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abt weekly-01.044-spec thread

Discussion in 'General' started by aboredteen1, Aug 19, 2014.

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  1. DocMop Junior Engineer

    Well I would be quite satisfied if it was the only new thing and the rest would be bugfixes and improvements on stuff already present.
  2. eldarstorm Junior Engineer

    Would be interesting if they made a option for the grav gen to be spherical. That way a new block would not be needed.
  3. M3neillos Trainee Engineer

    What I want:
    Camera block
    New weapons
    Different types of interior blocks

    What I need:
    Core game engine optimization
    Mothership weapons
    edit: i miss - better loading times (i'm tired of wait half an hour to load my mothership map)

    What we will get:
    New meh block
    More bugs
    Said bugs?
    A few previous bug fixed
  4. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    With how cramped the Rotor Control Panel is i currently don't see a separate model happening. I mean, we already have a Grav Gen, we don't really need another (frees up time for a simple decoration block! Everybody wins!), just slap a tick box on it's interface and be done :D

    Thing is we already get bug fixes with every patch (and many bring improvements, like the one that gave Rotors displacement) and - more important - the almost weekly Friday Hotfix (we need a term for that one. Patchmas Day? With Thursday being Patchmas Eve?). It's not like i take them for granted in a way that looks down on them, but we usually get at least one or two things in addition to those, so i generally expect one or two big things and a few bug fixes simply because i'm used to it by now (Anyone remember when Thursday was a rather bland day?). It's not like i expect Keen to give us more than one thing each week because i want them to; they just usually DO give us more than one thing (even if it's just small stuff).
  5. Yatakedeze Trainee Engineer

    Yes, if I had only known that fix was going to be removed, I would have turned off updates then and there. And I'd have had my group do so as well. Keen has done multiplayer a great disservice, and as of the last few updates it's only gotten worse.

    I think it's just not a priority for them.

    But it's the only thing I want, the only thing I really need.

    Netcode or nothing. I expect nothing.
  6. galacticon Apprentice Engineer

    Given all the forum discussion this past week...and that we know the developers to read and respond to us, I'm very curious to see what tomorrow's update will be.

    I'm hoping for
    1. Action groups
    2. A new block
    3. Bug fixes and net code

    I think another week without an improved multiplayer and the forums will erupt in chaos.
  7. fused Trainee Engineer

    I am just hoping for a non game breaking Thursday for a change of pace.
  8. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    W: Game to run smooth.
    N: Game to run smooth
    G: More work toward the game running smooth. Maybe some stuff. :)
  9. NetSlayer Trainee Engineer

    In a recent video showcase (with IGN I think?)
    They mentioned they were working on game optimisation via how the game renders.
    That could be sweet. It was some time before the piston update.
    I also hope for sub sectors.
    And the ability to mod the sun correctly.
  10. M3neillos Trainee Engineer

    It wolud be awsome! it's impossible for me to continue building my mothership

    p.d. could you post the video?

  11. the librarian Apprentice Engineer

    the thing i still hope for is able to scroll the toolbar with my mousewheel and open panels with a mouseclick, so it overruled placing blocks
  12. Jeroenv92 Trainee Engineer

    Ship printer / 3D printer
  13. Ludovsky Apprentice Engineer

    You cannot believe how refreshing it was to read this "Want/Need/Get" post, for once.
    I wish people would understand things aren't as instant than they think, or game development as easy to manage either.
  14. Dereknor Trainee Engineer

    Bugfixes! All I want are bugfixes. No new blocks, no new functions. I wasnt even able to test all the new blocks and functions of the last few updates, because our server just has too many bugs to play on. We are all idling and not playing SE really much anymore, because we are just waiting for a stable version (these 2 weeks without autosave were just a pain!)

    I would be soo happy if they announce that they are not going to add ANYTHING and just fix bugs. That would be the best update for a long time!! :)

    and I totally have no idea why people want rails in space? I dont even know what these wheels are for, never used them. In survival mode, I usually never have ships that big that I can cruise around them with a car or need rails
  15. MrBeeMonster Trainee Engineer

    W: Camera, Antenna channels and Ai

    What are these rails I hear about? monorails in space?
  16. the librarian Apprentice Engineer


    space train for the win!
  17. Tristavius Senior Engineer

    Hoping for some sort of linking system (i.e. 'Reactor 1' can only be controlled from this particular console or using this particular button) rather than any piece of gear on board being accessible from any doorway - what bad security that is!

    Additional mod support to allow modders to start implementing some more functionality as well as visuals (new weapons fire spring to mind).

    Programming would be extremely cool too. Just in time for my carrier would be nice as there's a whole load of 'once door is open, turn on green light' type functionality I'm currently mimicking with manual button presses.

    For more minor stuff, bulk renaming of parts + filter by system type in the K menu would be nice. Door control groups setting all doors to open/closed when used on the taskbar rather than toggling them. New, deeper engines to scale properly with larger ships. More button control panel options (single button & double button for walls, big console with large array of buttons).

    And either patched or modded, a proper 1x1x1x bunk please! :p
  18. Ash87 Senior Engineer

    Alright patchmas, give us some netcode.
  19. eldarstorm Junior Engineer

    A monolith

  20. Zvephra Trainee Engineer

  21. crazyrobban Apprentice Engineer

  22. eldarstorm Junior Engineer

    I just cant stop watching this
  23. Krutchen Apprentice Engineer

    Oh man, Additional modding support for implementing functionality would be great.
    Give me that, Programming, Cameras, and fix the rotors/pistons in multiplayer, and I'm set for some ship-to-ship battles.
    I want to make some handy dandy new firearms for astronaut combat, the rifle seems a bit buggy, but still somewhat nice for the moment.

    Speaking of programming though - Keen would likely tackle two birds with one stone if they do it right. We could seriously create our own rudimentary AI if they do everything correctly, which means NPC enemies, albeit mechanical ones.
  24. Zeriga Trainee Engineer

    What I want?: Programming.

    What I need?: Net code, and probably a way to have players stop losing their items on disconnects.

    What we'll get?: Probably some interesting new block, and some bug fixes...

    Also first post, go figure. Did I do it right?
  25. foxdie Apprentice Engineer

    No, you weren't sarcastic enough!
  26. Nickvr68 Junior Engineer

    Camera block, Camera Block, CAMERA BLOCK, CAMERA BLOCK!

    If we get those I will totally make a sensor suite like this using rotors. Think about it, you can make a periscope, remote controlled missiles (With only one person, compared to two currently), sensor suites, or even a photo booth!
  27. Zeriga Trainee Engineer

  28. Krutchen Apprentice Engineer

    Cameras + Mouse control for Gyros, for maximum turrety-missile guidance goodness.
  29. Volfram Senior Engineer

    The problem with the "good" netcode was that while it made it improved performance of several things that were previously breaking multiplayer, it also completely broke multiplayer for several players, and in fact nearly every multiplayer LP group had to take that week off because the game was unplayable for them.

    They have also been including small multiplayer fixes in the netcode ever since then, including a couple of major bandwidth reduction and synchronization improvement fixes. It actually is a priority for them, but they don't want to risk completely breaking the game for fully half their playerbase again like they did at both updates 1.033 and 1.034, so they're going about it much more cautiously.

    But then if you actually read the update notes, you'd know all this.
  30. Chaosrex Apprentice Engineer

    Fixing the turrets behavior, so that they don't try to shoot somthing behind a friendly faction structure and that blocks put in creative is automaticaly Your Property so that those turrets don' shoot at it.

    add some "bumpers" like blocks, this way you czn secure your small ships in carriers so that they don't destroy your own ship while moving.

    cameras or some kind of video survaillance would be cool
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.