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"Avian" Epsilon-Class Destroyer

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by Orionzash, Jan 2, 2014.

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  1. Orionzash Trainee Engineer

    "Avian" Epsilon-Class Destroyer

    I tried my best not to lose focus with the additions of the recent updates and ended up finishing my main project.
    In celebration of said updates i'd like to unveil the Avian. To sum it up, it's a ship with a large cannon
    (in hopes for a large ship cannon of some sort to be implemented into the game... please?)
    Now i'm not one for presentation but i try my best!

    -General Information

    - Intended Purpose: Heavy Offence against large ships of similar size or larger (other Destroyers/Carriers/Warships/Capital Ships)
    (if Large Ship Cannons were ever implemented ... please, i'd like to slice right through other ships!)
    - Works Best With: other Epsilon-Class Destroyers
    - Works Best In: Assaulting Fortifications/Long Range Offence
    - Works Best As: "A Really Big Cannon"

    the entire front half of the Avian is supposed to be a large cannon (uncertain about it's armaments)
    She's very maneuverable but sometimes over sways? (is that how you'd say it?) meaning sometimes she goes in the direction you want a bit too much,
    most likely caused by the amount of gyroscopes i have in fear that it'd move to slow.

    - Frontal View
    <img rel="lightbox" class="bbc_img" />[​IMG]

    - Side View


    - Back View (Forward Thrusters)


    - View of the Forward/Backward Support Thrusters / Small Dock for Equipment/Cargo if needed


    - Bottom View


    - Up-Close Frontal View


    I decided to not upload as many screenshots as i did for the Paladin, to let you guys explore for yourself! I'm not much of an interior design guy but i did what i could.
    And as for future projects, i'm working on a Large Carrier of similar size, and drawing out a Mobile Space Station about 6x the size of the Avian,
    something ambitious but will have to come a bit later when the game is more optimized.


    See you starside!
  2. KriegsMeister Apprentice Engineer

    My eyes just orgasmed :eek, you sir are an artist. Keep up the amazing work
  3. Mr Chubkins Trainee Engineer

    I've been scouring the forums and subreddit for quite a while now, and this is the best ship I've seen so far. Some parts (mainly the engines) look a bit delicate for a destroyer, but I still I love your attention to detail on something so massive. Keep up the good work Orion.
  4. Hydrarguros Trainee Engineer

    This thing looks great.
  5. Praesumo Apprentice Engineer

    This is one HELL of a greeble-job you've done there. I'm starting to think you abhor flat surfaces. ;)Assuming my computer can handle the size, I look forward to checking it out! I always love exploring new ships. Hope the interior got as much love as the exterior!
  6. jetcutter Apprentice Engineer

    Holy Shit! ,, That is all.
  7. The Leftenant Apprentice Engineer

    I really like all the angular protrusions from the hull; they give it a rather unique but Halo-esque look.
  8. IIN8II Apprentice Engineer

    Very nice design!
  9. SaturaxCZ Senior Engineer

    Your ships are all time the best :thumb: Lets hope you get your big cannon for destroing planets in one shot, and ship will not break in half after shoot :D
  10. Beanie Apprentice Engineer

    Hell yeah! looking badass.
  11. tcezar Trainee Engineer

    BEST ship I have ever seen to date
    creative, full of detail, incredible desing and seems to be working well

    finally a good ship in comparison with the 'flying soaps' that we see out there
  12. Ralirashi Apprentice Engineer

    It looks like a Sweet Baby Raptor Jesus...... it's fantastic
  13. Orionzash Trainee Engineer

    Thanks for the great feedback everyone! and yes Praesumo, i'm not a big fan of flat surfaces, unless it's greeble'd flat haha! my current project is longer than my Avian and is coming along great. I hope to post a sneak peak soon!
  14. Sgt Doom Trainee Engineer

    Well fuck, that makes what i'm working on look like a child's drawing. Absolutely stellar work imo, I particularly like how it evokes the feel of the red ship in the front section design; makes it look like the ultimate evolution of it. That having been said, the fourth ship picture in particular highlights the oddity of so many engine nacelle sort of things, but that's really just a personal preference of mine and doesn't detract from the design.
  15. theblackcompany Trainee Engineer

    I hate you.


    In a good way.

    I think I'm going to step away from design, and just focus more on the technical side of things (making pretty things work).

    I'd like to see some fighters, a shuttle or two (pack mule?) and a freighter. I want to see what you can do &lt;= 1mil kg.
  16. Orionzash Trainee Engineer

    Challenge accepted!
  17. theblackcompany Trainee Engineer

  18. Kolossus Trainee Engineer

    This is the best ship I have seen to date. You have raised the bar for all of us.
  19. Blackstar aerospace inc. Trainee Engineer

    First impression; Holy Shit...

    That is a piece of art, it. is Amazing! I must ask though; how does it handle, is it ok, or is it unbeareble? Because all large ships I've made handels like a dead elephant.
  20. Stonewolf Junior Engineer

    This ship has lot of features I like. Over all Id say the sexiest ship Ive seen so far. One thing bothers me tho. (And maybe this is just me) 3rd picture back view. Is there a monkey head laughing on top. Or is this just one of these "I see faces everywhere" things? If this was a design, brilliant. If its not, spooky :cool:
  21. hrdrok Apprentice Engineer

    Seriously awesome ship...
  22. Carnaxus Trainee Engineer

    Now that you pointed it out, I see it too...Kong Island from DK64 much?
  23. paswert Junior Engineer

    Beautiful, but how well does it work and how good is the armour?
  24. Guest

    Sexiest ship i've seen yet but how long do you think it would take to gather enough materials to build it in manual mode? You would probably run out of asteroids 1/3 of the way.
  25. Carnaxus Trainee Engineer

    Your avatar is making me sick to my stomach...

    Anyways. Back on-topic.

    I'm having issues getting this (or anything else) from the workshop to show up. Could it be because I told Steam to make a new directory on my external HDD and installed SE there?
  26. ataaron Apprentice Engineer

    Wow what a beauty, so much detail surely must take a lot of patience.
  27. Azi Dahaka Apprentice Engineer

    Damn, this thing is beautiful.
    I love it. I want it. I want it so much.
    Minions! Get on it!
  28. GDFKingTigerTank Apprentice Engineer

    It is a beautiful ship, but it's definitely much more of a passenger liner than a pvp warship.

    Still, I complement you on your artistic abilities.
  29. amland1 Trainee Engineer

    That looks freakin' awesome! One of the best looking I've seen - especially the color scheme!
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.