, and it ends up something completely unrelated.
    • I try to make sense of what they are working the groundwork for, and they add something that I didn't even expect in the game.
    • I try to think what makes the most sense PR wise for them to do, like showing us ME's contributions last week, and they give us text.
    • I try to examine what the community is pushing for and if keen will want it in and how much work it will be, and I always pick the wrong things.
    So screw reasoning. Instead I am going with this:
    • They are going to give us custom key bind controls and be nice to lefties.
    • They are going to give us HUD altering API, because I WANT HUD ALTERING API GOD DAMN IT!
    • They are going to open up a store with t-shirt and coffee mugs that takes screenshots of ships with the underlining title, "I built this in Space Engineers".
  10. Wintersend Senior Engineer

    Laguz, now because of your post, when SE is finished, I want Keen to make a version of legos compatible with the SE building style.
  11. Endo87 Trainee Engineer

    I'd be just tickled if they gave us 2x1 sloped and corner blocks in light and heavy armor. First its already a shape in the game with the glass and ramps, secondly too many ships are made almost entirely of ramps just because these Aren't in the vanilla game. Seens like something that would take 10 minutes
  12. Hatchie Apprentice Engineer

    More like last two updates obviously bring up new things needed for soon-to-come singleplayer campaign. I think until they release it, most updates will bring things supporting it.
  13. PhoenixTheSage Junior Engineer

  14. Conradian Moderator

    Considering my computer died yesterday, I hope nothing is released today.... MUHAHAHA if I must suffer, so you should all suffer with me...
    On a more serious note, as with every week since ME was announced, I hope for voxel hands and compound blocks, and also rails. Rails please.

    To those who hope for MP fixes/upgrades... That will not come properly until feature completion. There's no point doing it beforehand.
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  15. DuneD Junior Engineer

    Well, knowing that today's update will requiere a new version of SeToolBox, im guessing its going to be big :)
  16. trotski94 Trainee Engineer

  17. Ninta Trainee Engineer

  18. the librarian Apprentice Engineer

    are you not telling something? :p
  19. aboredteen1 Junior Engineer

    i think they should make SEtoolbox vanilla.
  20. xxdabtxx Trainee Engineer

    update is out but no discription
  21. aboredteen1 Junior Engineer

    its here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbKUWlKavwk
  22. trotski94 Trainee Engineer

  23. the librarian Apprentice Engineer

    I WAS RIGHT!!!
  24. soat7ch Junior Engineer

    So was i. About the voxel hand at least.
    The terminal weapon control is a nice feature.

    Did anyone say "automated defense drones"? because that's how it sounds to me.
  25. Lyraeus Trainee Engineer

    Hmmmm the asteroid camo sniper drone that LSG posted up a while ago is now actually useful. . .

    Voxel hands means that we will be seeing many new asteroid bases hitting the workshop!
  26. Dreokor Senior Engineer

    Finally, It is no longer a pain in the *** to make an asteroid base in creative!
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.