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Automatic stop DS

Discussion in 'Groups & Dedicated Servers' started by Forgoalex, Aug 2, 2018.

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  1. Forgoalex

    Forgoalex Trainee Engineer

    Hello everybody! Why is my dedicated server turned off?
    2018-08-02 02:09:24.371: Autosave
    2018-08-02 02:24:24.374: Autosave
    2018-08-02 02:39:24.376: Autosave
    2018-08-02 02:54:24.378: Autosave
    2018-08-02 03:09:24.380: Autosave
    2018-08-02 03:14:53.546: Server will restart in 10 minutes
    2018-08-02 03:19:53.597: Server will restart in 5 minutes
    2018-08-02 03:23:53.664: Server will restart in 1 minute
    2018-08-02 03:24:24.382: Autosave
    2018-08-02 03:24:53.681: Automatic stop after 6 hours and 0 minutes
    2018-08-02 03:24:53.699: Exiting..
    2018-08-02 03:24:53.708: Used namespaces in scripts:
    2018-08-02 03:24:53.721: Autosave in unload
    2018-08-02 03:25:05.359: Logging off Steam...
    2018-08-02 03:25:05.359: Shutting down server...
    2018-08-02 03:25:05.679: Done
    After that, it is in this state until I turn it off and turn it on. This situation makes me very sad. Help, please!
  2. MTXRooster

    MTXRooster Trainee Engineer

    What kind of install are you using, the install requiring a steam gui/account, or the SteamCMD dedicated server?

    If I had to wager a guess (either way), I'd propose that you are running the game with normal privileges. When it saves and shuts down to restart, it is not authorized to execute an application (meaning it can't tell your PC to run itself again), so it gets done with that part and just stops. Try running it as administrator and see if it restarts itself successfully that way.
  3. Nickolay

    Nickolay Trainee Engineer

Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.