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[1.150 - 1.179][MP] Sim speed issures on server with 20+ ppl online

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Foogs, Mar 25, 2017.

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  1. Foogs Apprentice Engineer

    I have server: 16gb memory, i5 proc. 100 mb/sec, in Moskow Data Center.
    Sim speed going to 0.5 when server full 20/20
    *Fresh map.
    *Regular cleanups.Resets voxels. SESE concealment system.
    *its not mods, im tested. Same witch no mods.
    *same witch orig server.
    *in 2013 year dx9 game version servers can hold 45+ ppls online.
    *Block update less than 11 ms.
    *CPU usage is not more than 40%
    I think its "NEW MULTIPLAYER CODE" .
    Without SESE sim going to 0.. =/
    no restarts, no cleanups, no concealment.
    Some proofs:

    enable profiler:
    Same server but 10 ppl online:
    Some humor:
    P.S. Yes im wait torch.
    Maybe other admins will say something? I join to most popular servers, the same pattern at all = /
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  2. zorgkirill Apprentice Engineer

    I'm not sure, but right after new multiplayer release, it was ok and could hold dozens of players with 1.0 sim. And after some weeks of updates, it has degraded to current condition. (simspeed only)
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  3. franky500 Trainee Engineer

    I'm on a fresh world, 22players, (fresh world has just under 100 grids at time of writing). No problem with sim speed at that number, although i'm having a different issue where the server is locking up (no message received for x seconds, but does not actually close the process or the connection). I'm going through mods for that one now, but definately annoying.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.