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Akhinnae Imperial Fleet: Scenario and RPG related co-op gaming

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Sarekh, May 23, 2014.

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  1. Sarekh Senior Engineer


    "The Imperial Fleet has successfully established a presence in the frontier-sector Arkhestas: One station is complete, another one in construction and civilians have arrived and started to establish business there. However, there seems to be an unkown and hostile force nearby and their units attack this sector once in a while. Fleet Command is looking for eager recruits to join the sector task force in order to be able to help defending the system."

    We would like to welcome all experienced players that wish for RPG-style Space Engineers games.

    Playing as an officer aboard one of the stations or ships within the sector will give you a task and the resources to do it. Whether it is expanding the stations, building new ships or fighters or being part of the police force in the sector - you can help and rise up in rank. Get resources as payment and build your own quarters on the station or a cosy little home to call your own.

    You will be assigned personal fighters and ships and as you get promoted - they will get bigger!

    New Achievements for the task force will also mean rewards: after the next server update new items or even ships might be there waiting for you.

    We are playing as loose group of folks (10 to 15 persons atm) who know each other in real life through a pen & paper network. The idea is that we use scenarios and open "home sectors" to simulate parts of our p&p world - for that, space engineers is incredibly well suited as the technology and style used reflects much of our system world.

    If you want to help, visit or join the team or have questions - leave a response! It would be appreciated! The above mentioned website gives more details about the back story, the ships and scenarios and the rules.

    You can recognise our games by the prefix: Akhinnae

    Our current persistent server is hosted by Nitrado and currently features the free construction world "Sector Arkhestas"

    Our style and creations can be inspected here: Public Information Hub on this forum

  2. Sarekh Senior Engineer

    We are now running a nice 16 persons max. persistent server hosted at Nitrado!

    "Sector Arkhestas" includes 7 Asteroids and relaxed conditions for rpg, construction and trading. We are maintaining a station in the sector that provides protection for guest projects!

    The server is cleaned and back-uped once a day. Severe griefing damage might be removed by roll-backs or savegame repair.

    You can find the server specs and the rules here

    We are welcoming constructive players and invite you to visit us or join our faction!
  3. dunka Trainee Engineer

    This seemed like a pretty cool server, but it's off now?

    Bookmarking/history/manual connect needs to be a thing!
  4. Ceejay9 Trainee Engineer

    Indeed, this sounds just like something I would love to be involved with. Sounds like you guys may do some scripted stuff too.

    Shame I can't find your server, though. :/
  5. Sarekh Senior Engineer

    Thanks for the heads up - the server restarted itself for some reason and then went off the radar.

    We've reset it but unfortunately have lost some savegame data - that points to another problem: savegame management through third party hosts is still a bit.. non-existent?

    Anyways, server is up, sorry to everyone for the lost work if there has been any.
  6. Ceejay9 Trainee Engineer

    Well, I loaded in, didn't seem to be anyone else on. I hailed the station as I approached, but was taken out. Not a friendly place to visit!
  7. dunka Trainee Engineer

    Yea, unless you have some way to archive your save files, you're out of luck. I don't see why they couldnt zip up the save directories every 30-60 minutes though. Looks like everything is in the same state it was when I joined yesterday :(
  8. Sarekh Senior Engineer


    Most of the folks using that server are on central European Time, so you probably have logged on during night-time here.

    As for the guns: Dearly sorry about that but we have to use all means possible to protect the station and the player projects around here against griefers. There are currently no less than six different guest ships docked to the station and it would be a shame to loose those.

    But I've heard you. We have just begun constructing a free, unarmed trading and starting station near another asteroid from some captured NPC ships. This one will hopefully available to everyone unless someone griefs around there as well.

    Plus: there are multiple abandoned ships and stations throughout the sector within the asteroids from other players. Feel free to make yourself a home there until friendly folks arrives!

    That's not good to hear, sorry about that. We've now re-enabled client saving and are saving whenever someone from us is on the server - we can use those client files to back up the sector - it's less than perfect but better than nothing.

    Thanks to both of you for the feedback!
  9. Sarekh Senior Engineer

    Update on the persistent Server:

    (1) Whitelist

    Because we want to ensure better roleplaying and more interaction besides being on the same server we have decided to use the whitelist feature on Sector Arkhestas. You can find the group on Steam (Akhinnae Sector Arkhestas) - write to me on Steam for inclusion! You will have to agree to the server rules, though :). My Steam username is also Sarekh

    (2) Server Events

    We have started to run server-wide events that focus mainly on solving mysteries and fighting off invasion units from a nearby unkown force. Every two to three weeks there will be an event that is announced through the group.

    (3) RPG - elements

    Our users are required to build themselves a home base or a functional long-term base ship from where they can operate. They are encouraged to join one of the factions or found one that fits the lore of the server. They are also asked to behave according to their background story that you should start writing here or in the group once you have joined the team!

    (4) custom units and blocks

    NPC ships and starter ships are (if functional) adapted to fit the lore.

    Once mods are feasible for dedicated servers we will start using them in order to give the ships and stations better interior for RPG-games!
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.