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Call for the Devs - Prevent stealing objects from servers

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by maniek, Mar 20, 2014.

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  1. maniek

    maniek Trainee Engineer

    Hello again my fellow Engineers :)!

    I'm worried about the ability of copying big, time-consuming and spectacular objects from dedicated servers, even if they're configured with no copy-paste option.

    Any devoid of imagination and lazy player can download server's content to his computer just by joining to the game. Then, he can enable copy-paste option in this world settings in offline Load Game menu and.. copy all the obiects built by hard work by awesome and creative players and put them into his own server as his own creation. And, other player can do the same thing and again and again and value of hard work will just vanish! Such a shameless theft - possible at this moment :bawl:.

    I belive that devs find the solution before giving us the dedicated servers update :(.

    And.. I suggest this simple solution :idea::

    World generator, in addition to any world elements, also creates an unique server-key based on host-player ID if private type or server IP/other-thing if dedicated type. Server will assign to joining players something like sub-key based on server's key and this sub-key is saved on player's computer, in this world save files. All players who are joining to the game can download server map, but can't download server-key. Mechanism will be unable to compare keys and they can't do any operations on server's save file.

    This thing enforce the split "Load" menu by "Offline / Online worlds" or move downloaded worlds to "Join" menu and add to this menu something like "Known/Favourited worlds" or/and add "Online/Offline" information in server's name, like:

    Wonderful Server - Survival - 16MB - maniek - 10/32 - ONLINE

    and then add "[_] online" filter. I mean something like WiFi phone menu, where I can find "known networks" list and informations about their online status :).

    I can't imagine dedicated-servers update without anti-thieft protection. Look at all these beautiful community creations and realize, that in the survival mode, we have to spend A LOT of time, resources and energy to build giant and powerful warships like these -

    ..and these creations will be unique to particular servers. The presence of unique advanced creations will increase the popularity of particular server.

    Unfortunately, at this moment, any lazy kid can steal big and advanced object by pasting it into his server. I hope that everyone will be understand danger described in this topic.

  2. propagandawar

    propagandawar Apprentice Engineer

    Heck if my stuffs worth stealing more power to em. If I was that worried I'd just screen shot it and setup friends only servers.
  3. piddlefoot

    piddlefoot Senior Engineer

    Heres what you do, you hide your carrier out of site range remember where you left in in relation to where your mining or whatever, build BULLETS hahaha, and ROCKETS hehehe and blow anyone that takes your stuff up ! And then steal there kit if its not in a gravity field and gets slung through space !
    You need to built a small ship with a gun or rocket launcher, bullets are cheaper, or build one on your spawn ship, and build ammo.

    That's hard to do in any old random server that just gets started and never is seen again, is frustrating, and this is why my server map never changes, and if you leave a ship with a beacon and you name on the beacon then you can even turn it off and when I do a map cleanout your ship is saved, no beacon, no save ship buddy, very simple rule that allows people to come and go every week until dedicated servers and they keep all the stuff they mined, built , and salvaged, it takes a lot of the frustration out of the game while its in its early stages of development.
  4. Leadfootslim

    Leadfootslim Senior Engineer

    I believe you may be overreacting. If you're really worried about "theft", don't run public servers for your big projects.
  5. Ash87

    Ash87 Senior Engineer

    The devs have said somewhere that you would have to break down objects and re-install your own computer hardware to take possession of ships in the future.

    It's already going to be a thing, probably around the time Factions come out.

    Though seriously, don't run your special stuff on a public server, that is a really bad idea.

    My main base that I have put untold hours into making, is on a friends only server used by my Community and a few IRL friends for a reason.
  6. rathalos

    rathalos Trainee Engineer

    Yeah I understand that you want to keep your rights of that ship but as previous posters have said if you don't want people to see it don't post it and if you do want people to see it don't complain or go private
  7. maniek

    maniek Trainee Engineer

    But what, if some faction want to cooperate and build big things for thier server story, e.g. space city for thier society?
  8. Fab

    Fab Apprentice Engineer

    Simply make your server friends only. No theft. Copy & Paste will not go away. Same "problem" happened with Blockland, where users could just save the world and load it in singleplayer

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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.