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[1.060] Rotors shaking very violently until they explode

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Claxus, Nov 7, 2014.

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  1. Claxus Trainee Engineer

    Nah, sort of the opposite. Like a main body with two rotors facing out on opposite ends. I guessed maybe it was making the two sides sort of fight back and forth... But LankyThumbs disproved that, and apparently even the simplest designs are randomly having the problem...
  2. LankyThumbs Trainee Engineer

    After rebuilding my ship, it seems the issue was the rotor displacement was set very low. This was fine before the patch, but dropping the slider down to -11cm again destroyed both rotors.
  3. deltaflyer4747 Apprentice Engineer

    Lanky: well note that gap. BTW that gap is not present with advanced rotor, so try using them for now.
  4. LankyThumbs Trainee Engineer

    This is already the advanced rotor I'm using.
  5. Double Tap Trainee Engineer

    anyone else's rotor just start randomly spinning at full speed with no power? every time i repair a block attached to the rotor its start the rotor up and running. There is no power to anything and brakes are all the way up and it still starts spinning any time i repair anything on it. Didn't do this yesterday just after the latest up date.
  6. Hugo_the_Dwarf Trainee Engineer

    Do you have any mis merged blocks on this rotor? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=335444801
    This will create an infinite spin due to some crazy collision stuff, I get these allllll the time. Also the linked image shows one of my old crane systems that suffer from the unlimited spin, however you did not state that there was merged grids, you said building anything on a rotor. And no I have never encountered that.
  7. MegaGEC Apprentice Engineer

    Ok it must be like 1 and half months that i stopped to play SE because of this bug. And every new bugfix i launch my world to see again all my base shacking like crazy. And every rotor not only shacking and also not respecting the upper and lower limits.
    So there is going to be any fix for this b***l s***t ?? i litterally stopped to play the game because of this.
  8. farguas Trainee Engineer

  9. Claxus Trainee Engineer

    So, this is still a thing. Of course, the patch doesn't say anything about rotors, but... That's what worries me. It's been a month and rotors still have all these problems, and some people haven't been able to play since then. I don't mean to sound needy or anything, but I really think rotors need some serious attention instead of (albeit amazing) newer content... Every week I boot up my game to everything shaking until it explodes.

    Maybe they're actually trying to figure out how to solve the problems, but I would at least like to know that they are working on it.
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  10. alakeram Trainee Engineer

    Ok i don't know if this would be related or not, But i was helping a friend on my DS(Dedicated Server) to build a 10x7x1 door using 2 pistons, i used the merge blocks to get them to merge together, started constructing door, finished and tried to retract and the piston heads just broke off... tried again with just one piston build door tried to retract *Broke off piston head again, most likely a bug, it seems the piston heads to piston shaft is SUPER weak (also btw this was on a station, not a large ship) thought i would just post this cause i don't know if it is a bug or intended (weight to piston ratio)

    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 4, 2014
  11. Cirfain Trainee Engineer

    Hi All,

    It seems the problem is the same with piston and rotor. Both have head, both are in two parts, both shake furiously.
    I don't have reproduce this problem in standalone.

    I built a mining machinery with drills (about 100) to make a clean area in asteroid, all are attached to a piston, all are build and connected to the station.
    Piston are also connected to a conveyor system to get ore.

    First, - set up the speed of piston to 0.1
    2nd - start the drills
    3rd - reverse the piston

    It's begin to works perfectly, and, for no reason the head of the piston is breaking, when it break his head shakes violently just before.

    I try the same in stand alone game ("save as" the game before starting drill change options) and that works (one time, it's only a one shot task)

    I experienced an "almost the same" problem with rotor to build solar panel, build a first rotor for vertical axis, second one for horizontal axis and some blocks to attach 25 solar panels. It's a big arm with two axis to face the sun correctly.
    Each time I finished to built a solar panel, all the stuff begin to shake, even with the break sets to maximum.

    Now if you build anything to the grid near the solar panel arm, it shakes.
    It seems that occurs only in multiplayer and it's linked to some sort of vibration or oscillation.

    Never tested in creative mode.


    (sorry for my poor english)
  12. Claxus Trainee Engineer

    Don't mind this, just the weekly bump for the new version.
  13. JNC Apprentice Engineer

    I wonder if there's been any progress on this? I'm still having issues with rotors vibrating / oscillating. :(
  14. MrNice Trainee Engineer

    Still funny it about 2 years an nothing had been done to this..
    small ships shakes and explode it still is in game if this bug is so accetptible to game devs then where is god and why he dosen't done anything about that lazy dev team...!!! it's none sense playing on so buggy engine...
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.