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1.106 Disappearing Voxels Still present.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by LtDutton, Oct 30, 2015.

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  1. SparkyFox Apprentice Engineer

    its. not. a. scam. a lawyer doesn't decide if its a scam, you don't need a rocket scientists to tell you you're toasters busted, so you don't need a lawyer to tell you that its a scam, its early access. If you listened last week you would know that ALL devs are working on planets. Though, they're not going to stop a weekly update, and yes they're trying to tie up loose ends to get them out the way so planets aren't conflicting- back to bug reporting
  2. ayax Trainee Engineer

    Game is still broken in the same way it was since last Thursday because of this and other supposed fixes that are clearly not fixed. DS at this point makes no sense to keep subscribed if one cant play the game....
    What I don't understand is how these "fixes" can be labeled as resolved and yet so many people immediately see the issues still... How is testing done?? It boggles me.
  3. zgrillo2004 Trainee Engineer

    They rush to get a release on thursday. we need beta testers to release patches
  4. GreenGamingFish Trainee Engineer

    I did say, "...what we mean here, RATHER THAN scamming..." so I'm not calling it a scam and I'm not sure why you have to use so many periods to make one point.

    Eh, we've already derailed so there's little point in stopping it. I never said it was a scam. In fact I was trying to explain that it's simply a change in the dynamics of the industry given Crowd Funding and Social Networking type influence on the Early Access Gamer/Tester Community that is being molded by that change. Also, you might find that in my first post in the thread that I defended Keen using the exact same "Planet" thing you just said... but I don't blame you for not caring what I've previously said in this thread. Research and reading stuff is a waste of time, right?

    While I'm at it, I think you will find that Steam's lawyers will be the first people to decide the legitimacy of the claim of a "Scam" before the word that butthurt folks tend to sling around. So yeah, I think lawyers are the ones to tell you when. it. is. a. scam. I feel so dirty using so many periods. That must be why you did it. :-O
  5. GreenGamingFish Trainee Engineer

    (The video on Early Access is a must view, if a horrible truth, IMHO)

    I kinda like their perceived dedication but not the lacking in QC. It's just sloppy and I hope they pay attention to our non-sequitur ramblings. Same with Medieval Engineers, as I look forward to weekly updates but kinda get perspective or scope when compared to other projects like TUG or Emperion that don't have as frequent of "updates" yet tend to have better playability. But what you say about testers releasing updates could technically be done since the game source (note, not engine source) is open to change how you like. I suppose the problem is that it would have to be a Total Conversion and would have to get greenlight status to get official support on Steam. At least I think that's how it would be done but I don't think you can acquire dosh on a total conversion without Keen's blessing, but I'm ignorant on their whole licence sitch' and making an assumption.
  6. KissSh0t Master Engineer

    This is not a bug report.. stop now please.
  7. Kunsa Trainee Engineer

    The curse of the disappearing asteroids continues. some of mine aren't there at all, no matter what distance or angle you are from them.

    Deleting the shader cache is something I do every time I load the game now, so that is not the issue for me.

    I can't imagine why there isn't a test server that runs the new game updates for a week or 2 before they are published live to the general population. most other games houses use this method. It just seems lazy to me that they just publish whatever they have because its Thursday.

    Edit: they also need a dedicated select few from the community to test these patches. time for keen to read up on what quality control means.

    I guess hoping for some sort of acknowledgement from the devs that this is being worked on but not done yet would go a long way towards keeping me happy and playing creative for yet another week. ( I only bought this game for the survival mode. Editor mode aka "creative", is not a game mode imo)
  8. DrCyanide Apprentice Engineer

    Not quite, but it's related.

    That is the LOD (level of detail) bug. Basically the game doesn't display every nook and cranny of an asteroid when you're 15km away, it just shows your a small blob with very few sides, then gets more detailed the closer you get. What's happening for you is that the low detail version isn't going away like it should, and you're standing on top of (or in) something that should have been removed from your view before you got that close.
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  9. Fercko Trainee Engineer

    Just tested it, problem (disappearing asteroids) seams to be resolved :). Nice.
  10. sadpickle Trainee Engineer

    The opposite of love is not hate, but apathy.

    Indeed. When Keen releases a "fix" and it takes 5 minutes in a fresh world to prove the "fix" is not working, we can only wonder what Keen is doing. These are not rare bugs that crop up from unusual circumstances. These are BASIC things that are immediately visible.

    We are pissed because we like the game and want it to be stable so we can play it. I play survival almost exclusively, and survival is majorly broken. Furthermore, when planets come out, these bugs are not going to vanish. There will probably be planet bugs on top of the bugs we have now. If planets is going to be a success, we need to be able to enjoy the game. Instability is fine, but the current builds since 101 have had major, easily identified issues that completely break survival gameplay.

    I expect a lot more from Keen. They are not EA. They are better.
  11. Director Juno Trainee Engineer

    Just tested after today's patch \, and all seems to be well. I tried 2 different saves, long and short render distances, and one save has workshop asteroids, and everything showed fine.

    Only thing I'm still kinda bummed about is geometry lines showing thru asteroids surfaces at mid range. Other than that, all is good. I have no more disappearing voxels.

    DX11 R7 370
  12. Damadark Trainee Engineer

    I am having disappearing asteroids plus it seems to be adding in polygon oddities to them as well. I flew towards a Square asteroid with protruding normal asteroid shapes on some sides. I encountered a triangular one as well the same way. unfortunately I couldn't get my print screen button to capture a picture of this.
  13. Richo27 Trainee Engineer

    Still not working, just created a new survival and im dieing while mining, the roids seem to have a phantom skin i can fly through.
  14. GreenGamingFish Trainee Engineer

    I've been playing for a couple of hours and the only time the bug seems to happen like it was before the last update is when I'm mining with the handheld in first person, however the parts come back within a second or so as if the Culling is taking a long time to respond to letting it render that part I just mined.

    Also, in DX9 and DX11, I notice the Asteroid isn't reflecting changes but I'm not really experiencing the one where they vanish, clip weird, LOD wonky, disappear, anymore. More like too much of an asteroid is visible that has already been mined.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2015
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.