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BUG a castle in the air.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by 人族狙击手, Jul 4, 2018.

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  1. 人族狙击手 Trainee Engineer

    The title means.
    There is no foundation. No propulsion equipment. There's no force on the ground or on the air or anything like that. Buildings do not fall to the ground in the air.

    所以我通过腾讯聊天软件向你们的员工Percy Liu发送了BUG视频以及存档。
    Because I can't provide you with photos and archives directly.
    So I sent BUG video and archived it to your employee Percy Liu through tencent chat software.

    I've found this BUG for a long time. This time I happened to record the full video. And saved the file.
  2. Sarekh Senior Engineer

    Do you have static grid support enabled in world options? do they fall when you enter their menu and klick on "convert to ship" on the info tab?
  3. Burstar Apprentice Engineer

    I think the setting is "unsupported Stations" in case there is a translation error.
  4. Arcturus Senior Engineer

    Yeah, Medieval Engineers is the one with castles.
  5. 人族狙击手 Trainee Engineer

  6. WraithLeader1 Apprentice Engineer

  7. 人族狙击手 Trainee Engineer

    [QUOTE =“WraithLeader1,帖子:1287097400,成员:3947545”]这是一个可以让你将照片发布到论坛的视线。

    https://postimages.org/ [/ QUOTE]
    I can't open that website without a VPN. In China we have Sina, Weixin, Tencent.

    China canceled private VPN services earlier this year. Very few people can now own a VPN. So I can only send documents to you through tencent software and baidu cloud disk.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.