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[01_172_019 Stable] Multiplayer - Grids/Voxels Do Not Reliably Load When Joining Game / Coming Near

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by gchristopher, Feb 16, 2017.

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  1. gchristopher Apprentice Engineer

    Testing on 01_172_019 Stable:

    When joining a multiplayer game, either respawing via med bay or cryo pod, not all nearby grids and voxels load reliably. The problem is usually resolvable by relogging repeatedly until all grids appear as expected.

    The same thing appears to happen when flying toward an area, where the grids should appear once they are inside the render distance, but do not.

    Specific things observed are:

    - Several grids might not load, such as docked ships, or subgrids attached via rotors.
    - An asteroid or planet might not display.
    - An asteroid might display, but in its unmined state, so phantom voxels might be present. They will disappear on a successful relog.
    - A missing grid or voxel will still block astronaut movement. (And kill, if moving fast enough.)
    - This tends to happen more when there are several grids present, but maybe that's just because there's more chances to fail? If a dozen grids are present, a typical login will require 2-3 attempts to display all grids.
    - Power capacity and usage from a cockpit does not reflect the missing grids.
    - Program block programs can still "see" missing grids and do not crash. For example, solar panels on a rotor will still be reported as present if you report their power output to an LCD, even if the client does not display them and cockpits do not display their power as being available.
  2. trav0370 Trainee Engineer

    +1 to this. Described perfectly. This one is VERY annoying as it happens continuously. I will have to relog many times (2 or 3 per incident), which will happen multiple times per session. As a result I have lost a few ships and lives to this, due to crashing full speed into things I cannot see.

    To add to the grief, when a player relogs (It happens to most players on the server), it then causes every other player to lag for a few seconds when the new person is loading in. So its usually a big lagfest until everyone can load properly.

    Please take this issue seriously.
  3. viper312005 Trainee Engineer

    All these issues i'm sure are due to desync....which is a HUGE problem right now in MP
  4. Pen'nar Empire Trainee Engineer

    Some times I have found that as an admin I can use space master to view other grids and when returning to my stuff it sometimes renders correctly. But in doing this I have the issue of the planets or other grids then deciding to not render. It also becomes very frustrating to go and try to help a player on a planet and I see them, the lander, and the wolfs/spiders but have no planet or gravity.
    Another thing is even if a ship is attached to a grid, say my station via connector and the ship does not render the connector shows that it is not locked to anything and like trav0370 I too have lost ships and been killed by ghost ships, or have all my ships but no station and the asteroid does not show that any of the holes I drilled into it are there. This issue really needs to be moved to at least one of the top 5 "Need to fix bugs/glitches" imo.
  5. trav0370 Trainee Engineer

    Bump - Keen please acknowledge we exist.. are you going to add this to your list?
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.