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[1.080] [SP] Large drill mining has become near impossible ?

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by henkbein, May 1, 2015.

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  1. francogp Apprentice Engineer

    the problem with that mod is lack of sounds, FX, damage to other blocks... no "inmersion" at all.
  2. tweeve Trainee Engineer

    The lagless Drill mod is not perfect. I have seen it fail and fail horrible. There are at times where if you have an asteroid surrounded by smaller asteroids, the lagless drill mod doesn't work. The drills just bounce off the rock face and don't even bother to dig in. If you were to turn off the mod you can drill right into the asteroids just fine.
  3. Porkey Trainee Engineer

    A good point, but while this issue still exists in the game, some of us have to make a choice. Lagless drills mod, or no mining at all.
    And we shouldn't even be talking about immersion in an unfinished game, especially when we're talking about just using a temporary fix for something the devs should be working on.
    It's just a fix to get the game functional again. When the devs finally find a fix for this bug, we can have our immersion back.

    I never said it was perfect. The specific problem you mentioned seemed to be related to "merged" asteroids; where two smaller asteroids are placed in such a way that they are touching each other or are "merged."
    I'm not sure, but I think that problem has been fixed. I wouldn't know, because I've never once had a problem with it, and I haven't seen anyone talking about the mod not working for a while now.

    Either way, for now, some of us have to choose between the mod or 0.1-0.2 simspeed. Or not mining at all. How are those last two options for immersion, Keen?
  4. Signur Trainee Engineer

    without the mod, even a 0.1, 0.2m i hit and bounce of the wall.

    the only way to avoid this is to use a single drill. then there is no issue at all.

    good luck mining with just one drill though... I hope you got plenty of time.

    and still, no aknowledgment from the devs...

    It would be nice to see them do so.

    so far it seems they don't care and aren't intending to fix it.

    by the way i qui t the game for now. until it's fixed. I'm tired of ever improving my almighty base....
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  5. Farindark Apprentice Engineer

  6. Gerdih Apprentice Engineer

    I got this bug too in MP
  7. LordFool Trainee Engineer

    Same here! Vanilla Drills or modded Drills, it doesn't matter. One Drill or nearly 50 Drills is also irrelevant. I'm hitting an invisible wall after just a few meters. Backing up a little allows me to continue mining for about 20-30 seconds at 0.1m/s before hitting an invisible wall again. Even with the Lagless Drills Mod I still have the problem, but now it's only a minute before hitting the wall again. This only happens on a DS. Solo is working fine. The DS is powerful, so the SimSpeed is constantly at 1.0
  8. henkbein Apprentice Engineer

    This drill issue seems to have been spontaneously resolved in 01.088.012 SP.
    Well done, but:

    Why do you not mention it in the 'Fixes' list ? I'm sure many are interested.
  9. Gerdih Apprentice Engineer

    they missed it as well as other things on the fix list, people realized and wrote it on the change log
  10. CombatWombat Trainee Engineer

    I suspect fixing this was a side effect of something else they changed. And/or explicitly claiming a "fix" would imply that it was "broken" which is something they've done a pretty good job of being quiet about up until very recently.
    Yeah. Cynicism++;

    Whatever the reason, it's a step in the right direction. Now we just need the "fly away after mining stutter memory leak" fixed.
  11. henkbein Apprentice Engineer

    Indeed still an issue.
    In SP a save/reload will solve it, but - after thousands of saves/reloads - I'm anxious to see a 'spontaneously' fix here also.
  12. Lithorn Trainee Engineer

    I was able to reduce this effect by turning down the amount of objects allowed to be floating in space. At 100 the stutter/lowsim was immense after leaving from mining. At 25 its about 1/10th the effect, if it happens at all due to how quickly stuff gets cleaned.
  13. CombatWombat Trainee Engineer

    Agree. Also crazily enough, it seems to help to jettison massive amounts of stone into space *before flying away from the asteroid you just mined*. I think it helps hit the object cap and deletes the ore that's stuck inside the asteroid mesh. Maybe. Or it's a placebo effect. I don't know.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.