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[1.042] [Dedicated Server] Auto save not functioning.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Ghostickles, Aug 7, 2014.

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  1. stormlx Trainee Engineer

    Yep same here, i tried every single thing to make this work, but, AUTO SAVE ISNT WORKING
  2. evilblow Trainee Engineer

    Do our best ;)
  3. artisticMink Trainee Engineer

    I wanted to rage, but it's really hard to do that against someone with an Elsanna avi.

    I would really ask you guys to prioritize this. We running servers on our regular machines, but there are people out there who pay actual money for them and are unable use them in a proper way. Even for us, it's troublesome since we have to deal with people getting upset (with us, but i guess you know the situation even better ;) ) because they either loose their stuff or we shut down the servers.
  4. chessmaster42 Apprentice Engineer

    You should email or submit a ticket to the support system of your hosting company. There are a number that have SEServerExtender available as a server option. And if your host does not offer it see if you can prod them into contacting me and we'll see what we can do ;)

    As for the problem on hand, it looks like the internal game's auto-save mechanism is unchanged. There isn't anything significantly different in the way it works so I'm not sure what was "fixed" in 1.042. Just my 2-cents on it.
  5. LordXaosa Apprentice Engineer

    1.042.020 hot-fix... Doesn't fix autosave problem.. still no save on DS... so sad :(
  6. PhasmaNL Trainee Engineer

    Confirmed as well. Still no Autosave on my server... :mad: Server down... Not playing...
  7. TherianUlf Apprentice Engineer

    This makes TherianNet so sad.
    I really want to save!!!
    I hope it gets fixed today, I'm paying hosts either way....
  8. Tippin Trainee Engineer


    Instead of that post why don't you just give us some details.

    You are working on it, but its more complicated than you thought there won't be anything until tomorrow/next week/next month. I know people would hold you to your word and give you grief if you don't deliver but you have already told us you fixed it when you didn't and then released a hotfix and didn't even mention it, 'if we say nothing maybe they will forget....'

    In before "this is Alpha deal with it"

    Just for those of you who will no doubt play the Alpha card, I know it's in Alpha I don't care if it takes a year to fix the auto save, that is not my point. I would just prefer some information rather than silence.
  9. MarekW Trainee Engineer

    We are in contact with the devs at Keen, and we told them about the bug and they are aware of the bug still occuring.

    So stay hopeful, they are working hard and will get fixed as soon as physically possible.
  10. Jacmac Apprentice Engineer

    It seems like they really don't know why it isn't auto-saving and that what they thought they had fixed wasn't actually tested. If that's the case, I can understand why they aren't able to say much more than they have said.
  11. MarekW Trainee Engineer

    That is quite possible, or maybe they didn't realize the bug effected the dedicated servers that are ran as services as well. As the autosave does now work when the server is just ran as local/console but not when its a service. Which would explain why it was reported as fixed.
  12. Atuarre Trainee Engineer

    I moved my server from a custom service, into the local console, this morning, just to see if it made a difference, and it did not.

    Autosave is still not working, either way.

    The game seems to have saved when I manually ctrl-C'd it on the console. Otherwise, client saves are still all we reliably have.

    Also, we lost two hours of work this morning because Steam doggedly insisted on updating my client, which made it impossible to log into the server to take a client save, before bringing the server down for the hotfix, which STILL didn't fix autosaves. Sigh. Yeah, that'll probably happen again if ctrl-C decides to not work... Is there some way to run SE as-is and not update it, in cases like that? Turning off auto-update of SE, pausing the update, killing the downloads, etc, no effect...

    How does one run older versions of SE, deliberately, while online?
  13. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    Blue Fang Solutions, U.S. based servers, are now running SEServerExtender tool for us. HOOORAY! Fantastic outfit.
    We are up with all mods running!
    (shameless plug: https://www.bluefangsolutions.com)
  14. failtolawl Trainee Engineer

    It auto saves when you shut it down. Just have intervals of when you do and it will both save and refresh your server in the same process.
  15. TherianUlf Apprentice Engineer

    I tested this and didn't get the same results. When I stop the server it doesn't seem to save.
  16. packobert Trainee Engineer

    Could we maybe get a bit more information then this? According to the patch notes, this was fixed, It clearly wasn't. I'm not even really upset that the autosaves still don't work, it is alpha after all, what I am upset about is the lack of response from the developer.
  17. fused Trainee Engineer

  18. Devvieboy Trainee Engineer

    Shutting down the server does not save here either, and manual client saves is not working.

    Heck, even SEextender failed to save for me, but I didn't spend any time on working out if that was an error on my end.
  19. heavyplastic Trainee Engineer

  20. Neotician Apprentice Engineer

    I can save by manually shutting down server, but i've been getting semi-random crashes after the patch, so that's not really viable.
    An analogy to Space engineers during the recent patches:
    Space engineers is a wooden boat.
    For the past few patches, Keen has been taking planks from the bottom of the boat to build a pretty up the deck of the boat.
    The prettying up being new content and the holes in the bottom of the boat being the glitches that is sinking this game -.-
  21. RueLight Trainee Engineer

    high quality patches like this destroy the game... already waited 2 weeks coz of this mod problems...
    do we've to wait again one week for a fix or create the new patch new issues that wouldn't allow to play...
  22. fevfev Apprentice Engineer

    auto saving still does not work and this to
    Following the patch from the devs last night we have been informed that using the new blocks that were in the patch will crash a dedicated server. Please do not use or allow to be used any of the new blocks on your server until the devs fix this problem.
    lol bad day to be paying for servers ;/
  23. Cryten Trainee Engineer

    Confirmed :/

    no save data :/
  24. ZigzaGoop Trainee Engineer

    Yes, this needs a fix ASAP
  25. Neotician Apprentice Engineer

    Can't even seem to save via shutdown now, making dedicated servers completely useless until a fix is found :(
  26. Dalie_Winterwolf Trainee Engineer

    confirmed. guys i have a theory on how their fixes work. they said they fixed the landing gear duplication bug last week but on dedicated servers it still didn't work. you could still duplicate and on this update it finally got fixed. guys and girls we just need to wait 1 week for this issue to clearly get fixed. Keen's logic. are they vulcan or something?

    EDIT: 28 confirms more or less. how many more are needed 100? 1000? >.>
  27. Cryten Trainee Engineer

    this is so annoying :/ pls fix it
  28. Slimester Trainee Engineer

    It's been said before, but KeenSWH is an incredibly responsive and community-close development team.
    If my dedicated server provider says they have daily contact with KeenSWH and that they are working hard to fix the issue, then I believe them.

    I'm no code-monkey... But I doubt they would let the auto-save feature go unfixed for this long if it wasn't extremely hard to fix.
  29. [NoV]Austin Trainee Engineer

    No saving at all, even if the client does it manually.

    We basically cannot play the game because the updates will not save.

    Absolutely disgusting.
  30. AlexClark Trainee Engineer

    Client-side saving has been working fine for me.

    That's how I've been running my dedicated server, If I need to restart I jump on the server, save locally, then transfer the save file from my game directory to the server directory.

    It just sucks if the server crashes ...
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.