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"Carry your February" best carrier competition! CLOSED. Winner: draw

Discussion in 'General' started by DutchVictim, Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. DocTanner Junior Engineer

    MSV Switchblade

    Hangar capacity:

    • 20 KSH fighters or other small-medium ships on dedicated pads in armored, retractable bays.
    • 2 large transports or shuttles on exposed roof pads.

    Additional info:
    The MSV Switchblade is a prototype carrier designed around a retractable hangar bay testbed. Both hangar bays are retracted completely into the hull and provide extreme cover from enemy weapons. Weapon tests suggest that enemy fighters must sustain repeated fire on the bays for several minutes before damaging any docked fighter.

    Bays can be locked in both the retracted and deployed states, allowing the carrier pilot to pre-set the rotor controls for single-button activation later.

    While the carrier is lightly armed, it is extremely heavily armored and equipped with multiple system redundancies:
    • Two exposed observation bridges.
    • Heavily armored battle bridge. All weapons tests have been unable to damage the battle bridge directly.
    • Triple-redundant conveyor network to all weapon systems. Conveyor link must be severed in a minimum of three locations to disable more than one mounted turret.
    • Omni-redundant reactor conveyor network. All reactors linked by a conveyor floor which cannot be disrupted without massive critical damage to the central armored core.
    • Reduntant bay deployment. Two of four rotors must be destroyed to limit functionality of either bay.
    • Self-contained manufacturing and medical facilities. Each bay is self-powered and contains both assembly and medical facilities for rapid pilot treatment and fighter repair.
    • Interlinked rooms. All critical systems can be accessed through halls on both port and starboard side. In the event that critical damage is sustained, crew can still travel inside the ship without being exposed.
    Unfortunately, there was extreme lag during the final phases of construction. As such, I have chosen not to install lights within the carrier. However, spaces are designed such that suit lights are sufficient for navigation. I have also chosen not to paint the outer hull, for the same reason.
    Additional photos:
    Please visit the steam workshop link below for several additional images.
    Steam workshop link:
    MSV Switchblade on Steam
  2. DemonFiren Apprentice Engineer

    Now I'm about certain I'll not be getting anywhere with my Matriarch - then again, I've only put it up because it's a Kushan vessel, and Homeworld rebuilds are slightly less common than I'd expected.
  3. Sir Elderberry the Hamste Trainee Engineer

    La Madre


    [Hangar capacity]
    30+ KSH Fighters on 3 hanger bays. Front hanger bay is a series of 10 platforms allowing for instant deployment of fighters. The upper central deck is designed for larger ships such as shuttles/bombers and can comfortably handle 10+ KSH fighters. The lower central deck is a smaller deck designed to house strike craft and can house 10+ KSH fighters. There is also a rear deck for the captain's shuttle, plus ample space on the outer top deck to house more spacecraft.

    [Additional info]
    La Madre is designed to allow ultra-fast deployment of craft without sacrificing defence. Two outer heavy armour walls protect the central decks from enemy fire but allow vehicles to quickly enter and exit the carrier. All spacecraft can be scrambled simultaneously, with no queueing for deployment. La Madre is fairly well armed, with an ample amount of both gatling and rocket turrets to deter enemy strike craft (all connected with conveyors, with separate cargo containers for each turret zone). All entrances into the hull are protected by guarded airlocks (except for the direct entrance into the bridge, which has an unguarded airlock).

    La Madre's interior contains multiple med rooms, a large sleeping area, rec rooms, stargazing room plus storage areas. It is a fairly bare-bones ship, but has everything a carrier needs.

    Also included is:
    1x "Blackbird" HGB-001; a small, agile, fast and tough gun boat that packs a mean punch
    1x LPT-001; a light personnel transport ship that can also be used as an ambulance craft.
    2x KSH fighters for demonstration.

    I didn't kit out the ship to it's fullest due to performance issues. This was my first serious build, it was a heap of fun, thanks guys!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [Steam workshop link]

  4. lucadena Apprentice Engineer

    I love it
  5. NutterChap Apprentice Engineer

    Aha! Those last-moment entries are dropping in! Looking magnificent, but none can say they once ruled the sky, or have crashed and burnt after crossing the Atlantic... :crazy:

    On a serious note: the competition is even more stiff than I anticipated beforehand. Also, I am intensely glad I haven't used a single ladder in my ship. ship-ship, hooray!
  6. freshmango55 Apprentice Engineer

    Wonder what time voting starts today, looks like the host hasn't visited the site in 2 days.
  7. Spaceballs Trainee Engineer

    The Juggernaut


    Hanger capacity: well over 20 KSH fighters

    I wanted to do more detail work but lag is killing me and we're at entry deadline so here is my entry.
    To open/close hanger door just move ship forwards or backwards, simple and it works as motors are causing me too much lag for now. This is modified for the February carrier building competition so half the turrets are removed, the yellow armor spots can be removed to expose conveyor lines for additional turrets. I'll release a revised and more finished version later most likely.

    Mass - 57,803,124 kg
    Power Output - 62,250
    Thrusters - 456
    Gyros - 336
    Turret Hardpoints - 47
    L:90, W:29, H:42

    Key Features

    -Heavy armor up to 6 layers thick in some spots
    -Ribbed armor design to help deflect collisions
    -All turret Hardpoints are conveyored
    -All reactors are conveyored
    -All cargo containers are conveyored
    -All Engines are conveyored
    -4 Bridge rooms
    -3 Engineering rooms
    -4 Medbays
    -2 Cargo bays
    -4 assemblers and 2 refineries in hanger bay
    -Front ramming chisel and spike
    -All engines nozzles are exposed and not blocked, just in case ksh decides to make them do damage and for this competition



    Steam Workshop Link
  8. DutchVictim Apprentice Engineer

    The competition has been closed. No more entries are accepted beyond this post!

    Sorry for the delay folks, i've been busy this week so i checked from time to time. I orginially planned this in the weekends where i could take my time, but unfortunate people said they couldn't finish their carrier in time, so i had to delay it to this date.

    I now begin counting the last row of participants and open up the votings a.s.a.p.
  9. freshmango55 Apprentice Engineer

    Got in just in time spaceballs :thumb:
  10. Spaceballs Trainee Engineer

    I know right

    I rushed it to completion last night with the aid of vodka ;)
  11. Draygo Senior Engineer

    Hrm, with this many entries I don't think this voting system is going to work well.
  12. freshmango55 Apprentice Engineer

    He's got 4 judges I think there will be a popularity contest and a judge voting contest.
  13. DutchVictim Apprentice Engineer

    Allright folks, i've uploaded everyone's carrier picture, so that people can decide faster whom they want to vote for. It spares them the enternity to click on every participants link. :p

    @freshmango55: I'm sceptical. 2 days ago, i only expected 25 to 30 participants max. Now that alot of people came in last minute, the final count is now 38. I have to discuss with my fellow jury members if they want to check so many entries in their free time. I can't promise anything, so it's still undecided if judges will play a role in this competition.
  14. REDSHEILD Junior Engineer

    Eh, didn't get the chance to finish my redo of my entry. So the Centurion is just gonna have to do. Good luck to all my fellow competitors, though.

    We've assembled quite a fleet, to be sure. :D
  15. freshmango55 Apprentice Engineer

    If only the game could handle us all crashing into each other with these ships after the competition. I'm sure people are already crashing them though.
  16. DemonFiren Apprentice Engineer

    My ship's size might be beneficial, then. Small enough to avoid most crashes, and a narrow front profile.
  17. ElectronicFunk Trainee Engineer

    Gotta say, there are so many awesome carriers and unique designs that I don't know which one to vote for.

    Good luck, and great designs.

    Makes my carrier look sad in comparison!
  18. Stonewolf Junior Engineer

    Ok, I have subscribed to all carriers and will visit each one, over the weekend, before voting. Sure its just a one vote, but I take my right to vote seriously. I also have a bag full of 'thumbs up' ratings to share to carriers I really really like.

    Good luck everyone :cool:

    I had hard time finding Bioba: Mikisha carrier. Hoping this is the right one even tho its not the same as in picture.

  19. busboy Trainee Engineer

    I'd encourage everyone to take the bugged replacement of ladders to corridors into account; I'm sure many of us were affected.
  20. Draygo Senior Engineer

    You missed mine :(

    And ablazes carrier.

    I feel kinda cheated.


    I think I'm going to open up an excel doc, its only fair if I go through each one and rate it. I don't think this poll can do this contest justice, a lot of people put a lot of work into various ships in this contest, and judging a ship on popularity or how photogenic it is doesn't seem right. And it doesn't seem right that some people will be combing through these and spending a lot of time when others will just flip through a single picture and vote.
  21. CptTwinkie Master Engineer

    ok, so i thought I should make a post about this.

    I've been reviewing these carriers in detail for weeks now (it takes me between 1 and 3 hours to review a carrier so I've really been hard at it) I still have a number of them to do but I've found some rules violations that I want to share now that voting is underway. I'll update this post if I find anything additional. I would also like to apologize to the builders of these ships. They are fine ships for the most part. The rules of this contest were very specific and required some effort to meet.

    These are several ships that I have found do not follow the rules
    Odin: Hidden thrusters, turrets too close
    Tianium: No medical
    Magnum Super Carrier: Turrets too close, There are some conveyors but they lead to nowhere...they just run a few blocks in to the hull and stop.
    Mikisha: Turrets too close
    Anchorage (404 Carrier): No conveyors at all

    It has been a week or more since I have looked at some of these. If one of them has changed please let me know
  22. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    Wyvern has two medcenters on the bow side of the crew quarters area
  23. CptTwinkie Master Engineer

    Thanks I'll have another look. I wouldn't put it past myself to miss something

    Found them. My apologies to Lord Commissar. I really like his ship and i'm glad to have that cleared up
  24. Sungur Apprentice Engineer

    i hope there will be an additional criteria about handling characteristics too. :)
  25. Draygo Senior Engineer

    handling for a carrier? I disagree. Carrier's primary purpose is to deploy fighters, too much maneuverability can actually cause issues, such as fighters ripping off the decks fighters having trouble launching, or returning to the ship. Handling characteristics should not be considered in my opinion.

    Generally you want your carrier to be as steady as possible for deploying and returning fighters, to me having a lot of power focused on making it maneuverable when for the most part it wont be used or needed is a waste. But that's just this guys opinion on the matter.
  26. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    np and thanks

    btw, yesterday i released an update to fix the ladder/gatling turret glitch

    however, this is with the original Wyvern and not the contest version (i lost that file), so the turrets do not have the correct spacing. everything else is the same, though.
  27. Sungur Apprentice Engineer

    remember ww2 carriers,

    avoiding torpedoes was what they can do & did.

    i dont say that a carrier must be as agile as a fighter nor a frigate. but it must not be that stationary too. they must keep up to a degree with the rest of the fleet in terms of acceleration & maneuvrability.

    and also SE's limitations bcs of its alpha status must not limit us me thinks.

    but this is just me...
  28. Draygo Senior Engineer

    Testing actual maneuverability while the carrier is loaded is a chore, as the game tends to lag with a lot of connected objects. So it can be a thing that's hard to test properly with the current engine.
  29. Draygo Senior Engineer

    You should be able to download your workshop file then click save, which will move it to your local savefiles folder. I reviewed your ship today and I didn't take the ladder glitch into account. (note: not a judge)
  30. CptTwinkie Master Engineer

    Does the USS-Hammer fly 38km across the map when it loads for anyone else?
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.