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1st Low Orbit Dog Fighting League

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by TenshouYoku, Mar 18, 2018.

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  1. TenshouYoku Apprentice Engineer

    Because we all love having dogfights in SE.

    This is the first Low Orbit Dog Fighting League that will be set since the Dogfight league that couldn't be completed two years ago.

    Join us here:


    The goal of this game:

    - Explore interesting ideas in aircrafts that could fly in low altitudes near Earth and to be as realistic as possible - No infinite resources, repairs and refuelling is necessary.

    - Encourage sensible designs that strikes a balance between agility, firepower and longevity.

    - Have fun.


    1. 3 vs 3 group dogfight.

    2. Players will be spawned at a low orbit (~8000 meter) Base that has all resources and 3 aircrafts of your choice.

    3. Realistic multipliers - everything will be set to x1 (including inventory size, grinding and welding speed). Survival settings.

    4. Game mode - Capture the Flag, Best out of 3.

    5. The game will be strictly in 1st person perspective.

    6. Jetpacks will be entirely disabled. You must walk and run around to grab your stuff!

    Design Rules:

    1. Any power sources (batteries, reactors, hydrogen) are allowed.

    2. Aerodynamics+Deadly Reentry mod (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=571920453) will be used. The game is otherwise Vanilla.

    3. Re-loadable rocket launchers, rocket launchers, gatling guns are allowed. Turrets are NOT allowed as they are too powerful in a dogfight.

    4. Cockpit must be entirely visible and not shielded from the top. Sides can be shielded.

    5. You are not allowed to build ships that have block counts higher than 1000 blocks nor heavier than 100,000 kg (after loaded with ammunition and any possible fuel sources).

    6. Scripts are allowed but inadvisable to prevent multitudes of lagging.

    7. Remote Control unit is not allowed.

    8. Players who wish to enroll in this match must upload their planes into the Workshop with the tag "LODFL" and must provide their link in the Google Form (which will be uploaded later). You are allowed to update and upgrade your model but they must stay true to the above rules.

    Gamemode rules:

    1. Objective: Capture 3 beacons that has the name "CAPTURE FLAG (number here)" by grinding them down and rebuild them ("hacking"). The team that gets to capture all 3 beacons win the round. They will be set at visible areas of varying altitudes.

    2. You are allowed to hack the enemy captured beacon and claim it.

    3. You are allowed to attack the enemy that is trying to capture the flag.

    4. You are not allowed to attack the beacon flag. Violation of such rule will result in the loss of the match.

    General Rules:

    - Players can respawn if they died during the match.
    They will have to rebuild their ships, however.

    - Players are discouraged to leave the zone between 5000 meters and 12000 meters.
    Not only there will be no fighting, you cannot sustain for too long, either.

    - No deserting.

    - Attacking and camping the opponent's base (base rape) is banned.
    Enemy players are not allowed to enter the region surrounded by beacons indicating enemy territory.

    - It's entirely up to the player's choice on how to utilize your manpower and aircrafts. You can launch all aircrafts together, or sending them out one-by-one, two-by-two is entirely acceptable.

    - Welder blocks are not allowed - Printers nor does repair pits are allowed to be used. You are allowed to use projectors to aid your building, however.


    -Q1: How many aircraft models can I design and send into the Google form and Workshop for this match?
    -A1: You can design however many models you want, but for the sake of easier recognition, you are suggested to maintain a degree of consistency in design and overall color theme. However, you are only allowed to use 3 planes.

    -Q2: When will the game be hosted?
    -A2: Since I will have to design the world and stations for this match, as well as coordinating between teams, I would hope that the game could be successfully hosted 2 months later from now (18/5/2018). This time may vary however according to how large the player amount this will get.

    -Q3: When can I join this league?
    -A3: Joining will not be accepted after 23:59 30/4/2018 UTC+8. You are free to join before the aforementioned date.

    -Q4: What do I need to submit to enroll in this game?
    -A4: You will have to write down 1. Your team name, 2. All of your team member's Steam name, 3. What time zone you are at, 4. The aircraft you will be using in the game.

    -Q5: Do you have any tips about designing?
    -A5: Quite a few.
    1. Get a grip on what you want your aircraft to be. You can make it a high-orbit craft, a high versality craft, or a short duration but strong performance craft.
    2. Owning to the specialty of this game, you should avoid designing extremely complicated aircrafts to speed up building speed.
    3. The heavy you are, the higher the difficulty it is to move. Remember to account for gravitational pull which means you will have to allocate more resource in lift.
    4. The Dead Drop Arena's aircraft is also multi-environment. You can use it as the basis of your design.

    Have Fun And Join Us ASAP!

    If any inquiries: Search for user WoU in Steam and message me.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2018
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.