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[1.1119][DS] Ships not hovering.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Ghostickles, Jan 28, 2016.

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  1. Lord Wraith Apprentice Engineer

    Thank god i'm not the only one now!!, i honestly thought this was just me and my pc, (have been setting up twitch account and stuff like that) i though wow i've gone and broke the bloody game again LOL, anyway posted a thread about it earlier, but have had only one person report the same issue on it, now at last (sorry guys!!) others are reporting the same thing, all the ships i have whether in single player creative, survival, or MP creative/survival, the same thing happens, so at the moment, even with ships fitted with both atmospheric and hydrogen engines the ships still sink (kind of getting that sinking feeling again, and again, and again, and again) so please devs don't wait until next thursday to sort this out, please, please, please sort it out now, can't play the game properly until you do........ :{
  2. EG Naso Trainee Engineer

    Same here in my dedicated server Absolute Zero Rising. 20 players all experiencing the same thing last night.

    Turning inertia dampeners off/on while close to 0.0 m/s speed (accomplished by tapping spacebar) will sometimes steady the ship from falling. Any interaction afterwards such as getting out, turning, etc will cause it to fall again.

    Also, witnessed small ships sitting on large blocks (small block heavy armor as landing gear) and it would slowly float up until I quickly jumped in.

    Haven't tested in space.
  3. c0d3n4m3 Trainee Engineer

    This is something to do with Simulation speed. I got mine to go back up to 1.00 by disabling a bunch of antennas, and now all my ships hover fine, just like before.

    EDIT: Although, when I start my drills on my mining ship, and they begin to dig, the ship falls straight down, as if inertia dampeners were turned off, because the Simulation speed drops.
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2016
  4. Prescott Freyd Senior Engineer

    Hey guys!

    We are working on a fix. There were certain changes in physics and multiplayer recently and some of those could have influenced this behavior. I will urge our guys to give it a higher priority.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  5. silentdeth Trainee Engineer

    This happens in offline mode too.
  6. Gertz Trainee Engineer

    Yea Im having same problems even on offline. Thanks for reply prescott.

    Also when I got to save or hit pause my ships go crashing down. Like they have thrusters cut for a second and my player he'll fly up if I have my jetpack on.
  7. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    On DS, small ships tend to sink when inventory is added to them while hovering. It seems like as the mass of the ship changes, the inertial dampeners are failing.
  8. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    What I found is ships load in at a hover and will remain at a hover until there is an interaction with the ship. This can be remote, adding blocks, inventory or just bump into it.
    ....is it thursday yet?
  9. n1ghty Trainee Engineer

    while my atmospheric miner is flying at ANY speed it hovers just fine, even at 0.1 m/s it hovers fine and the power consumption on the thrusters is normal.
    but when my small ship miner comes to a complete still with 0.0m/s it will still float. The ship barely uses any power at all in this state, the thrusters don't do any work at all. It just magically floats without thrust.
  10. ghofmann Trainee Engineer

    Thanks for the reply. Please, sir, make sure this one gets fixed soon.
  11. Rils Trainee Engineer

    They're not working right in space either, ships drift a lot farther than they used to and ships just seem to coast wherever they want.
  12. Draeko Trainee Engineer

    I'm still experiencing the bug in version 01_120_007 64bits singler player.
  13. Megachill Trainee Engineer

    This bug is still happening in latest 01_133_008 - its been a while, so could we get some news on this? It is currently no fun at all playing on planets as you have to be scared that your ships will just randomly drop. This happens in solo and multiplayer. As well as ships disappear on people on our server as well. When you start grinding away on them yourself you can start seeing them again. Anyways the NO Hover issue is much much much more annoying and ruining gameplay.
  14. Kecon Trainee Engineer

    I'm still having problems with ships just flying away on planets (earth). Using a dedicated server with the latest stable build in beta. My ship accelerating from the planet with inertia dampners on, but I can controll it a bit more if I turn inertia dampners off, it will however float in any direction. It seems as the collision body of the ship is a bit damaged, since I may fly through windows etc and I may see blocks as well. I've tried to shut the ship off with Y, I managed to land the ship once, but the problem still existed when I tried to fly again, and then my landing gears passed through the ground and some of my ship was destroyed. It did however still float away, but I managed to get it controlled again. I have the same amount of engined up as down, using atmospheric trusters. The speed meter seems to be out of control with a couple of m/s. Power usage is basically 0 (0.07%) when floating away from the planet. I've tried a remote block, but it didn't managed to fly down. I've tried to rebuild the flight seat, but it didn't change anything. I could tear down some blocks, but not all, I could add material to a new landing gear, but not complete it or remove it.
  15. Nagell Trainee Engineer

    Same pro with latest build on a private server.

    Description: Small/Large ships hover away planet side. This problem just surfaced and is making game play planet side a challenge.. I have noticed the sips hover up...
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.