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[1.186.5] Land vehicle exploding due to (possibly) collision glitch

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Aidyn, Jul 17, 2018.

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  1. Aidyn Trainee Engineer

    Hi there,

    I have recently started a new game in space engineers, using the Star Systems startup, using 10x inventory space, rest is pretty much set to default. During the first two days, I built myself a rudimentary base, and a small solar powered land vehicle. I went to my nearest mining site (200-300m) a few times without issue. Today I had to go farther, as I needed iron, and the closest spot I found was about 3km away. Went there, loaded some iron into the vehicle's medium cargo container (about 15'000L), then some cobalt (10'000L) and went for some nickel.

    As I reach the nickel and start digging it up, I hear an explosion. I run outside, find the spot where my vehicle was, only to find a single wheel. The rest of the vehicle is nowhere to be found. There was no debris nearby, no wolves, nothing.

    As I tried to reproduce the issue, I think I found the reason for this explosion. I managed this time to fully load my vehicle with the materials I needed, but as I was about to leave, I noticed that the suspension wasn't strong enough, and the vehicle was flat on the ground.

    Now, I'm no programming expert, but I've known a lot of voxel games, and I've had this one for years now, and one thing that remains constant is that voxel collision tends to glitch with mobile objects, causing quick shaking, and in this game, destroying blocks.

    I know you can't fully fix this collision glitch, but maybe making the strength of the suspension automatically adjust based on weight (as it is doing based on impact strength), could help prevent this situation.
  2. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    Personally, I don’t use wheeled vehicles ‘cause they ‘splode all the time.
  3. santibag Trainee Engineer

    I parked my wheeled base and flown with my plane to explore something. When I turned back, I found a solar panel on the ground. No beacons were working. I thought the base somehow rolled down to the canyon but when I used admin tools, I found out that the base was almost at the same safe place (handbrakes were not overloaded at a slope) with so many sub grids exploded(wheels, connected vehicles, solar panel rotors etc). Fortunately, continued from a backup save.

    After some hours of playing, I parked my base again and made some high altitude trip with my character. I returned from .25G zone and, again, found my vehicle with sub grids exploded.

    For information, my wheeled base has the max wheel height offset of 5x5 large grid wheels with enough strength. So even at the places that I think dangerous, wheels are the only thing that collides with the ground. The wheels amaze me with how they roll on the roughest terrains(I rarely use large grid wheels).

    So my conclusion, when I go away from my wheeled base, sub grids explode. I started to save the game before going away. I hope I will make a station after moving to my new base place(40-50km away from my old base :D ). Stations are safer.
  4. Zeys Trainee Engineer

Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.