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Base Defenses

Discussion in 'General' started by fused, Aug 27, 2014.

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  1. fused Trainee Engineer

    I am not finding much through the search option regarding this.

    Are there any threads or videos showing efficient base or large ship defense tactics? Specifically using turrets. Is the m/S exploit still alive and well using a ship or space suit? or are there others now also? I ask not for personal gain or grief but to better my odds against pirates or griefers while online or offline.

  2. Street Deacon Apprentice Engineer

    I am also curious about this.


    mount these on turrets and they would make good flak gun since when fired the act like shot guns to take out torpedoes/fighters.

    and once in closer range they can be used as close ranged blasters.
  3. Skeloton Master Engineer

  4. Scorpion00021 Senior Engineer

    Agreed with Skeloton, but I personally prefer hiding inside the asteroid :p It'll be nice when the game gets bigger and the asteroids are optimized for denser asteroid fields. Finding someone who really wants to hide will be interesting.
  5. Neverathome Apprentice Engineer

    i build a turret recently that can hide itself in a base,i like to use it,here's the link


    Its a manned one though not an automatic one.
  6. fused Trainee Engineer

    :) Saw this video already. I like it. Gyro used with Rotors I believe?

    As far as not being found, ya that goes without saying, but a blind squirrel will find a nut eventually. When said squirrel does find that nut, I want to make short order of his existence.

    Thanks for the replies so far, keep em comin'!

    I had a turret a gat and missile setup on the entrance to an asteroid (It was only a temporary thing while I mined resources to leave) and had a player sneak up on them without firing. So is the slow moving glitch still there with the AI of the turrets not detecting a person in a space suit? It seemed like Cargo Ships were more aggressive once they were restored to a faction and firing upon you.
  7. Street Deacon Apprentice Engineer

    Hiding is one thing but if your opponent knows where your at then you cant simply hide.

    So I would use point defense turrets to shoot down stand off weapons (long range torpedoes) or grav gun projectiles.

    As well as space mines to take down large ships or fighters (using sphere grav gens with antennae to control them to go off when enemy is in range)

    The you can have turret mounted missiles of all types (anti fighter/Capital missiles) as well as vertical missile launch system.
  8. The Churrosaur Junior Engineer

    Station < long range nuclear torpedo < interceptor < turrets < capital ship < station.

    Not being seen > everything
  9. Street Deacon Apprentice Engineer

    The new camera block makes remote control turrets and remote missiles a lot easier.
  10. Skeloton Master Engineer

    or will when control while viewing a camera is allowed,

    However a probe slung out of a gravcannon works quite nicely.
  11. Mad Mike Apprentice Engineer

    @op, Base defences are what you can conceive and build, unfortunately most people don't share this ...I too would like to see more
    of this on youtube.

    @Skeloton great idea...camera probe, send it at enemy base BVR and check out their auto defences..:thumb:
    Put an antenna on it and by switching between control and cctv you could park it nearby or even orbit their base out of gun range.
    SpySat gotta use this.
  12. Street Deacon Apprentice Engineer

    you cant use the 4 tabs of control buttons for rotors and such? (im at work)
  13. Malakeh Trainee Engineer

    Skeloton suggested the best defence 90% of this game is stealth 10% defences.

    Defences are just to scare noobs in this game if a decent player finds your base wants to take it he will no matter how many defences you put.

    Building in asteroids is the worse idea ever. Asteroids is the 1st place everyone looks for an easy score and asteroids bases are the easiest to raid. I have done it plenty of times so i can tell you that they are deathtraps.

    Your best bet is a small deep space base with some turrets just to scare/kill spawnships.

    Take in consideration that if u plan on playing on a dedicated server, defences such as automated turrets tend to get bugged in random times and not shoot to astronauts not counting all the other defects they have when it comes to effective range and defense from fighter missile launchers.

    So just go for a deep space base.
  14. Street Deacon Apprentice Engineer

    I agree with asteroid base plus 1 cheap nuke will destroy the base in asteroid but im talking about if
    there is several players defending the base and there is player made weapons mines player made turrets ect certain armor configurations so on so on.
  15. Malakeh Trainee Engineer

    If you are talking player made weapons mines player made turrets ect in a dedicated server its very difficult to find.

    Things you need to take into account when playing on dedicated,

    You can do 50% of the stuff you do on a single player game that means no manned turrets or any other creative stuff you see on youtube.

    You survive in a dedicated server if you play smart and not waste time and resources on stuff that is not practical.

    The chance of you getting in a dedicated server with 5 other budies and being attacked while u r online are none to slim.

    And prey that thursday doesn't come to screw all you have build till now :D.

    If you are suggesting about base designs, the easiest way to defend yourself is to cover all the 6 sides of the base, dont leave any blind spots and thats it.
    I would suggest having an outer perimeter of gatling turrets satellites (station around ur base at a distance) and an inner perimeter of heavier duty missile turrets on ur actual station.
    Armor configurations in survival hmm, if u talking about using welders etc to make self repairing armor abandon that thought its just no practical building that stuff on a survival server. Just make ur base out of 1 or 2 layer heavy armor and its more than enough for a dedicated survival server. You would be lucky if u manage to get there :).

    il send u a pm with my steam id add me on steam when i get back from vacation i could give you a preview of our base we have in a dedicated server.
  16. Jacmac Apprentice Engineer

    Small, all-rock asteroids can fly under the radar, especially if the field is dispersed. Maybe not convenient for mining, but good for a small base and much easier to defend.
  17. Street Deacon Apprentice Engineer

    Ok me and my friends play off one of my worlds its all off my client not a dedicated server and we usually build in creative and have attack and defend battles.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.