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[1.186.5] Some observations for playing with no Jetpack

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Casegard, Jun 16, 2018.

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  1. Casegard Trainee Engineer

    Hey mates,

    Here some observations when you play with no jetpack. I put all related things into this bug report so if you think it should be separated feel free to do so.

    Reproduction Rate:
    lets say 8 of 10

    Affected Version: 1.186.5

    Reproduction steps:
    # start a survival game (should be in creative work as well I think) with jetpack off
    # case 01: build a medbay in space and try to respawn at it
    # the character will float a couple cm over the ground with no way to reach the ground

    # case 02: stay with magboots on a platform/ramp and end the game
    # when you load the game again the character will float above the ground with no way to lock the magboots
    # (this one does not happen every time but often enough that you better do not log out while standing anywhere)

    # case 03: flight in the gravity of a planet and exit the ship
    # sidenote: the game always try to put you back at the position where you entered the cockpit - if something is blocking the spot it puts you somewhere else (there is a pattern for this)
    # back to 03 .. if you exit the ship the character will most likely just be dropped at this entry point and will fall to its death instead it should be dropped at a position where he could safely stand.

    Observed behavior:
    The reproduction steps include the observed behaviour.

    Expected behavior:
    I would expect that if you have no jetpack, that the game calculates a position where it makes sense to spawn/be.

    I'm well aware this is not a pressing issue - not at all - so please take this bug report more as a heads up. It would be nice if you could make some sort of position check so the character can end up at a position where you don't have to reload the game or even worse spawn at a complete different position because you can not use the medbays in space.

    The check could include gravity I guess. So if you spawn in artificial gravity it does not matter where you spawn. Also it would be nice that you can be sure when you have logged out with magboots on that you can use this save later as well because you can be sure that you are right there where you logged out.
  2. Zhiila Tester Staff


    1st issue is already reported in the system.

    I quickly tried 2nd issue but didn't reproduce it, do you know anything that would help me reproduce the issue?

    For the 3rd issue, it's not a bug. There is a reason why it works like that and it would be so hard to anticipate players expectations in every possible scenario, this way you can adjust your position just by entering a seat from the place where you want to leave.

    Thanks for your report!
  3. Casegard Trainee Engineer


    case_02: Not sure how to reproduce it, from my observations it happens mostly when I logged out while standing on 2x1 ramps (the actual block, as well the normal amor block). Also standing on the border thingy (the little edge on metal blocks). I play only around mars - so maybe it is a distance from the center thing?.

    case_03: Yes I sort of figured that that is the intended behaviour. Maybe my example was not so good. In general I'm fine with pop out where you jumped in but playing for months in space was showing me that it might be worth to think about this.

    Another Example:
    - Lets say you have a nice ship in space and have build a big platform around the cockpit
    - pop in pop out = easy peasy
    - now the pop out spot is blocked by lets say a cargo drop pod
    - the program pops you out in space
    - now it gets really fiddly - the only way to jump back into the ship is the now new pop in position
    - but when you pop out again you are still in space - hmm what to to
    - now you wiggle the ship around so that the cargo pod blocks the new position
    - finally you do this for a while an you end up on the ready to go platform :)

    It took me quite a while and some really nasty situations (all 5 saves had me floating in space with no way to touch the ground in any of them) till I had all the 'ifs' and 'thens' figured out. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the time to figure this things out - it made me think about complete new ship designs around this - but I guess someone who give this a quick try might leave it with thinking it is bugged :)

    Hope this helps a bit

    Good luck
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.