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[01.127] [DS] Massive Server sim speed drop from previous version

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Kham, Mar 25, 2016.

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  1. Grombutz Trainee Engineer

    My Singleplayer game is also affected since todays update. Lots of stuttering with movement. It seems to be related to conveyer usage, since it resolves once I turn down the conveyers on my small mining ship (it has a few, like 100+ conveyor (tubes, curves and conveyors). Big Ship has like 100 too. It is enough to deactivate conveyer usage on my Refineries (6 in total) too. Definately conveyors => please look into it asap, tyvm. :)
  2. crazy_bad Apprentice Engineer

    i can confirm, conveyers system steel causes hard sym speed reduce. When i connectiong my hardly modified astro lander ( 2.5k blocks, 258 conveyers, oxy & hydrohen tanks, atleast 6 ref, and other) to my base (large in dimensions & many conveyers, base splitted to some grids & connected via connectors to prevent oxygen support out of memory bug) via connector - i can see sim speed dropped down. When ship not connected via connector fps steel low, speed is comfortable enought - when ship connected to base.... not comfortable to play. got lags.
  3. nateman2000 Trainee Engineer

    I've made some videos to show these issues:

    First I start with best case scenario with the biggest grids landed to make them static. I go around the outside of my base giving a small tour showing that even with very good Server Sim Speeds, the jitter and rubber banding is noticeable. I also show that the station is merged with the asteroid and static.

    I then proceed to release the Raptor's landing gears and dock it. It has a very small inventory so the hit is minor but still noticeable if you're watching for the average sim speeds.

    I then proceed to unlock my larger ship, the Defiant. You'll notice the sim speed get cut in half...way below the 0.85-1.00 server sim speed it would have pre-127.

    I then have a little trouble docking it because the camera is causing huge down spikes in client sim speed (which I show more in another video.) But then I connect the conveyors and pull out of the cockpit to show that even while the large ship is locked gears and static it keeps spiking down to 0.5-0.3 every couple seconds.

    This video demonstrates how ship movement effects are much smoother than the character movement with server sim speed fluctuations. You'll notice the fluctuations do affect thrust and its noticeable on the thruster visuals.

    This video demonstrates the fluctuating client sim speed drops when you enter any control panel or inventory...any grid or even character personal inventory. The whole control panel interface.

    This video shows a custom station turret that works just fine with character cockpit camera zoomed out. When I go into the camera view...the client sim speed plummets and makes it practically useless. It's also noticeable when I try to dock my large ship with a camera in the first video.
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  4. Kham Apprentice Engineer

    Following some advice from Comander Rotal, I went around making some changes last night on our DS and it did improve things for a while.

    I set all reactors across the world, on ships and stations, not to use the conveyor system.
    I disabled all refineries/assemblers/modded production items (like moisture reclaimers etc).

    This got our server sim speed up to a fairly reasonable 0.9-1.0 with one person online. Once a second person connected it did go down slightly but it was still not fluctuating as much as it has been for the last several weeks.

    Because things looked good, we decided to actually play for a bit for the first time since the 127 patch hit. Over the course of a few hours things did start to slow down, as we had to enable some assemblers to build new components and we were attacking pirate drones etc so there was likely some floating debris and stuff hanging in the world. While we remained close to each other things were ok, but if one of us went off to another station to pick stuff up it dropped to about 0.2-0.3 which was horrendous.

    So yeah, just more evidence that the conveyor system is largely to blame for a lot of these server sim speed issues.

    On another note though, I'm feeling like we've taken a horrendous step backwards by tying character movement to server sim speed once again, it makes it kind of redundant that our client sim speed is a constant 1.0 now. Like woo hoo, what does it matter when I still can't move faster than 2m/s...
    I remember when we stopped tying client and server sim speed to the same levels and it felt so liberating, it was the best thing to happen to multiplayer since it's release. Now we're right back where we started, it was the longest possible road to take to get back to exactly what we already had.
    Also I noticed a LOT more rubber banding and character de-sync last night than I ever noticed before when character movement was controlled by client sim. So many times I was looking at my brother on my screen and then he suddenly vanished and was 20m away from me. I also glitched through the walls of several non moving ships when standing inside of them which is something I haven't experienced in months.

    Here's a quick video of me glitching through the wall of my ship when SSS was pretty high and the ship wasn't moving.

    Here's another video of me looking at my brother whilst I'm sat in a cockpit chair. He appears to be running on the spot until I exit the cockpit and then it suddenly updates to show he's behind where I was sitting.
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  5. Artikia Trainee Engineer

    I Have also noticed a huge drop in thruster performance lately unless I run all the thrusters on override and manual controls which is a pain and removes any inertia dampeners unless I have a second set of thrusters just for that. Currently Thrusters are working at about 1/10 compacity and inertia damping is about 1/2-1/4 of what it should be. At the same time the ships are being very jittery when not stationed to an asteroid and the character movement tends to slam you into walls and kill you.

    This game just about got completely trashed in the last couple updates they really need to set-up a test server and invite people that send in bug report already on a regular bases to come and throw new versions of the game through their paces.
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  6. Comapct Manifold Trainee Engineer

    So we were randomly having slowdowns in 129 and I started looking through the Sandbox.sbs file for large entries. Using a mod which allows teleporting and deletion, we sent people out to investigate. Upon removing the ship specified by this file, we got a jump in server speed from 0.5 to 1.0

    http://www.invicta.xyz/Broken Sandboxsbs entry 0.5-1.0 speed on delete.txt

    Hope this helps someone.
  7. Scorpion00021 Senior Engineer

    My DS has been picking up a good bit of popularity. One thing I've noticed recently is that when 5-10 people are playing, the sim speed tends to fall to around .5-.6, but when everyone leaves, the majority of that loss is never recovered until the server is restarted, then it goes back up to 1.0.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.