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Anyone have some tips on finding the richer iron ore veins / deposits?

Discussion in 'General' started by StyleBBQ, Jan 19, 2017.

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  1. StyleBBQ Trainee Engineer

    Been looking around the mountains nearby, haven't seen anything visually like the reddish grass for the poor quality iron deposits. And the devs are being pretty vague ;)

    "The planet is now seeded with iron ore! You can mine it out of the ground, though the veins are quite poor. Richer veins are hidden well, can you find them? You will be able to smelt the ore into ingots which you can then use for various crafting recipes. Iron ore is a little rare and hard to find, but you will find that nature will help you locate the veins."

    "You can find iron ore in the ground. Poor and medium deposits can be found in forests and grasslands. They will be marked by how they redden the soil and grass. Rich deposits can be found in the mountains but there is no soil or grass there to mark them, making them difficult to find."
  2. Taemien Apprentice Engineer

    The only way I can think of is to just mine a 100m long tunnel and periodically mine out shafts to the left and right till you find something. Basically how they do it in Minecraft if I'm not mistaken.
  3. StyleBBQ Trainee Engineer

    Drats. And at least in Minecraft you know the elevations/biomes... Thanks for the reply @Taemien
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2017
  4. Tippin Trainee Engineer

    @StyleBBQ I thought the same about the lack of information regarding this, and pretty much everything. If you look for yellow or orange patches of grass then dig down into them (this might be a couple of meters) you will find ore and depending on the density you may get 1 ore 5 stone or 3 ore 3 stone, the rock will have have different colour variations depending on its quality. I can take some screenshots for you later if you wish.
  5. Sanfard Apprentice Engineer

    The few rich iron deposits that I have come across so far have all been near grassy plateaus atop mountains. Rich deposits will yield six iron ore per chunk mined out.

    I came across this sizeable deposit in creative mode on a mountainside near the western border of Umbril:

  6. StyleBBQ Trainee Engineer

    Really appreciate the replies guys, very helpful!

    I was running around the huge valley I decided to settle in, hit a few ground spots; best I found gave an occasional 2x iron per chunk. Thus my interest in the "richer veins/deposits" the devs hinted at. So started running around looking for these mysterious spots, but, "Rich deposits can be found in the mountains but there is no soil or grass there to mark them, making them difficult to find", how to find? I prospected some sites that seemed promising, based on terrain features, no luck. Posted this, saw @Taemien s reply, started a tunnel at the transition from grass to rock on a mountain side near a cluster of yellowish/orangeish grass spots. Only made it maybe 50 meters before getting severe blisters and had a couple terminal mishaps unloading stone....

    Turns out the female char I chose is training for the Olympic Hammer Throw so likes to chuck stacks of Large Stones into the air, like she just don't care!
    Sadly, her aim isn't great, dodging is second rate, and Stone Hats lead to meeting Fate.
    (not to mention dropping stone from inventory can destroy a large stone cube very easily.. ack)

    @Jon-Factor s reply. hmm... maybe a 3x iron per is a Rich Deposit? Certainly that's three times better than I've been getting but didn't I see someone saying they'd found a 5x...? And the dev tease sure sounded like there was something else... Well, at least I now know, thanks to Jon-Factor, that a 3x is possible!

    And then came @Sanfard . O-kay! So with new info off we go to explore the mountains ringing the valley some more.
    <whining> Mountains are hard to climb! waaa! </whine>
    <praise> Thank you devs for the extreme zoom-out of 3rd person! </praise>
    So many weeks pass, her legs are Iron & J-Lo would die of jealousy, but her wind & sun ravaged face will never be peaches & cream again...
    Almost dead from starvation, huddled on a small ledge, she fades away and has an out of body experience... (yeah, gave in and went flying :()
    Lo! There! Is it?? Maybe? sheesh... that's a loooong way from the Castle... maybe there's one on the other side closer (hope)?
    Nope. 'My' valley is apparently ringed by the "Stingy Mountains" range. Only seeming rich deposit (and looks way smaller than @Sanfard s example) is out on an ancillary spur range... dangit!
    -and-... I have to go way past it, back around, up thru there, back to over-there, ford the icy rivers, and finally, finally make it to the site.
    Which btw, is right at the edge of a sheer, unclimbable cliff. "Oh no!" you say?, "he didn't?!" Yep. With her new SuperLegs, excitable toon girl leapt her happy a$$ right off the side...
    "everyone!" "She'll be coming around the Mountain when she comes, she'll be coming around the ..." Yeah. Back, waaaay back in the 'Valley Of Looks Great! (who cares about iron??)'.
    I think this is karma for being a guy enjoying, for once, having a woman do what you say... :eek:ops:
    I -swear- I've never seen the toon leap like that, she damn near flew!

    Anyway... :p It -is- a "Rich deposit", yielding 6x iron (no stone) for -4- swings. Surrounding 'normal' still 3 swings for 4-6x stone. Rich Deposit, once reached, is solid rust colored. not just rust colored streaks like in a regular 'ground' deposit. See @Sanfard s spoiler pics above.

    But I'm still curious if these rich deposits always have a surface indication or if they're scattered throughout the higher elevations and can be found like @Taemien suggested?

    Good fun thanks to good peeps help, thanks!
  7. Taemien Apprentice Engineer

    I've been on a bit of a SE binge the last week with friends. So I haven't been able to check around for Iron on ME. But I haven't given up on ME, or this thread. When I get back to ME, I'll be tinkering around with different methods of trying to find some iron deposits. Procedural generation usually has some sort of man made pattern to it. We just have to figure it out.
  8. Sir_Moodz Apprentice Engineer

    Mountains, Mountains !
  9. StyleBBQ Trainee Engineer

    It would be great if these rich deposits are more common than they appear to be right now (for me).
    All kidding aside I did settle in a very large valley that's ringed by mountains, and I've only found the one, thanks to the surface indicator.
    Not saying they should be anywhere near as common as the ground deposits, but a half dozen or so ringing this large a valley seems okay?

    As to the finding... well I did honestly expect something other than what Sanfard showed (and that's what I found).
    Maybe you're right @Taemien and a simple exploratory tunnel, at the right elevation, is all we need, but that would seem to mean that there are a -lot- of these rich deposits...
    And I hear ya @Sir_Moodz , mountains indeed, but where art thou...?
    Guess I was kind of expecting something subtle and hard to find, but once you knew what feature/bush/rock/whatever to look for, a close-ish range exploration would yield a productive site.
  10. Taemien Apprentice Engineer

    I decided to test just how rare the rare iron deposits are. To put it shortly.. they're rare enough to not even bother looking for.

    I spent an hour an a half in creative mode looking for them. I carved through, over, and under mountains. I carved under grass, roads, and forests.. I went under and past surface iron deposits. I went deep into mountains, shallow on the surface of mountains. I went through the bases, the middles, and the peaks of mountains, hills, ledges, and cliffs. I checked different shapes and sizes.

    I even carved a strait path through to the center of the planets. Never found rich or medium iron deposits that gave more than 1:5 ratio.

    So.. they're so rare they might as well not exist.. or there's a bug with their generation. I'm thinking the latter.
  11. waterlimon Senior Engineer

    Maybe keen is trying to create asymmetry across the globe - basically a few locations with lots of iron.

    So players would have an incentive to fight over those rich iron veins, instead of just going to no mans land and find their own.

    Of course, if this is their intent, they need to better highlight where these rich veins are (like have it visible on the map, even).
  12. Regnilse Trainee Engineer

    There's no bug, rich iron is just rare with around 5-15 large veins per face of the planet. Combined with the fact that they are almost always in the mountains so you can only see the surface colouration if there is the rock grass material there.
    As for the depth of the iron, poor iron is 2 layers under the surface and 5 layers deep, medium and rich iron are 3 layers under the surface and 7 layers deep. Iron is always close to the surface so looking any more that 2 cube blocks below down is a waist of time and effort.

    Unless you know where to look or get very lucky its easier to just mine poor iron, at least with poor iron you get lots of stone so you will have lots of building material.
  13. Taemien Apprentice Engineer

    Either way they need to increase the amount generated. When I cannot find a rare vein in creative, that means the majority of players in survival won't ever see it.
  14. Frostik Apprentice Engineer

    Look at Darios/Region(H,2)/Area(B,9) on top of the mountain is a rich deposit.
    My tip is: Go to creative and choose a voxel tool and set everything to max. Look for those large yellow/orange grass texture fields with speccam (F8) and start digging. I found one at the first attempt.

    Source: http://medievalengineers.gamepedia.com/File:ME_Indicator.jpg
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2017
  15. Monkworks Trainee Engineer

    I have another post about this as an exploit. I feel these ore spawns should be random.
    You can easily go into Creative spend some time flying around looking for the best spot. I created a way to judge how good a spot will be by grading these locations.
    Once you have found say five 0/6 ore deposits. Define what is the best one by..
    a. Does the location provide natural defence to build on? grade it
    b. Does the location have area to farm? grade it
    c. Does the location have access to chop trees? grade it

    this is how you pick the best iron ore deposit to build on.


    Because the game is very unbalanced right now with the attacking night hawkers who wait until your offline to attack. The only certain way to defend is to have no doors. on top of an aggressive hill or mountain. Dig around the hill so no one can run up your hill. finally dig out the hill and build you base inside the hill. This way projectiles just bounce off the ground and not your castle. use F5 to teleport inside your base to your bed... keep you castle inside the hill...
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.