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[01.124.007] [SP/MP/DS] Crash/Freeze when mining/drilling on planets (on voxel updates)

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Bibber, Nov 27, 2015.

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  1. Ame Trainee Engineer

    I'm having this issue as well; occasional 1-5 second pauses while mining with the enhanced drill culminating in a full lockup of the screen and game (oddly enough, any noises that were playing at the time continue to play). Also, not even ending the task in the applications tab of the task manager will stop the program from running; you have to end SE through the processes tab.

    I thought it was my hardware at first (a 2000 series i7 and a GTX 560 are below the specs recomended for planets, after all), but it looks like plenty of others with far better machines are having the same problem. I don't think it's a RAM problem, as it seems to happen with just under a GB below the RAM cap on my machine.

    Hope to have this issue resolved soon; I'd really like to play, but it's kinda hard to get a survival off the ground if you can't mine :(
  2. CrookedTube Trainee Engineer

    Yes. Had been playing in Solar System scenario with spiders, dogs, and pirates turned off and still locked up right after I started mining with small drills (not handheld) usually 5-15 seconds into the mining attempt.
  3. Thermonuklear Junior Engineer

    Just happened to me for the first time... I started hand mining(right clicking) and the game froze. Looking at task manager, the game was still "running".
    Log file here
  4. Altaree Trainee Engineer

    On 1.121 I had this problem when drilling on Mars. The game would lock up with a continuous sound loop. SP win7x64bit 16GB RAM. When I closed down some apps (Eclipse, chrome, firefox) the game stopped crashing. I am guessing there are some weird memory starvation issues.
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  5. Reaper 3 Trainee Engineer

    Just an info, maybe it helps, when I'm using a mod called Earthbreaker Drill, I can mine as long as I want, but when I'm using Vanilla ones, either on ship, or by hand, it freezes. On a ship I'm not sure but maybe it came out, when the cargo space got full, and it tried to store ores in the drill, but I cannot prove it, because of the crash. I hope this helps tracing down the bug.
  6. Gandur Trainee Engineer

    This bug make the game nearly impossible to play.

    Mostly each time by using "normal" hand drill with right click freeses the server AND client by full CPU load.

    Do we have any information around that bug?
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  7. Frigidman Apprentice Engineer

    Yesterday I had a rash of 5 crashes in a row, within short order of each other while clearing out a cave. Then, it was fine for the night. My brother then had a rash of many crashes too (and he has considerably more ram than I). Then it finally started behaving for him too. We both play SP, personal worlds.

    It certainly IS the oddest situation, and the poor devs must be pulling their hair out figuring how to isolate and pinpoint it.

    But I do know, regardless what I do or dont have running inside or outside of the game, the game will crash while digging at least once per session/day ;)
  8. mcrbradbury Trainee Engineer

    I'm having a similar issue on my Dedicated server. When a player mines with a hand drill on a planet it seems to freeze the server and clients up - i have to restart the Server every time or sometimes even revert to a backup. Server still lists players as joined when frozen but trying to join gives "Server host has left the game"
    There's no real hints or clues in the log either...

    Hopefully there's a solution soon!
  9. Ac!D Trainee Engineer

    the newest patch seems to freeze just the server, not the client, can anyone confirm this behavior ?
  10. shmafoozius Trainee Engineer

    I'm sure that's just random. We have this in our MP world as well sometimes, even before the latest patch. Sometimes the server freezes as well, sometimes it's only the client.

    I reall hoped this freeze was related to the memory leak in the renderer which was fixed in this weeks update, seems like it's not.
  11. Stefan_W Trainee Engineer

    I've got those freezes as well. Can't terraform any planetary terrain without locking my server and client up.
  12. MrDoctorDIV Apprentice Engineer

    I had this same situation up until this week when it arose again [it's hit or miss, like cold sores] and changed my drills to the earthbreaker ones, but the issue remained unchanged. Server kept freezing on mining.
    Few days later I was able to mine again with either drill.
  13. Server Admin Dude Trainee Engineer


    Below is the latest round of server crashes I have been experiencing. Above average player base I think on the server. Most times 4-15 people in game if the server is not having a seizure and crashing in a short period of time, then it tends to repopulate slowly again.

    The reports where the time stamp shows no change in log file is the crash where the server seems to still be working, but everyone has been disconnected. The other is the crash where the server just stops for no reason.

    No change in log file. Restarting Server at 2-18-2016-07-18-25 PM

    No change in log file. Restarting Server at 2-18-2016-07-53-35 PM

    No change in log file. Restarting Server at 2-19-2016-01-53-56 AM

    Unscheduled Server Stop. Restarting Server at 2-19-2016-07-07-14 AM

    I have more, but you get the idea.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2016
  14. Ragotag Trainee Engineer

    For what it's worth, here are some client (x64) logs gathered from these freeze/crash events while mining; these logs are from 2-17 through 2-20; spanning the latest patch.

    This is exactly what we are experiencing on our DS as well. What's also odd is that client-side sound effects will sometimes keep playing until all instances of Space Engineers can be located and end-tasked. Server-side, logs appear useless, and the VM sunning the DS inidicates that the server it still running with nominal CPU/RAM usage, even though it is unresponsive and still listed as active on the in-game browser and Steam and gives an active player count even though everyone's client froze and were restarted.

    On my DS there is no change for this issue following latest patch, still kills *all* connected clients and the server when it happens. Always seems to be related to mining, and *seems* more common when right-click mining to clear rock. Issue does seem to happen more frequently when more than one player is actively mining on the DS.
  15. Server Admin Dude Trainee Engineer

    Here is another batch of crash logs

    Keen feel free to reach out to me if you want to use my server to research these crashes. It seems to repopulate quickly and crash with the same issue often enough. I agree with others here it might be a mining issue and pops up quicker with more people on the server.

    Unresponsive. Restarting Server at 2-20-2016-10-10-36AM
    Unresponsive. Restarting Server at 2-20-2016-10-33-55AM
    Unresponsive. Restarting Server at 2-20-2016-11-46-44AM
    Unresponsive. Restarting Server at 2-20-2016-11-52-32PM
    Unresponsive. Restarting Server at 2-21-2016-10-00-57AM
  16. gothosan Junior Engineer

    Still happening for me too, SP survival on earth, using the automated drone for mining but staying in the cockpit so I can save every few minutes.
    There are days that no freeze happens an I can mine 9x9 shafts each 100-150 meters deep, some other days it freeze as soon as the drill touch the ground.
    latest crash log:

    Weird thing is that in term of RAM usage it dosen't even reach half of my computer RAM, I have 8 GB on my computer.
    No autosave, no dogs and no spiders and nearby pirate base is already destroyed so no worry about enemy drones.
  17. gothosan Junior Engineer

    if it help here is a link for few pictures i took after the game froze again
  18. Server Admin Dude Trainee Engineer

    More crash logs

    Unresponsive. Restarting Server at 2-21-2016-05-39-01PM
    Unresponsive. Restarting Server at 2-21-2016-08-47-25PM
    Unresponsive. Restarting Server at 2-21-2016-10-05-54PM
  19. Shakrii Trainee Engineer

    Any new things we can do for you KeenSH to help?
  20. leguvan Trainee Engineer

    I have also started getting this bug in the past couple days. I have used only small ships on my survival planet. I started hand mining, then moved to an 8 drill vertical shaft miner and had no problems with those. I created a 12 drill head strip miner based on a design from the workshop. It seems the deeper I get the more frequent the freezing happens. I had no issues getting through the ice layer and some of the stone layer, but now I'm about 30-40 meters down and it freezes too often to continue to try.

    Win 7 64bit
    AMD FX-8350 8 Core
    16 Gig RAM
    Geforce 760
    256 Gig SSD - OS Drive
    2 TB WD - Steam Drive
  21. Diegor34 Apprentice Engineer

    Same problem im my SP, MP and on my DS.
  22. Server Admin Dude Trainee Engineer

    Keen are you making any headway with this problem? Is providing more crash logs required? Seems you have quite a few logs to work with already?
  23. Frigidman Apprentice Engineer

    Drui's recent list of fixes to the patch we received a few days ago mentioned "fixed crash with voxels"... but I can confirm it was not the crash this thread is about :(
  24. Server Admin Dude Trainee Engineer

    Yes I saw that as well and had my fingers crossed the problem was fixed. It's not, so I was wondering if Keen could give us any information as to what is being done to try and fix the problem?
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  25. Shakrii Trainee Engineer

    Had the same reaction to the patch notes but not with high expectations.
  26. Prescott Freyd Senior Engineer

    Hey guys!

    Don't worry, when we're confident that the crash has been fixed on our end we'll definitely let you know :)

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  27. Kattla Trainee Engineer

    If the game isn't technically crashed, could it be "jumpstarted" back to life? As some kind of a workaround , that is.
  28. Jens Lyn IV Trainee Engineer

    This seems to happen even when no drilling takes place. I've been working on an underground base, and the game will randomly hang up on me even while simply travelling inside the access tunnel (which is several km long).

    In case it matters, here's what I've been doing:
    • Drilled pilot tunnel using voxel hand, saved.
    • Widened pilot tunnel with small-grid wheeled excavator to make room for large-grid wheeled excavator, saving every minute or two. The game would hang up every few hundred metres while drilling.
    • Built large-grid rolling chassis to test drive tunnel, saved. Went for a test drive to test tunnel clearance. The game froze shortly after entering the tunnel. No drilling had taken place since loading the world.
    This is, of course, in creative mode, offline.
  29. Frigidman Apprentice Engineer

    Could the large grid rolling vehicle been deforming the voxels itself while moving through the tunnel? Which then could have trigger this freeze issue.
  30. Jens Lyn IV Trainee Engineer

    It's possible, but I've also had it happen while jetpacking. The freeze happened sooner during the large-grid test drive, but given how random this bug is, I don't want to read too much into that.
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