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a new game mode

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by 333546323, Jan 2, 2018.

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  1. 333546323 Apprentice Engineer

    now before i start this discussion this is just an idea and its different different can be good and interesting or different can be bad and horrible.
    So my idea was a different mode we have..creative...survival and my other idea was PVP so instead of building a world you just click on the game mode and it will load you in with like 10 other people. having a sertan set of rules such as 2 Gatling 1 missile...ect initially what this mode is is either or ship PVP.
    Why i think we should have it. it can also be for ship stats testing.

    yes this is very different but at the same time its not there are many games that combine building and fighting just not at this scale with is what will make it different,this can make ships you build in creative feel more useful and also hen your just tired of building and want to fight (online creative worlds never cooperate). It also kinda mixes a bit of miner wars through the game showing keens history.

    Why we dont need this mode
    The first reason that i think everyone will say is space engineers is space engineers its a game about building and survival. my 2nd reason is it goes away from the SE vision...ish.

    How will it work
    it will work pretty simple after you click the game mode youl go into a screen and it will sort your ships (according to the game rules) if your ship does no apply it will not allow you to chose the ship, or if you dont have a ship the game will give you a ship automatically. after that it will load you into either player made maps that can be sent for review or premade maps. but it dosent have to stop at ships it can also go in FPS maps too. after that you simple go in with an auto selected team then you fight...ect there can be a ranking system but there will be no reward as we want everyone to be equal.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.