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Building new pc for SE and other games

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by ltdan83, Dec 18, 2014.

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  1. ltdan83 Apprentice Engineer

    Hello fellow Engineers of space!!!

    I have about 190 hours of time in on space engineers and I LOVE the game. I have bought at least 5 copies for friends to play with as well. I usually run the game ok until I get a few large ships in. My current system is a little aged. Just a bit of background, I've worked as a pc technician for the last 5 years until I moved to a new industry(and about double the pay). I'm currently running:

    AMD 945 Quad OC'd to 3.4 GHZ
    An old XFX 4780 Graphics card with 1gb of GDDR5
    8gb DDR3 1333
    1tb Seagate 7200rpm HDD

    I'm about to build a new pc as the HDD is failing and everything else is quite dated.

    I have a couple of questions that few of you can answer.

    I'm looking at building an AMD based machine but I'm wondering about APU vs CPU. I was leaning towards an AMD machine based on either of the 9590 or 9370 chips. The 9590 can push 5.0Ghz on turbo but has the added cost of at least a 750W PSU as well as having to be liquid cooled. The 9370 can hit 4.7 Ghz on turbo but doesn't have the power or cooling requirements.

    I would love to put an Intel high end chip in but to stay around $1200 it really cuts into my budget on things like RAM and GPU. Not to mention the newer Intel i7's require a much more expensive Mobo and DDR4. Not to mention the increased cost of the chip itself.

    Ok, sorry for the wall of text but on to the questions.

    1. Will AMD's poor performance on multithreaded tasks have an effect on my gameplay.
    2. Is it even worth it to invest in an 8-core processor as most games are optimized to run on 2 cores.
    3. How much of the performance specifically in SE is coming from the CPU compared to the GPU.

    Thanks Everyone! I appreciate any feedback and advice you can give me.
  2. Wombats Junior Engineer

    1. I don't think so. A good new AMD chip should run SE just fine I would think.
    2. Probably not; it's just extra cost which you probably won't need unless you do hard core video editing or compiling or something
    3. Depends what you are doing. Building massive structures I would think would drain CPU more; while destruction and asteroid mining and such is more GPU load. I would just make sure you get a CPU / GPU combo that don't bottleneck each other.

    I'd skip the heavily overclocked CPUs altogether. Like you said; cooling would be a problem and also the chip's lifespan is probably reduced. There's plenty of CPUs now that will blow through modern games at < 4 GHz; so why bother adding extra juice into that equation?
  3. Mishka Junior Engineer

    Hex and octo cores are not beneficial to gaming yet, so a 4ghz+ quad core will blast through games.

    I have a 4.9ghz (oc'ed) Intel 4690k and it rarely gets maxed out when gaming.

    Also bare in mind a lot of SE performance is currently due to CPU this may change in the future as the game gets more optimised so dont go spending silly money on a CPU

    Also you could easily get a I5 4690k,Corsair Hydro cooler, 16GB memory and a pretty good GPU for a good price, Newegg isnt loading for me atm so i cannot show you US prices
  4. a2457 Senior Engineer

    AMD fanboy here.
    with a strange advice.

    in the price range of 9590 i would rather stick to intel.
    i hate spending cash on a computer.

    for gaming right now, the budget build is the 6300 series fx cpu from amd.
    if you got more to spend, i might hazard an intel chip to be a better option.
    but if on a tight budged, instead of a pricy intel cpu i would stick to 6300 fx series, and try to get LOW latency memory.
    at any time i would trade 8 gbyte high latency memory for 4 gbyte of low latency ones.
    allso notice, amd is verry good at multithread stuff, what is is not so good at is single thread.
  5. Aldakoopa Apprentice Engineer

    I'm an AMD fan at heart, but I'm currently running an i5 4670k. I would suggest that cpu or the 4690k. Maybe a non-k version if you don't intend to OC it will save you a few bucks. The extremely high clocks on those 9xxx FX chips just aren't worth it in my opinion. The 6300 is plenty of bang for your buck if you want to stick with AMD. I've heard it makes a great gaming chip, and very few games will actually benefit from the octo cores.

    Trust me, I have a 990FX Sabertooth I've been wanting to put an 8320/8350 in for a while now. It's just gathering dust in my parts drawer, as I don't need 8 cores for anything and that board is complete overkill for my FX-4100 (even though it's a mean clocker ;) )
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  6. ltdan83 Apprentice Engineer

    Ok, Thank you guys for the input. Really appreciate the help with this.
  7. NoxAeterna Trainee Engineer

    If performance is what you're going for, just get an i7 quad processor. The extra cores don't help the much. You can easily oc the (4770 ?) to 4.0ghz and get a nice gpu with 1-3gbs of video memory, although I don't know if that will be over $1200. Just my thoughts.

    I run the game just fine on minimal settings off an old laptop with an AMD dual core that clocks at 1.9ghz no gpu. Although I plan on buying a desktop soon, nothing too serious, I'm not that hardcore of a PC gamer.
  8. a2457 Senior Engineer

    as for motherboard
    http://www.amazon.com/GIGABYTE-GA-990FXA-UD3-990FX-SATA-Motherboard/dp/B0055QYKQO/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1419080424&sr=8-4&keywords=gigabyte+motherboardthis board is a quite nice one,

    decent cpu,

    2 of these will do for 8 gbyte of decent memory.

    this is a quite decent vga card for the pricetag, while not equal to bruno the beast, it is an unarguably good purchase.

    this should do for a bulk harddrive, the 64 mbyte cache, and 7200 rpm makes it fast.

    this ssd should be used by nothing else than the OS.

    for case and optical drive and psu it is really up to You.
    I would go for a 750 watt one, or depending on what you allready have, it might need no replacing.
    not a hardcore gaming rig, but i would call it a quite decent gaming rig.
    good bang for the buck.

    if you need mooar OOOMPH, then AMD is out of the question,
    go for at least a faster i5 cpu.
    but i would not.
    i personnaly fail to see the difference between 200 fps and 60 fps.
    i prefer to save the cash, and laterZ get some upgrade to keep up with this 60ish fps.
    rather than have now 200 fs, and 1-2 years later invest again a ridiccilous amount of cash again.

    if you have some leftover money a faster vga can come in play, r9 290 is not an overkill.
    you can if you are that rich go for 16 gbyte of ram, or hunt for something faster than i found.
    to be honest i see no need for any of the 2.
  9. RedPhoenix Moderator

    Somewhat around 1200$


    You can scrap 20 bucks more if taking the 840 EVO 120GB instead of the 850.
    But nevertheless, the build above should give you quite a decent gaming rig.
  10. a2457 Senior Engineer

    pretty decent setup.
    like it.

    well actually you could get away with the fx9590 as it is roughly same price as the intel 4690 above, and with overclocking it will with out question be far faster.
    but i think that 9590 is overpriced, and it seems it will be the last am3+ cpu so you would simply be stuck with it.
    if you go for the intel, after 1-2 years You can get a better cpu.

    this is why i hate spending big bucks on computer. whenever it goes over 1K usd, the future of the thing is quite important.
    and in case of am3+, the future is dark.
  11. RedPhoenix Moderator

    It's not true.

    I own a i5 2500k, overcloecked to 4x4,3Ghz - and I still rip through nearly every game.
    He could spent some bucks more getting the k-variant of the 4690, makign the CPU even faster.

    Also, I highly doubt that any AMD processor will be outpowering any Intel CPU.....
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.