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[1_172_018 Stable Branch] Washed out colors on inventory items.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by casualsailor, Feb 4, 2017.

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  1. casualsailor Trainee Engineer

    This may not be a bug but it is definitely a mistake. The new washed out colors of the inventory items make Oxygen Bottles indistinguishable from Hydrogen Bottles. Medical Components are also hard to differentiate from Construction Components.

    But really, all of the items are now difficult to identify.

    See the screenshot below.

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  2. Fus Apprentice Engineer

    Time for Keen to ditch the monochrome icons and start adding some colour !
  3. punkatron Trainee Engineer

    Agree 100%. The new component icons are ... sorry to say keen, but significantly inferior to the old ones. There are too many instances of icons clashing, as mentioned by op. Other examples are: rotors/thruster components, detector components/gravity generator components, solar panel/metal grid, computers/interior plate. Wish we could roll back the old icons, which were superior and much easier to quickly identify. The oxygen bottle/hydrogen bottle clash must change asap, it's terribad.
  4. henkbein Apprentice Engineer

    Also agree 100%. Make icons more distinct.
  5. kittle Senior Engineer

    agreed here.
    my guess is whoever made the icons is colorblind. but I hope not
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  6. Hauth Trainee Engineer

    The oxygen and hydrogen bottles are different icons, but they are indeed extremely similar at a glance.
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  7. Tylus Apprentice Engineer

    I also would like some colors back.

    I mean consistency is ok so its good that all icons basically have the same style and represent the new design of the components.

    But its still too hard to differ between the components especially oxygen/hydrogen bottles. Or Ore-Detector and Ion Thrusters.

    Ok I am a human and I can adapt to the new icons but I would prefer them to be less monochrome.
  8. NikolasMarch Junior Engineer

    i think the new icons will just take getting used to, like we all did the original icons in the first place, but i do agree on the 2 gas bottles, they are too similar, you either need to hover mouse over it and read the tooltip to see what bottle it is, or learn that one has a white box in the middle and one has a light grey stripe in the middle,,,, oh and the icons are too.... bright and Duo-tone, the greyscale icons looked much nicer, all the new icons look like they have been dusted with icing sugar or been frozen for a hundred years
  9. FlakMagnet Senior Engineer

    No....new icons are something yopu have to get used to, but having icons for H2 and O2 bottles so similar is daft. The purpose of an icon is to make identification easy. Not hard. The 2 bottle types need top be quite obvious so you don'e end up suffocating with a pacvk full of hydrogen, or walking on earth with a pack full of oxygen and no gas for your jetpack.

    They don;t need to be coloured....they just need to be clear and obvious. Like they were before......
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.