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[1.059.?] [Dedicated Server-Survival, x64] All player IDs have changed - can't spawn at med bays, lo

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by demolish50, Dec 4, 2014.

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  1. demolish50 Senior Engineer


    Did someone accidently screw up <ResetOwnership>false</ResetOwnership>? Its like this flagged was set to true even though its off in my config.

    Thanks guys!
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  2. Phand Master Engineer


    this is sadly true. :( We will fix it in Friday hotfix. This is my mistake. I am truly sorry.
  3. ozarkamax Junior Engineer

    moved that steam ID XML node I see. LOL
  4. joemorin73 Junior Engineer

    I'm not getting reports of the issue on my server. Is there something else that is preventing it from happening on my server?
  5. dodexahedron Apprentice Engineer

    Ouch. This one destroyed our world, more or less.
    First person who spawned in drew the ire of all turrets in the area, which caused HUGE damage to...everything.
    Thank god for backups...

    No chance for this one to be fixed before Friday?
    This is kinda game-breaking for anything multiplayer.
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  6. vangrunz Apprentice Engineer

    I get every join another (!) SteamID.

    Backdated to v01.058.015.

    When will Keen use beta version management in Steam?
  7. aKra Trainee Engineer

    If only they would check everything first.
  8. deltaflyer4747 Apprentice Engineer

    why would they? WE are testers for this game!
  9. Fingersniffer Apprentice Engineer

    Friday? are you effing kidding me? How about you fix it now? I mean come the **** on.... how do you guys manage to break something EVERY single patch???? Just through random luck, or voodoo, or the butterfly effect you would think Keen would be capable of pushing out at least ONE patch that didn't completely screw over MP/DS owners.

    So now, all DS owners get to shut their servers down for another 24 hours for a bug so insanely obvious that it's clear that no one at Keen bothers to test anything outside of single player creative.

    Alpha, early access, there is NO title you can give this that makes programming this poorly acceptable. I am so pissed off right now I cant see straight, I can tolerate occasional screw ups, small oversights... but seriously how you manage to screw something else up EVERY SINGLE WEEK is beyond my comprehension.... and you call this BUGFIXING.... holy sh!t that concept makes my head explode.... if this is your bugfixing I think I speak for the community when I say that I hope you go back to putting in more content... at least then you had a smokescreen for how bad your developers are...
  10. rogeriocamorim Apprentice Engineer

    I wanna apply for test programmers.
    I have to shut down mine server dude this fact. At start I thought it was a map problem. Next time I will only update 24h afther the patch. Disabling auto patching right now.
  11. elch Apprentice Engineer

    Has anyone found workaround?
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  12. Cobra Apprentice Engineer

    This is just f*cking hideous. I mean seriously I never heard of any software that has such a poor quality management before they release something (and I am a software developer, I know a lot of software companies and how they handle or should handle stuff).
    I am starting to ask myself why they get so much money for such a product? I mean seriously, this is such poor quality work they are doing...
    I mean I can accept if something like this happens one or two time, but there is in 95% of the updates a game braking bug...

    If this philosophy does not stop I will stop my server and ask steam for a refund. If that does not work I will use the law to get my money back. It is definitly not legal in my eyes if a company can break a game on a weekly basis and (even though you paid money) are not able to use your product.
  13. deltaflyer4747 Apprentice Engineer

    Cobra: So everything you code is a bugless perfect piece? This is ALPHA dev-release! You can ask for whatever refund you want, but you bought an access to become ALPHATESTER to this game, not fully working final game! So pack your empty threats and calm down!
  14. Fingersniffer Apprentice Engineer

    You are part of the problem, stop justifying and defending abysmal coding practices, non-existent QA, and management that clearly has no clue how to direct the team.

    There is no label you can slap on this that justifies such incompetent work to ever be pushed to a paying consumer.

    We can and do test this game, but there is a reasonable expectation as a consumer that you will receive a product that is playable... and I'm sure every DS owner will tell you that is not currently the case.
  15. Cobra Apprentice Engineer

    deltaflyer I never said that it should be perfect. But any company has a quality management that should find such game breaking bugs before they get released out in the open. And alpha does not mean "look how many bugs we can build into this game", but rather "not all features are implemented yet".
    You don't have to tell me that no code is perfect, I know that. That's why there ALWAYS is a person that tests your code (one that has not written a single line of code of what he tests).

    It happens more and more often that companies use Alpha or Early Access as an excues to release poor code and save money on quality management and use the community that pays money for the game to test their code. Which basicly mean we pay to test their gamer. How is this in any way logic to you??

    And when I say I have never seen a company before that has such a poor quality in their work (in regards to software) then I really mean it. This is just so poor it is beyond what any normal human beeing finds acceptable.
    I really ask myself what the management at KeenSWH thought when they said "let's waste no money on profesionall software testers, let's GET PAIED by the early access bakers to test our game, that way we earn money and cut out expenses".

    This model may look good when you look at the money, but you get a bad record and every one will remember you as the company that does not care about quality, but rather quantity and that doesn't care about their customer, we are just the people that give them money for poor software...
  16. Sarekh Senior Engineer

    It is brilliant how everyone assumes that it's QA frak-up every time something breaks. If you are that deep into game/software development as you ranting folks state you just have to consider merging problems, faulty commitments on servers, transfer errors or simply a non-updated release designation for a merge depending on the commitment system for the release. There are a myriad things that can go wrong - the bigger the system gets the bigger the number of possible fault-origins - especially if and when the code has not yet been cleaned because it is (yes, here it comes again) alpha and supposed to be wip-kind of messy. And there finally is the possibility that a QA ticket, even a blocker level ticket, gets wrongly assigned or not assigned or is not seen or properly reported to the dev responsible for merging a fix into the version. come on, don't pretend that you have not seen this battery of problems - additionally, smoke testing for games is vastly different from procedural QA for "regular" software development during alpha phase due to the increased importance of feature and content over system stability because the game design needs to have their stuff tested for functionality, balancing and such exotic things as handling-feeling. Have QA spend most of their testing time on this and then only another half an hour or so on smoketesting yet another batch of the version that then is merged into the release candidate...

    in case it has not become clear yet: all love to QA
  17. elch Apprentice Engineer

    So I have partial solution.
    At least for me, it looks like PlayerId is a newly generated.

    !! Before you do anything, backup the map which doesn't work.
    There is a good chance, you'll have the same problem after hotfix !!

    Getting new playerId from fresh map:
    1. Start the game, create a new map.
    2. Save and close the game so the sandbox file is generated.
    3. Open the sandbox file which was just created and search for your nickname and above it should be your new ID
    Fixing Broken Map:
    1. Open the broken map.
    2. Search again for your nickname so you can find your old playerId.
    3. Search+replace: Search for the old platerId and replace it with new playerId.
    4. Save and exit.
    5. Open SANBOX_0_0_0
    5. Do the exactly same search+replace thing with the exactly same numbers.

    Now you should get access at least to your own builds ( I have ).
    I'm working on the factions now... I'm still out of faction and can't figure a way around it now but at least i can use my own stuff.

    If you make changes in this map where you've updated the playerId and hotfix tomorow breaks it, you might want to do the exactly same thing but the other way around,
    replacing the now new playerId with the original one.

    Who knows.
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  18. MarlDaeSu Trainee Engineer

    It is what it is. All the rage is pointless. Keen do what they can, and they're a hell of a lot better than most. If it rages you so much just stop buying early access games and expecting perfection. I run one of the highest ranked servers on the server list so this massive bug does affect me, but don't take to the forums and throw a tantrum like a child.
  19. Cobra Apprentice Engineer

    It is brilliant how people can still defend the company after letting us down so many times.

    What you describe sarehk are all cases that happen in reality. BUt when the company failes to identify them before they get public then the company processes fail and the company has just a bad management. Its not the fault of the developers, I think you misunderstand about what we are complaining here.
  20. deltaflyer4747 Apprentice Engineer

    A part of the problem? Yeah, sure... I'm just not some nutjob threatening with law actions (clearly without any clue what you are talking about), i know what i gladly paid for.

    You bought EARLY ACCESS to ALPHA RELEASE of the game and thus YOU became the TESTER. You didn't buy fully working finished game by a long shot. During alpha development of ANY software you can expect and WILL HAVE lots of bugs. This game is WIP, not RC, not even beta and DEFINITELY NOT final product, for which (and only at THIS stage) you would be entitled to any kind of compensation. The fact, that you didn't realize this and thought otherwise doesn't change a bit.

    Again you are wrong in the kernel of the issue - you are not consumer per se, but tester and as such the only thing you can except is, that you will receive an compiled output of actual development snapshot, which may and possibly will contain bugs.

    I will (hopefuly) finish this dispute (well, atleast from my side as this is pointless feeding of the troll) with a quoted sentence from a wikipedia page for a software release life cycle:

    Alpha software can be unstable and could cause crashes or data loss.
  21. demolish50 Senior Engineer

    So the people who buy this game at major retailers like Walmart are testers too? This game is getting a reputation, and its not good. The turn over is HUGE. People get all excited, play it for a few weeks and stop due to the terrible terrible problems, every single week. I'm not going to get sucked into this cesspit of a thread but while I do not agree with everything fingersniffer has said I stand firmly behind him and my feelings are almost a mirror image of his.

    The weekly update is terrible. I HATE Thursdays. Running a reliable dedicated server is a nightmare. I have spent countless hours trying to troubleshoot things, figure things out just to have it screwed up again next Thursday. Updates should be done when they are ready.

    Also let me share this, I play a CRAP ton of early access games, this is by far the worst in terms of the screw ups. Stop releasing updates because its Thursday, release them WHEN THEY ARE READY, NOT BEFORE just because the calendar says so.

    The old ALPHA model can not be considered the same when you have paying customers. You have to move away a little bit and realize what you are doing to the game. Alpha is find if its a closed group but when you have a game that is gaining a piss poor reputation you are destroying the game and a lot of people simply won't come back. You have got to be a tad bit more careful here. But hey, those customers already paid so.
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  22. Kovsky Trainee Engineer

    Everyone has an opnion on why or how these screw ups happen, the sad fact is that this one like many others would have been realized if they had simply started a dedicated server during internal testing prior to patch deployment.

    Someone failed miserably here, because all of the DS admins were aware of the issue moments after patching.

    I enjoy the game, and generally don't comment on this stuff, I get its beta and all that, but really Keen, this was a blunder on your part.

    Please release updates when they are ready, not because its "that" day.
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 4, 2014
  23. Fingersniffer Apprentice Engineer

    I have many years as a software and hardware QA for both application and database, as well as several years as a developer. I'm not someone that claims experience that I do not have nor do I think that proven coding and testing practices are some joke to be tossed aside because my project is labeled an "alpha".


    Your breakdown of my statement only reinforces my points, so thank you for continuing to show you are indeed part of the problem and not a part of the solution.
    For the record I wasn't threatening anyone with lawsuits, learn to read and get your facts straight prior to quoting.
    Your mindless quotes of what an Alpha is only shows how ignorant you truly are. When anyone sells a product to you, you become the consumer, the end user.
    Just because you want to throw in the word Alpha, Early Access, and tester into a sentence doesn't make my valid points about Keens inability to release tested code any less valid.
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 5, 2014
  24. Fingersniffer Apprentice Engineer

    What makes this even more upsetting for me is that Keen has a Closed Testing Group that they release these patches to prior to Keen releasing to the public. This group almost ALWAYS points out these major game-breaking bugs well prior to public release of an update.

    This is a quote from a CTG member I speak with, they had this to say about being a CTG member.

    Whats the point of releasing your patch to a close testing group if you're just going to ignore anything they point out???
  25. Polenicus Apprentice Engineer

    While I don't want to join in on the Rancor on this thread, I DO agree that waiting until the Friday Hotfix is unacceptable, give how profoundly this destroys multiplayer. The longer it goes WITHOUT a hotfix, the more people will reset ownership in their worlds, and then find themselves right back in this situation when the hotfix restores everything.
  26. Mara Trainee Engineer

    Everyone can report any kind of bug in ALPHA, BETA, FULL game... that doesn't make testers from us. We didn't bought fully working finished game, but this big bug wasn't there until last update. You misunderstood them... they wanted to tell you, that they could test survival multiplayer and find this kind of problematic bug, before it will be discovered by players. If server owner doesn't have backup and doesn't know about this bug, then it is a problem.
    And also they can make this problematic bug, which will destroy many kinds of maps, in BETA or FULL game. So that's why ALPHA doesn't mean nothing in this moment...
  27. Dave lister Trainee Engineer

    if you code the way you spell no wonder you've got bugs, if you think that they don't have QA go and apply for the F$@%ing job yourself.
  28. ozarkamax Junior Engineer

    I can't get on this bandwagon. This can and will happen over and over again. It's an alpha. It's cool though. I'm playing GTA V to kill time. It will be fixed tomorrow.

    edit: I ate a snickers before getting on the forums.
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  29. Cpl. Hicks Trainee Engineer

    Calm down folks...

    Simple fix for now: Download SEToolBox, Download your DS world, Open your saved world with SEToolBox, Select the Ship/Station you need to edit, Select the option "Cubes" at the top right, Highlight ALL blocks, Click the option "Owner" next to Framework, then scroll and select your name. IMPORTANT: You will have two names, USE THE SECOND ONE!

    Repack your world and re-upload.

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  30. Fingersniffer Apprentice Engineer

    This isn't a fix for any DS owner, especially not ones like me that have well over 1000 players, none of them will bring down their server every time a returning player joins to change this and then bring it back up.
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